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Traffic Plans In Place For Farm Technology Days

By Tim Kowols

The traffic limits are expected to be tested this summer in Kewaunee County when Farm Technology Days comes to the area in July. Over 40,000 people from around the state are expected to attend the three-day farm show. With two main access points to Ebert Enterprises on County K near Algoma, Traffic and Safety Committee Member and Kewaunee County Sheriff Matt Joski says they will employ extra help to make sure people can get through the area efficiently.



Joski expects the peak times for traffic to be at around 9 a.m. when the show opens and 4 p.m. when it closes. Farm Technology Days will take place from July 11-13.

Draft Ordinance Allows Low-Pressure Liquid Manure Spreading Over Longer Period Of Time

By Tim Kowols

Kewaunee County farmers would not be allowed to use high-pressure sprayers to spread liquid manure onto their fields if the County Board approves a proposed ordinance. According to a draft ordinance introduced earlier this month by Kewaunee County Administrator Scott Feldt, farmers would be required to use only low-pressure methods of manure spraying underneath the canopy formed by the crops. Feldt says this will help prevent some of the drifting often associated with manure spraying and also allows farmers to spread over a longer period of time.



Another draft ordinance affecting the type of electronic equipment needed for manure spreaders and the certifications their haulers must obtain was also introduced earlier this month. The Kewaunee County Board could take it up for a vote in August.

June Is Dairy Month Breakfast Kicks Off Busy Summer For Kewaunee County Farmers

By Tim Kowols

Next week's June is Dairy Month Kick-off Breakfast at the Rendezvous of Luxemburg marks the beginning of a busy eight-week stretch for many Kewaunee County dairy families. In addition to running their own operations, many of the farmers serve on committees for the Kewaunee County Dairy Promotion's Breakfast on the Farm at the Wallace Dairy Farm in Forestville June 11, Wisconsin Farm Technology Days July 11 to 13 at Ebert Enterprises in Algoma, and the 100th anniversary of the Kewaunee County Fair in Luxemburg beginning July 20. Stacy Jauquet has been running her farm in Luxemburg with her husband Dave along with helping with the Breakfast on the Farm and being a dairy ambassador for area schools. She says the extra effort is worth it because of the passion she has for dairy and for agriculture.



The June is Dairy Month Breakfast is Thursday, June 1 and begins at 6:30 a.m. with tickets available at the door. The program will feature a presentation on the upcoming Wisconsin Farm Technology Days.

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Wet Spring Puts Area Farmers Behind Planting Schedule

By Paul Schmitt

Area Farmers are still patiently waiting to get in their fields and plant the majority of their crops. Rich Olson of Olson Family Farm and a member of the Ag Advisory Board says the fields still remain too wet for planting.



Olson says the corn and soybean crops will be about two to three weeks behind schedule at this point.  According to, Northeastern Wisconsin's Crop Progress shows that only 62 percent of corn and just 35 percent of soybeans crop acreage has been planted.

Farmers Worry About Cuts To Crop Subsidies

By Tim Kowols

Farmers are keeping just as close of an eye on Capitol Hill as they are in their own fields. President Donald Trump's budget proposal could bring cuts to subsidies some farmers need to keep their operations alive. According to Farm Bureau News, more than 80 percent of the counties with corn, soybeans, or wheat acreage could experience a lower revenue guarantee from agricultural risk coverage by 2019. Farmer and crop insurance agent Terry Sorenson says the real hardship will be by those who rely on crop insurance to protect their investment, which is subsidized by the federal government by as much as 45 percent.



Sorenson recommends farmers be proactive by contacting their legislators and local farm bureaus as work on a new farm bill begins.

DNR Struggles To Keep Up As Expired CAFO Permits Pile Up

By Tim Kowols

Approximately one-third of large-scale farms in the state, including six in Kewaunee County, are currently operating with an expired permit. According to an Associated Press report, the number of permits to be considered has piled up, which are up for renewal every five years. Kewaunee County Land and Water Conservation committee member Lee Luft says it is just another sign that the Department of Natural Resources needs help in order to do their jobs effectively.



According to the Associated Press report, DNR spokesperson Jim Dick says the agency recently added four positions to help drop the backlog of inspections further.  Farmers are still allowed to operate with an expired permit, but cannot make any improvements or expansions until their permit is approved.

Cherry Blossoms At Full Bloom As Orchard Owners Hope To Avoid A Late Killing Frost

By Paul Schmitt

As visitors travel throughout the Door Peninsula and experience the beauty of white and pink cherry blossoms, orchard owners are keeping an eye on the weather that could impact this year's crop.  Recent thunderstorms did not create damaging hail, but Steve Wood from Wood Orchards in Egg Harbor and Sturgeon Bay says a late season frost can cause more extensive damage.



Wood says this weekend should provide the peak for cherry blossoms.  Door County, which has about 25,000 acres of cherry orchards, experienced a late killing frost last year that saw a 21 percent drop in tart cherry production, according to cherry producers.

UW-Extension To Host Summer Field Day May 30 In Sturgeon Bay

By Tim Kowols

Pest management will be the focus of UW-Extension Summer Field Day on May 30 in Sturgeon Bay. Five UW-Extension agriculture experts will discuss some of the issues farmers are facing early on in the planting season including herbicide resistant weeds and an increase in pests like the black top worm. With farmers having to make sure every dollar and bushel count, Door County UW-Extension agriculture educator Annie Deutsch says this will be a great update for farmers as planting continues.



The Summer Field Day presentation, which will cover insects, weeds, diseases, and alfalfa, will take place at Olson Family Farms beginning at 1 p.m. The event is free but registration with the UW-Extension office is required.

Peninsula Pride Farms Members Taking Part In Two Studies

By Tim Kowols

Eleven members of the Peninsula Pride Farms group will participate in a pair of studies focusing on soil and water quality in the region. The state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection will set up the Door-Kewaunee Watershed Demonstration Farm Network with four PPF members participating in looking over different conservation practices suitable for the area's karst geography. Seven members will take part in the University of Wisconsin's Discovery Farms study focusing on tile drainage and soil health. With a goal of continuous improvement, PPF President Don Niles says the two studies will provide their members and other farmers with great information.



Both projects expect to take approximately three years to collect all of the data. Up to 20 field days are currently being planned for the Door-Kewaunee Watershed Demonstration Farm Network to showcase the practices being used to reduce erosion and nonpoint source pollution.

Family Living Tent at Farm Technology Days Offers Educational Opportunities for Event Attendees


Farm Technology Days at Ebert Enterprises is July 11th-13th.   The huge 180' x120' Family Living Tent is hoping to draw a large crowd.  The Family Living Tent covers non-stop stage entertainment, craft vendors and educational booths.

The educational booths will display more than 20 informational topics including:

We will have arts and crafts on display, historical artifacts,

and professionals will share their expertise in health and safety for farm families and all families.

I'm Renee Koenig, Family Living Educator at the Kewaunee County UW-Extension office and I'm looking forward to seeing you in July at the Wisconsin Farm Technology Days show.


Artisan Center

What's your hobby?  The Kewaunee Artisan Center offers classes on quilting, painting, crocheting, baking and more.  Come and see the beautiful wall quilt on display and other class projects.


Bird City Algoma

Tweet!  Algoma is a "Bird City Wisconsin" because it is a great destination throughout the year for both birds and birders.  For tips on how you can create or improve bird habitat, come visit the display.


Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection

Don't get scammed! The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection is the state's primary consumer protection agency.  Stop by the booth to ask questions and learn tips to protect yourself against common consumer complaints including telemarketing, identity theft, grandparent scams and more.


Food Wise

Do you make healthy food choices?  FoodWIse is a program of the University of Wisconsin-Extension and provides education for healthier eating and healthier lives.


Hands Only CPR

Save a life!  The Algoma High School students will be teaching the lifesaving technique of Hands Only CPR.  It takes only a few minutes to learn to save a life.


Health Literacy

The doctor called, "Operation!"  Improve your health literacy and learn to operate as a patient at this fun display brought by UW-Extension.


Historical Society

History in the making... at Farm Technology Days!  Share your love of history and stop to view the large display of farming artifacts, photos and collections from years past.


Home and Community Education

Book it to the HCE booth and get a handmade bookmark. The Kewaunee County Association for Home and Community Education (HCE) provides educational opportunities for all ages.  Come and learn more about the impact of HCE in 52 counties.


Library Friends

Need WiFi? Internet and computer access is free at the library. The Algoma Library Friends support library programs for children and adults.  Come and learn about what the library has to offer to you and your family!





Living Healthy

Stay young and stay strong!  The UW-Extension Family Living programs offer strength training and balance exercises for women and men of all ages.  Come and test your strength!



Outstanding Young Farmer

Wanted:  Farmers between the ages of 21 and 40.  The Outstanding Young Farmer Program began in 1954.  Come and see a showcase of winners of this award over the past 60 years.


Parenting Programs

Kids: are you ready to stay home alone?  Parents: are you ready?  The Home Alone safety program was developed by UW-Extension to help families make tough decisions.  View the online videos and enter to win a prize!


Poison Center

Yuk! Protect your family from poisons in household products, medications, carbon monoxide and farm exposures such as silo gas and manure pits.  Remember to pick up some Mr. Yuk stickers when you visit the Wisconsin Poison Center booth!


Prevea Health

Spin to win on the Wellness Wheel game!  Prevea Health has resources for your health and for your happiness.  Come and play!


Public Health Department

Check your ABCs for health.  The Kewaunee County Public Health Department is a source of vast health information and services.  From Animal threats to influenZa, they have it covered from A-Z.


Share and Be Aware – on Wisconsin Roads

Join us in making Wisconsin's roads safer.  Share & Be Aware is a partnership between the Wisconsin Bike Fed and the DOT.  Spin the wheel for some quick tips on safe walking, biking and driving.


Special Olympics

Calling all sports fans!  The Kewaunee County Special Olympics is proud to introduce you to their star athletes.  Meet the players and hear about their heartwarming organization.


Veteran Services

Serving those who served.  Meet Jane, the Kewaunee County Veteran Service Officer. She will share and explain veteran benefits.


Violence Intervention Project

It happens everywhere... even in small towns.  Breaking the silence, the Violence Intervention Project informs the public about the prevalence of domestic violence, sexual assault, and harassment in the workplace. Come to get enlightened of the facts and resources available.


Visit Kewaunee County

You are invited to experience "The Good Life on a Great Lake" in Kewaunee County.  Come and get tourism maps, visitor guides and brochures.  Find things to see and do in Kewaunee County.


Admission tickets are $8, under age 12 is free.

Contact Renee Koenig, for more information about the Family Living Tent at the Farm Technology Days.

Cherry Blossoms Blooming As Orchard Farmers Deal With Late Spring Frost

By Paul Schmitt

Area cherry orchards owners are looking forward to a great crop this year as cherry blossoms emerge on the trees the next week or two.  Steve Wood of Wood Orchards in Egg Harbor says the cherry tree varieties are on a different schedule in the spring.



Wood says a recent frost might have caused some damage, but he is confident that there will be a good crop this summer in late July and early August.

Kewaunee County Board Member Asks Farmers To Respect Land And Water Conservation Department Employees

By Tim Kowols

Kewaunee County Board member and Pagel's Ponderosa Dairy owner John Pagel is calling on his fellow farmers to respect the county employees who are only doing their job when they visit their operations. In a letter to the editor, Pagel cites the many changes made in recent years affecting farmers, including a winter manure spreading ordinance and land use fees. Pagel says the employees from the Land and Water Conservation Department are only doing their jobs and many of the issues stem from an education gap on the rule changes.



Pagel invites farmers to its upcoming Land and Water Conservation committee and Kewaunee County board meetings to get their voices heard, especially after the introduction of ordinances regulating manure haulers and waste irrigation earlier this week. You can read the full letter from Pagel online with this story.

Farm Technology Days Still Looking To Build On Volunteer Base

By Tim Kowols

With just over two months to go before 45,000 people descend on Algoma this summer, Kewaunee County Farm Technology Days committees are making sure they have enough volunteers to make the event a success. Over 1,100 people have signed up for shifts ranging from parking and concessions to running the tours and displays during the three-day event. Farm Technology Days volunteer coordinator Erin Dahle says the goal to make the event run as smoothly as possible is 1500 people giving their time, so help is still needed.




You can contact Dahle or fill out a form to volunteer at this year's Farm Technology Days, which runs from July 11-13 at Ebert Enterprises.

Dairy Farmers Might Cut Back On Milk Production To Offset Surplus And Low Prices

By Paul Schmitt

With milk prices not maintaining the upward trend that began late last year, area dairy farmers may be looking to cut back on milk production to help the situation.  Jim Wautier of Church Site Farms and a member of the Ag Advisory Board says dairy farmers should not increase milk production during a time of surplus.



Class III Milk was at 15.58 per hundredweight on Friday.  That reflects about a two dollar drop since late January.

Bonnie Brooke Gardens In Sturgeon Bay Opens With New Owners This Spring

By Paul Schmitt

After searching the state for a greenhouse and nursery to run as a business, Central Wisconsin native Paul Kell found the one he thought was the best in Sturgeon Bay.  Kell is one of the new owners of Bonnie Brooke Gardens previously run by Ben and Bonnie Miller.  A relative newcomer to retail, Kell brings with him experience from the University of Wisconsin Chemistry, Zoology and Agronomy labs.  Kell says Bonnie Brooke Gardens had the facilities, employees, and quality of plants he was looking for and now he is ready to get to work.



The Millers will stay on to help the Kell with the transition which officially starts this weekend with their spring open house.

Local Farmers Wonder What's Next For Milk Prices After Trade Dispute With Canada

By Tim Kowols

Most of the dairy farmers caught in the middle of a trade spat between the United States and Canada have found new processors, but there is still concern for the long term. The price of milk has inched its way up after taking a nosedive in early April due to Grassland Dairy's decision to not buy the commodity from over 70 farms in southern Wisconsin.  No Kewaunee County farms were affected by the decision, but UW-Extension Agriculture Educator Aerica Bjurstom says some farmers are still worried what the influx in supply could mean to them.


Class III milk was sitting at $15.38 per hundredweight as of Tuesday morning, down almost 50 cents from a month ago.

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