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Traffic Plans In Place For Farm Technology Days

By Tim Kowols

The traffic limits are expected to be tested this summer in Kewaunee County when Farm Technology Days comes to the area in July. Over 40,000 people from around the state are expected to attend the three-day farm show. With two main access points to Ebert Enterprises on County K near Algoma, Traffic and Safety Committee Member and Kewaunee County Sheriff Matt Joski says they will employ extra help to make sure people can get through the area efficiently.



Joski expects the peak times for traffic to be at around 9 a.m. when the show opens and 4 p.m. when it closes. Farm Technology Days will take place from July 11-13.

Public Meeting Set For Highway 57 Project

By Tim Kowols

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation will host a public information meeting on Tuesday in advance of its fall construction project on State Highway 57. After Labor Day, DOT crews will work on an eight-mile stretch of STH 57 from County Highway Q in Baileys Harbor to State Highway 42 in  Sister Bay and will include a bridge replacement at Mudd Creek. Project Manager Jeremy Ashauer says the DOT wants to be on the same page as residents, visitors, and local business owners depending on the road.



The project is slated to be completed by spring of 2018. The informational meeting is set to begin at 5:30 p.m. at the Baileys Harbor Town Hall.

Sturgeon Bay Granary Fenced Off Due To Health, Safety Concerns

By Tim Kowols

City of Sturgeon Bay Fire Chief Tim Dietman has issued a Notice of Emergency Action on the former granary building after finding it unhealthy and unsafe for people to enter. The fire department inspected the building earlier this month after receiving a report of a strong odor coming from the building. After further review from Chief Dietman and Door County Sanitarian John Teichtler, it was determined the building contained "respiratory and human health hazardous substances," most likely due to waste from animals entering the building. Chief Dietman says despite efforts by the city to preserve the structure by installing support cables inside, they found other safety concerns during the inspection.



The city of Sturgeon Bay has installed signage on the building and fenced in the structure to prevent entry until further notice. The granary dates back to 1880s, but was slated for redevelopment in 2015 after the Sturgeon Bay Waterfront Redevelopment Authority chose a bid presented by Smet Construction in Green Bay to turn it into a brewery and restaurant.

Area Destination Imagination Teams Put On Impressive Showing At Global Finals

By Tim Kowols

It was an impressive weekend for Destination Imagination teams from three area schools. Representing  the BayLake Regional at the Global Finals held in Knoxville, Tenn., Algoma's Flamin' Hot Cheetos took 14th in the Technical Challenge, Sturgeon Bay's D.I.sappearing Act took 8th in the Scientific Challenge, Sevastopol's Tim & the Humans and Rabach Squared picked up a pair of top 12 awards in the Engineering Challenge, and Algoma's Project Super Heroes took 12 in the Service Learning Challenge. BayLake Regional Destination Imagination Co-Director Robyn Harper says the students have a lot to be proud of from their experience.



Denmark School District and the Notre Dame Academy also represented the Baylake Region at the Destination Imagination Global Finals, which serves eastern Brown, northern Manitowoc, Kewaunee, and Door Counties.



Pictures and videos courtesy of BayLake Regional Destination Imagination

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New Door County Veterinary Hospital Opens

By Paul Schmitt

The new Door County Veterinary Hospital opened its doors yesterday to the public after weeks of anticipation and a few delays.  The new 4,000 square-feet building is located on Old Highway Road just off Highway 42-57.  Dr. Jordan Koblica and his wife Dr. Jennifer Kerley will be providing services at the new location as well as the Luxemburg Pet Clinic in Kewaunee County.  The new facility was built to accommodate clients and due to an increased demand, according to Dr. Koblica.



Dr. Koblica says the Door County Veterinary Hospital was waiting on the installation of state-of-art equipment that includes digital x-ray, digital dental, and ultra-sound machines before opening.  The new veterinary hospital is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30p.m. and Wednesdays until 6:30pm.

"13 Reasons Why" Is Getting People Talking

By Mark Kanz

Educators, mental health professionals, and parents around the country are concerned about a new, controversial Netflix series called 13 Reasons Why.  Season One of the series depicts a teenage girl who died by suicide and re-creates, through flashbacks, the 13 reasons for ending her life and what has been interpreted as glamorizing suicide and getting revenge.  With summer vacation coming, it's likely even more teens will become familiar with the series.  Barb Johnson-Giese, Behavioral Health Coordinator at Door County Medical Center, suggests parents need to be in tune with their kids, and that the show creates such an opportunity.



Johnson-Giese encourages parents to watch the show with their children and discuss it together, including reasons not to use suicide as a way to cope.   She strongly recommends parents ask their children if they have ever thought about suicide, and despite the myth, it will actually decrease the likelihood that they will attempt suicide.  Johnson-Giese says talking about suicide and mental health issues lets children know you care and are willing to talk with them and get them help if needed.  Many resources are available to assist people who are thinking about suicide.  She mentions calling the Suicide/Mental Health Crisis Line at 920-746-2588 or texting "HOPELINE" to 741741 connecting you with trained crisis counselors, your company's Employee Assistance Program or accessing information through the Community Resources tab on the Door County Library website as other places to turn for help.  If it's a crisis situation, calling 9-1-1 or going to the hospital emergency room are the best options to avoid a tragedy.

Parking Under Close Watch After Season's First Weekend

By Tim Kowols

Traffic was busy throughout the peninsula over the Memorial Day weekend, making close parking spots for visitors and residents alike a luxury instead of a guarantee. The village of Sister Bay conducted a parking and traffic study in its downtown during the holiday after recently having 48 spots get added recently and it is the start of its first full season in a couple years without construction work on Highway 42. Village Administrator Zeke Jackson says its newly formed Parking and Traffic Committee is considering a lot when it comes to addressing the congestion.



Sister Bay officials are waiting on the results of a wetlands delineation survey to see if a portion of a seven-acre lot of land owned by the village could be used for additional parking, which could lead to as many as 300 new spots.

Door County Crime Prevention Foundation Hopes To Keep Momentum After Reaching K-9 Goal

By Tim Kowols

The Door County Sheriff's Department has collected enough money to bring a K-9 unit back to the force for the first time in 30 years. Earlier this year, the Door County Sheriff's Department and the Door County Community Foundation teamed up to create the Door County Crime Prevention Foundation to address the needs of law enforcement in the area. After raising the $25,000 needed to cover purchasing the dog plus training and other expenses, Sheriff Steve Delarwelle hopes the foundation can contribute funds to other projects that would not be covered otherwise.



Delarwelle says they have space reserved at a kennel in New Mexico for K-9 training and have purchased the necessary equipment to outfit their vehicles for the unit.

Kewaunee Harbor Restoration Ahead Of Schedule During Final Stretch

By Tim Kowols

Restoration work to the Kewaunee Harbor is scheduled to be substantially completed ahead of schedule. June 16 is the target date after work on the harbor's seawall, tiebacks, and top concrete was recently completed. Public Works Director Matt Murphy says the project still has a few items to be taken care of before it opens to the public.



Murphy says the project is almost two weeks ahead of its goal of June 30 and has stayed on budget. The Kewaunee Harbor could host a ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate its reopening in August.

Governor Walker Visits Sevastopol School Touting Education Budget Proposals

By Tim Kowols

Governor Scott Walker visited  Sevastopol School Tuesday morning to discuss his education budget proposal along with seeing the work students have been working on in recent weeks. Following a presentation commending Sevastopol's Destination Imagination teams, Gov. Walker took in a pair of skits and puppet shows before meeting with the school's valedictorians and peer mentoring group. Gov. Walker says seeing the great work going on at Sevastopol School is part of the reason why he is pleased to put more dollars into K-12 education in the budget.


According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, per-pupil spending would rise from $250 currently to $654 for the 2018-2019 school year with additional money coming from additional sparsity aid to qualifying rural school districts like Sevastopol.

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Kewaunee Grads Earn $1.95 Million In Scholarships

By Tim Kowols

Kewaunee High School students have 1.95 million pieces of proof when it comes to discussing their success over the last four years. At last week's senior awards ceremony, it was announced the class of 2017 earned $1.95 million in scholarships in addition to one student being accepted into the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, NY.  Superintendent Karen Treml says it has been great to see some of her first middle school students as a principal grow up in front of her.


Kewaunee High School will host its commencement exercises on June 4 beginning at 2 p.m.

Support For Veterans, Fallen Soldiers Rings True At Memorial Day Ceremony

By Tim Kowols

The tradition of reading the names of the fallen Door County soldiers at the Sturgeon Bay Memorial Day services still rings true for many attending the ceremony. The general public joined veterans and their family members in filling the Sturgeon Bay Fire Department truck bays to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their county and their country. After former  State Secretary of Veterans Affairs John Scocos spoke to the capacity crowd, leaders from the county's veterans organizations read the names of fallen soldiers dating back to the Civil War. County Veterans Service Officer Scott MacFarlane says it is still emotional to listen to year after year.



Sister Bay, Washington Island, Kewaunee, Luxemburg, Casco, and Algoma hosted their own Memorial Day services on Monday. Southern Door County veterans commemorated the holiday Sunday with services at over 20 different cemeteries.

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Employers Play Role In Workforce Issues

By Tim Kowols

Even with hundreds of thousands of college graduates set to hit job market following their graduations this month, employers are struggling to find people to fill their jobs. Hiring barriers such as a lack of experience or a degree, criminal records, and salary histories are forcing many able-bodied workers to sit on the sidelines. Sandy Duckett from We Are Hope, Inc. says that puts some of the blame on employers as well.



We Are Hope's Moving Forward program, which assists incarcerated men and women re-entering the workforce, recently had 17 clients fill out 175 different job postings. The effort only garnered 19 in-person interviews, but it did produce 10 hires.

Wildlife Biennial Opens Saturday At Miller Art Museum

By Tim Kowols

A staple of the Miller Art Museum's exhibition calendar returns this Saturday when Wildlife Biennial XVIII opens to the public. Since 1983, local and regional artists have captured nature in a variety of different media, including paintings, sculptures, and taxidermy, to be put on display. Executive Director Elizabeth Meissner-Gigstead says the subject matter has a lot to do with why the exhibition continues to be a popular draw for both artists and visitors.



The Wildlife Biennial opens at the Miller Art Museum with a reception on June 3 and runs until July 18. You can see some selections from the exhibition online with this story.

Works featured courtesy of the Miller Art Museum and the artists

1.     Ellen Anderson, Returning, oil on canvas

2.     Gary Eigenberger, Pygmy Owl, oil, tupelo

3.     Bill Reid, Honey Badger Apiartist, painted steel (larger image file available upon request)

4.     Gene Reineking, Prairie Speed, Oregon soapstone

5.     Kim Russell, Duetto, ink

6.     Cynthia Tumpach, Grand Teton Range, oil








Request For Proposal For Biodigester Changes A Third Time Ahead Of July Deadline

By Tim Kowols

The Public Service Commission, Department of Natural Resources, and the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection have made some minor changes to the request for proposal for a planned biogas plant for the region. In addition to changes to the timeline for the proposals, the new RFP highlights considerations for odor control, requirements for meeting Focus on Energy benchmarks, and proof it has support from local farmers and funding sources. While he believes the RFP has improved the third time around, Kewaunee County Board Supervisor Lee Luft says there are still some major questions to be answered.



Companies interested in bidding can attend a webinar on June 5th before their submissions to the three agencies are due on July 3. Kewaunee County has been discussed as a possible location for a biodigester site because of its large number of farms and its fragile geology.

Whitefish Dunes Celebrates Fiftieth Year

By Mark Kanz

Whitefish Dunes State Park, northeast of Institute on Lake Michigan, has touched a lot of people over the past 50 years.  Park Manager Fred Viste wants regular visitors to return to the park this summer, but he hopes people who haven't been there for a few years also come back to join in the year-long birthday party.



While Mother Nature may prevent the one and a half miles of sandy beach from getting a lot of use this weekend, Viste believes the 14 miles of hiking trails will be a popular place to be.  The park is planning a large event on Friday, July 14, but the birthday celebration will continue all season.

Luxemburg-Casco Set To Graduate May 31

By Tim Kowols

Students at Luxemburg-Casco's primary and intermediate schools had a lot to look up to when the district's senior class paraded through the building last week. The senior class has been a part of state qualifying teams on the athletic field and a part of Luxemburg-Casco's success in the classroom as the district earned recognition on the AP Honor Roll for a second straight year. Add that to a number of class members who have gone above and beyond the district's required 10 hours of community service, superintendent Glenn Schlender has been impressed with this group of seniors.



After holding its senior awards ceremony earlier in the day, Luxemburg-Casco's seniors will officially earn their high school diploma on May 31 at 6:30 p.m.

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Required Burning Permits Provide Useful Insight For Fire Departments

By Tim Kowols

Area fire departments are reminding residents to make sure they obtain a burning permit before lighting their fires. Many communities in Door and Kewaunee County require the free permit with restrictions on the size and the contents of the fire pit or burn barrel. Sister Bay/Liberty Grove Fire Chief Chris Hecht says the information obtained from the burning permits is important to its fire protection.



The burn permits also give local fire departments an idea of how many fires may be lit on a daily basis and where they may be located. Hecht advises those using their pits and burn barrels to make sure the conditions are safe enough to light the fire and take the proper precautions to make sure it is out completely when finished.

Door County To Host Open Houses For John Miles County Park Recreation Ideas

By Tim Kowols

The Door County Planning Department is looking to the public for their thoughts on the future uses of John Miles County Park. Home of the Door County Fair and The Hill Raceway, the department is surveying residents on what they use the park for and the improvements they would like to see made. Becky Kerwin from the Door County Planning Department says they will take the suggestions very seriously as they look towards the park's future.



Resident can take part in one of the three open houses scheduled for June 13, 16, 21 for tours and information sessions. We have a schedule of those information sessions online with this story.



Six sessions will be held:  Tuesday, June 13, at 4 and 5 pm; Friday, June 16, at 11 am and noon; Wednesday, June 21, 4:30 and 5:30 pm. You can also fill out a survey here if you cannot attend.

Kewaunee County UW-Extension Looks For Water Action Volunteers

By Tim Kowols

Are you interested in water quality? Do you like science? Would you enjoy participating in a citizen science project that monitors streams in your community?


On Saturday, June 17th you are invited to become a Water Action Volunteer by participating in a stream monitoring training offered by the University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension. There is no cost to participate.


At this training, you will learn how to monitor various aspects of stream health. The purpose of this training is to encourage more people to get involved, help keep an eye out for some key aquatic invasive species, and then enter the data into a Statewide database where trends are monitored.


So come on out, learn a new skill and join the ranks of citizen scientists volunteering to make our world a better place! The training will take place on Saturday, June 17th from 9:00AM- 2:30PM at Bruemmer Park in Kewaunee County. Please go to or call 388-7141 for more information.

Legistlature, Governor Disagree On Several Areas In Biennial Budget

By Tim Kowols

Senator Dave Hansen says transportation is not the only issue the state Legislature is differing on when it comes to Governor Scott Walker's proposal. A UW System tuition cut, the elimination of the state property tax, and the implementation of self-insurance are other areas of the state budget where Democrats and Republicans alike are disagreeing with the governor. Hansen says he supports the Republicans standing up to Governor Walker on some of the reforms being suggested.


Gov. Walker is standing by his budget proposal, tweeting last week he would veto the entire budget if it included a property tax increase on Wisconsinites. The Wisconsin Assembly and Senate are expected to be back on the floor of the state Capitol on June 6.

Draft Ordinance Allows Low-Pressure Liquid Manure Spreading Over Longer Period Of Time

By Tim Kowols

Kewaunee County farmers would not be allowed to use high-pressure sprayers to spread liquid manure onto their fields if the County Board approves a proposed ordinance. According to a draft ordinance introduced earlier this month by Kewaunee County Administrator Scott Feldt, farmers would be required to use only low-pressure methods of manure spraying underneath the canopy formed by the crops. Feldt says this will help prevent some of the drifting often associated with manure spraying and also allows farmers to spread over a longer period of time.



Another draft ordinance affecting the type of electronic equipment needed for manure spreaders and the certifications their haulers must obtain was also introduced earlier this month. The Kewaunee County Board could take it up for a vote in August.

County Road "U" Resurfacing Project Nearly Completed

By Paul Schmitt

The Door County Highway Department has been able to stay on schedule with much of the road construction this spring.  The County Highway U resurfacing project south of Sturgeon Bay is nearly complete and is open for through traffic this holiday weekend.  County Highway Commissioner John Kolodziej says the scenic winding road had issues with proper drainage.



Kolodziej says numerous culverts for driveways were put in to improve the drainage.  The road was also widened from 22 feet to 28 feet to make is safer for traffic.  The project is scheduled to be completed by June 1.

Door County Humane Society Needing Adoptions For Over 60 Cats

By Paul Schmitt

The Door County Humane Society is looking to find accommodating homes for many of their cats at the facility with many more being available soon.  Communications and Development Coordinator April Delfosse says its prime kitten season at the shelter.



Delfosse says the Door County Humane Society also has five dogs available for adoption and that you should check the Door County Humane Society website for updates because they are adopted quickly.  The Door County Humane Society is currently in second place for the national online 2017 Pet Challenge which has over 500 organizations competing to raise funds.  As of last Wednesday, they had raised over $58,000 with the month-long challenge concluding June 1.


You can make an online donation or find what pets are available to adopt by going to this link:


Peninsula State Park Begins Holiday Camping Weekend With New Superintendent

By Paul Schmitt

Peninsula State Park may not have the new Eagle Tower open this summer, but it will have a new park superintendent greeting visitors.  Brian Markowski started last month as the new Peninsula Park superintendent replacing Kelly Bruns who left the position to take a job in the Twin Cities last year.  Markowski has 19 years with the Department of Natural Resources starting in forestry management and then wildlife management.  Most recently, Markowski says he worked at Willow River State Park in Hudson, Wisconsin.



Markowski says the camping sites in Peninsula State Park are filled for the busy Memorial Day weekend as the unofficial start of summer begins for campers and the park.

Door County: Kayaking and Kayak Fishing Wonderland!

By Bill Schultz

With more than 300 miles of shoreline and unmatched beauty on both the Green Bay and Lake Michigan sides of Door County, what a wonderful location for recreational kayaking and kayak fishing.  If you've never paddled the crystal-clear waters and seen the bluffs, beaches, lighthouses, villages and an amazing bird population, you're in for a treat.


For all kayakers, there are dozens of great launches up and down both sides of the peninsula that will get you out to all the best spots, although, there isn't a bad place to kayak in Door County.  One thing that I must stress with some recent kayak accidents is safety.  It may be a nice warm day, but, at this time of year water temps on the lake side will be in the upper 40-degree range and in the 50-degree range on Green Bay.  Be sure to wear your PFD, be aware of the weather conditions, go with someone if possible, and try to let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.  Staying closer to shore and making sure you have your cell phone and it's protected in a waterproof bag or container is important.  If you are new to kayaking, there are several good outfitters in the county who will be happy to introduce you to the sport.


To all you kayak anglers, this is the best time of the year to catch and release those big Door County Smallmouth Bass.  In May and June, you will find many nice smallies close to shore in two to eight feet of water.  The Green Bay side tends to be better, with more fish, but, there are smallies up and down the lake side also.  A great presentation this time of year is the Kalin's Lunker Grub.  These and the Gopher Tackle Big Johns jigs I use can be found at Howie's Tackle in Sturgeon Bay.  My favorite are the 4" and 5" Smoke Salt and Pepper.  Threaded on the Gopher Tackle jig, you cast as far as you can and retrieve slow and steady.  Give it a try, you'll may be surprised.


Over the next few months, I will be touching on a variety of kayak and kayak fishing themes, including, picking the right kayak and paddles, rigging your kayak, some favorite locations to kayak and fish, best launches and more.


As always, if you have questions, you can email me at  Pro Staffs:  Jackson Kayak, Bending Branches/Aqua-Bound Paddles, Orion Coolers, St. Croix Rods, Kalin's and Malone Auto Racks.

Libraries Look To Stop Children's "Summer Slide" When It Comes To Reading

By Paul Schmitt

With school letting out around the area in the next two weeks, libraries become a valuable tool for children to avoid what is known "summer slide" in educational circles.  Door County Library Youth Services Librarian Beth Lokken says children tend to regress if they take the summer off from reading.



The Door County Library has eight locations that are offering reading programs for children beginning on June 1.   You can find a schedule of the summer library program offered by the Door County Library with this story online.

Jacksonport's Maifest Highlights Weekend Activities In Door County

By Mark Kanz

The summer season gets its unofficial start this weekend and for 45 years Jacksonport's Maifest has a part of the Memorial Day activities in northern Door County.  Committee member Ann Sheridan says the event brings the community together.  Year-round and seasonal residents work side-by-side to produce the event.  Activities begin Saturday morning with a parade at 10:30 and something you won't see at other festivals, the traditional Maypole dance organized by Beth Hahn.



One of the main attractions of the event is an art fair featuring over 100 artists and crafters starting at 9 a.m. Saturday and Sunday.  Other activities include a 10K run or 2K walk Sunday morning.  Sheridan adds that the corn roast is always a popular food staple of Maifest.

Sevastopol High School Readies To Honor Class Of 2017

By Mark Kanz

Sevastopol High School Principal Adam Baier remembers high-fiving members of this year's graduating class when they were four-year-olds just beginning their school careers.  On Sunday, June 4, he'll be shaking hands with them as they receive their high school diplomas.  It's said that it takes a village to raise a child and Baier says the community is making sure this year's graduates get a good start on the next chapter in their lives.



Baier says 45 percent of the class has maintained an "A" average throughout their high school career.  Students led the conference in ACT scores and their test scores were two points better than the state average.  Baier says he's curious to see which underclassmen are ready to step into leaderships roles being vacated by the graduates.

Positivity Reigns Even As Algoma Hardwoods Prepares For Summer Closure

By Tim Kowols

There are some positives coming out of the upcoming closure of the Algoma Hardwoods plant. According to a recent update given by the Bay Area Workforce Development Board, a majority of the 180 workers affected by the closure have found new jobs or made the decision to go back to school to learn new skills. Even some of the workers still on site fulfilling the last orders for its parent company Masonite International have jobs being saved for them. Algoma Mayor Wayne Schmidt says the city is now looking for someone to take over the building, which will be almost blank slate after Masonite removes its equipment later this year.



The plant is expected to be completely closed between the end of June and the middle of July. Schmidt says the city does not know the lasting effects of the Algoma Hardwoods plant closure in terms of utilities in the city but was thankful it has not had a drastic effect on local businesses according to a recent survey.

DCMM's Gills Rock Museum Opens For the Season

By Tim Kowols

The Door County Maritime Museum's Gills Rock location officially reopened to the public for the season this weekend. In contrast to the Sturgeon Bay campus' focus on shipbuilding, the Gills Rock Museum turns its attention to the commercial fishing industry tied to the far tip of the peninsula. Door County Maritime Museum Executive Director Amy Paul says the location helps the fishing tradition of Door County come alive.



After this weekend, the seasonal museum will be open seven days a week beginning June 3 and will be under the care of new site manager Kirsten Linder.

Photo Courtesy of the Door County Maritime Museum

Badger State Sheriff's Conference Concludes In Egg Harbor

By Tim Kowols

Door County played host to law enforcement professionals from across Wisconsin earlier this week for the Badger State Sheriff's Association Conference. Held in Egg Harbor, the conference covered a variety of different topics, including training concerning the emotional survival it takes to work in public safety. Door County Sheriff Steve Delarwelle says it was great hosting other sheriffs from around the state to discuss ideas and learn about important topics like strategies dealing with emotional survival.



The Badger State Sheriff's Association hosts four conferences a year, beginning in Madison and then at three other locations throughout Wisconsin.

Gibraltar Seniors Prepared For What's Next

By Mark Kanz

Gibraltar High School Principal Gereon Methner says he can't help being proud of the students in the class of 2017.  He says they have learned important life lessons like giving back to the community and how to balance the rigors of academics with extra-curricular activities.  Methner says it's a bittersweet time for teachers and administrators, but they are confident the graduates are prepared for what's next in their lives.




Gibraltar Graduation is set for 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 4 at the Door Community Auditorium.

June Is Dairy Month Breakfast Kicks Off Busy Summer For Kewaunee County Farmers

By Tim Kowols

Next week's June is Dairy Month Kick-off Breakfast at the Rendezvous of Luxemburg marks the beginning of a busy eight-week stretch for many Kewaunee County dairy families. In addition to running their own operations, many of the farmers serve on committees for the Kewaunee County Dairy Promotion's Breakfast on the Farm at the Wallace Dairy Farm in Forestville June 11, Wisconsin Farm Technology Days July 11 to 13 at Ebert Enterprises in Algoma, and the 100th anniversary of the Kewaunee County Fair in Luxemburg beginning July 20. Stacy Jauquet has been running her farm in Luxemburg with her husband Dave along with helping with the Breakfast on the Farm and being a dairy ambassador for area schools. She says the extra effort is worth it because of the passion she has for dairy and for agriculture.



The June is Dairy Month Breakfast is Thursday, June 1 and begins at 6:30 a.m. with tickets available at the door. The program will feature a presentation on the upcoming Wisconsin Farm Technology Days.

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Door County Memorial Day Services Schedule Set

By Tim Kowols

Door County will have plenty of opportunities for those people wishing to pay their respect to fallen soldiers this Memorial Day weekend. On Sunday, members of the local American Legion will perform ceremonies at the twenty-two different cemeteries dotting Southern Door County. On Monday, Sturgeon Bay, Sister Bay, and Washington Island will host ceremonies of their own featuring special musical performances and keynote speakers. Door County Veterans Service Officer Scott MacFarlane says Memorial Day marks one of the few times we can pay tribute to those that have passed away or were lost.



MacFarlane recommends bringing a chair if you plan on attending any of the ceremonies on Sunday and Monday as seating is limited.


Tour of 22 Southern Door cemeteries begin at 7:20 a.m.



Sister Bay: 10:30 a.m., Little Sister Cemetery


Sturgeon Bay:
8:30 a.m., Bayside Cemetery
9 a.m., St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery
9:30 a.m., Sturgeon Bay Health Services,
10 a.m., ceremony inside Fire Department


Washington Island: 10:30 a.m., Bethel Church with march to Washington Township Cemetery

Outreach Programming Helps Open Door Bird Sanctuary Spreads Its Wings

By Tim Kowols

With every stop around the county, the Open Door Bird Sanctuary gets another opportunity to spread its mission.  Open Door Bird Sanctuary will be providing behind the scenes tours of its nature center in Jacksonport during The Ridges Sanctuary's Festival of Nature this weekend as well as putting on a special birds of prey program as a part of Egg Harbor's International Migratory Bird Day Celebration. Executive Rob Hults says every opportunity they get is a chance to let more people know about the work they do.



The 34-acre Open Door Bird Sanctuary will be open to the public every Saturday beginning June 24.

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Algoma Woman Killed on Highway 42

By Mark Kanz

An 80-year old Algoma woman has died from her injuries after being struck by a truck just after 10 Thursday morning.  Kewaunee County Sheriff Matt Joski says the accident happened on Highway 42, south of Algoma.



More details will be released on Friday.


Press Release from Kewaunee County Sheriff Department:

(Algoma, WI) -  On May 25, 2017 at approximately 10:06A.M. The Kewaunee County Sheriff's Department received a call from the driver of a vehicle who stated he had just struck a pedestrian. The incident occurred on STH 42 approx. 500 feet south of Eighth Road in the Township of Pierce.


The driver, James Anderson age 46 from Algoma was operating a 1994 Chevy Truck northbound on STH 42 when he struck an 80 year old female subject from Algoma who was walking across the road to retrieve her mail.


Algoma Fire and Rescue along with County Rescue Air Transport (Eagle Three) did respond to provide care for the victim who later died due to the injuries she sustained in the accident.


The name of the victim is not being released pending notifications to family.
The accident remains under investigation by the Kewaunee County Sheriff's Department.

Baileys Harbor Electors Say No To Town Land Purchase

By Tim Kowols

Residents of Baileys Harbor rejected a plan that would have approved the town board to purchase a piece of property on County Highway H and sell the buildings located on it. Twenty residents voted against the measure while 15 voted in favor of it. According to town clerk Hayley Adams, the purchase could have allowed the city to do several different projects if it was approved.



No action was taken on other agenda items for the Wednesday meeting because of the "no" vote. The property will remain for sale.

Joski Reflects On Recent National Guard Training Experience

By Tim Kowols

Memorial Day has an extra special meaning to Kewaunee County Sheriff Matt Joski. Already a veteran of the U.S. Marines, Joski recently completed reclassification training at Fort McCoy as a newly enlisted member of the Wisconsin National Guard. Joski says the experience of going through training was great, especially when he got to bond with other soldiers over some of the care packages provided to them by Adopt a Soldier Door County over the Easter holiday.



Joski learned about logistics, transports, and the equipment he will be using in the transportation division of his Wisconsin National Guard unit during his month-long training in April.



Joski shares his thoughts on his training and the upcoming Memorial Day holiday

Manure Haulers Required To Be Certified, Spreading Tracked Under Proposed Kewaunee County Ordinance

By Tim Kowols

Two new ordinances affecting manure spreading in Kewaunee County are expected to be discussed later this summer. Kewaunee County Administrator Scott Feldt introduced two different draft ordinances to be discussed in different committees, including one requiring manure haulers to be certified and for their equipment to have electronic readers keeping track of the nutrients being spread. Feldt is aware of the extra expense falling on farmers with more than 250 cows, but believes this ultimately will keep everyone honest.



On Sunday, we will take a closer look at the ordinance requiring liquid manure to be spread with low pressure equipment. Feldt expects both ordinances to make their way back to the Kewaunee County Board by its August meeting.

Job Experience Important For Career Search

By Tim Kowols

"Help Wanted" signs have taken up permanent residence in the windows of many businesses in Door and Kewaunee Counties. Over 1100 openings in businesses across several different fields are available with 50 miles of Sturgeon Bay according to the Job Center of Wisconsin. While the perfect job in the ideal field may not exist, We Are Hope, Inc. CEO Sandy Duckett says any experience is good experience, especially for young people.



According to Wisconsin's Worknet, the not-seasonally adjusted unemployment rate stands at just 2.6 percent in Kewaunee County and 4.2 percent in Door County. The state's underemployment rate, which includes those who are unemployed, marginally attached workers, and part-time employees for economic reasons, stands at 8.3 percent according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Wet Spring Puts Area Farmers Behind Planting Schedule

By Paul Schmitt

Area Farmers are still patiently waiting to get in their fields and plant the majority of their crops. Rich Olson of Olson Family Farm and a member of the Ag Advisory Board says the fields still remain too wet for planting.



Olson says the corn and soybean crops will be about two to three weeks behind schedule at this point.  According to, Northeastern Wisconsin's Crop Progress shows that only 62 percent of corn and just 35 percent of soybeans crop acreage has been planted.

YMCA Closing In On Annual Campaign Goal To Benefit Community Members

By Paul Schmitt

The Door County YMCA is working to make a difference for community members who would like to utilize the facilities in Sturgeon Bay and Fish Creek but may not have a lot of money.  The YMCA held the 16th annual "Dining around the Door"  last Sunday to raise much needed additional funds.  CEO and President Tom Beerntsen explains the reason behind the event.



The Door County YMCA is closing in on their annual campaign that usually raises about $500,000 to help financially assist over 1,800 individuals or approximately 15 percent of their membership.  Beerntsen says you can get more information on how to apply for assistance by contacting the YMCA directly.


White Gull Inn's Famous Fish Boil Recognized As "Best Of Door County"

By Paul Schmitt

Door County is famous for fish boils and the White Gull Inn is one of the two establishments that started the popular spectacle and meal dating back to 1959.  The White Gull recently won the Best of Door County and owner Andy Coulson credits his staff and the excellent master boilers he has had over the years.



Coulson purchased the White Gull Inn back in 1972 while offering fish boils year around with four times a week during the summer.  The traditional fish boil features lake Michigan whitefish, small red potatoes and salt.  Melted butter is served over the meal with side dishes of coleslaw and   Swedish limpa rye bread along with a slice of homemade Door County Cherry Pie to top off the traditional fish boil feast, according to Coulson.

(photo compliments of White Gull Inn)

Third Graders Learn About Safety From The Experts

By Mark Kanz

Nearly 300 third-graders from throughout Kewaunee County will be learning safety lessons at the Kewaunee County Fairgrounds in Luxemburg Thursday.  County Public Health Director Cindy Kinnard says you don't have to be a farm kid to get something out of Rural Safety Day.



Students will spend 15 minutes at each of 15 stations learning from local experts in the field.  This is the 21st year for Rural Safety Day.

Kewaunee County's Veterans Services Officer Shares Memorial Day Thoughts

By Mark Kanz

Veterans groups throughout Door and Kewaunee County have activities planned this weekend to honor their comrades.  Kewaunee County Veteran's Services Officer Jane Babcock says Memorial Day should be a day of thanks because as the adage says, some gave all, but all gave some.



Babcock traces her own military roots to the Revolutionary War.  Her father and grandfather were veterans of the World Wars and they will be on her mind Monday. She says the county observance of Memorial Day will take place at the County Courthouse War Memorial at 11 AM Monday, preceded by a parade in Kewaunee at 10:15.  She recommends contacting veterans' groups in your community to learn about your local cemetery ceremonies.

Door County Breaks Ground On New Senior Center, EMS Building

By Mark Kanz

Door County officially broke ground Tuesday on the new home for its emergency medical services building and senior center.  County Human Services Director Joe Krebsbach says the project has been a long time coming.



He says the new location will allow his staff to work better together as they will all be in one spot instead of spread out throughout the county. Krebsbach is excited about the additional activities they will be able to provide for seniors.  Emergency Services Deputy Director Aaron LeClair says future needs were addressed by his staff when planning the new location.



Work will continue through the summer with a ribbon cutting expected in early 2018.

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Farmers Worry About Cuts To Crop Subsidies

By Tim Kowols

Farmers are keeping just as close of an eye on Capitol Hill as they are in their own fields. President Donald Trump's budget proposal could bring cuts to subsidies some farmers need to keep their operations alive. According to Farm Bureau News, more than 80 percent of the counties with corn, soybeans, or wheat acreage could experience a lower revenue guarantee from agricultural risk coverage by 2019. Farmer and crop insurance agent Terry Sorenson says the real hardship will be by those who rely on crop insurance to protect their investment, which is subsidized by the federal government by as much as 45 percent.



Sorenson recommends farmers be proactive by contacting their legislators and local farm bureaus as work on a new farm bill begins.

State Senator Disagrees With State AG Request For Stay In Redistricting Case

By Tim Kowols

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel hopes the United States Supreme Court will allow the current legislative maps after requesting for a stay on a Monday. A three-judge panel ruled earlier this year that the current maps were gerrymandered in a way that gave Republicans an unfair advantage in local elections. Schimel believes redrawing the boundaries before the Supreme Court weighs in would be a waste of lawmakers' time and money. Senator Dave Hansen of Green Bay, who has introduced redistricting reform bills in the past, disagrees with that sentiment.



North Carolina recently had their maps rejected for two districts due to what was described as racial bias by the United States Supreme Court. Wisconsin's bout against gerrymandering began in 2015 after a group of voters filed a federal lawsuit arguing a political bias with the maps approved in 2011.


Wildlife Photographer To Host Presentation, Workshop In June

By Tim Kowols

Wildlife photographers are making their way outdoors to shoot pictures as the weather improves. Not many people know that better than wildlife photographer John Van Den Brandt, who will be in Door County next month for a presentation of his work from around the globe and a workshop for those interested in the field. Even though he loves shooting pictures of some of the wild game on the African plains, there is something special to Van Den Brandt about photographing in the woods of Door County.



Van Den Brandt will share some of his favorite images and host his workshop at  Crossroads at Big Creek on Saturday, June 24 beginning at 2:30 p.m. You can register with the Door County Land Trust or follow this story online.

Algoma Seniors Grow Up During Cochart's First Years Of Tenure

By Tim Kowols

Algoma superintendent Nick Cochart has seen this year's senior class grow up right before his very eyes. The senior class was in seventh grade when Cochart began at Algoma Middle School six years ago. Cochart says this year's senior class always was able to give him a shot in the arm when he needed it, which will make Sunday's ceremony a little extra special.


Algoma's commencement exercises will take place inside the Algoma High School gym beginning at 2 p.m.

State Sheriff's Conference Being Held In Door County This Week

By Paul Schmitt

Door County is hosting the three-day Badger State Sheriff's Association Conference this week.  The quarterly conference is being held at the Landmark Resort in Egg Harbor.  Door County Sheriff Steve Delarwelle requested and received funding of $1500 to help defer the cost of hosting the conference in January through the Door County Board.  The three-day conference will run through Thursday and bring sheriff personnel from Wisconsin's 72 counties.   "Bulletproof Spirit for Sheriffs"  This is a special training funded through a training partnership with the International Academy of Public Safety and the Aegis Corporation.  Sheriff Delarwelle will share his experiences from the conference later this week.

Outdoor Activities Calls For Awareness Of Ticks And Lymes Disease Prevention

By Paul Schmitt

With the possible increase of the tick population this season in the area and more people enjoying the great outdoors this summer, people are being warned to protect themselves.   Ticks can spread Lyme disease as well as other viruses.  Rhonda Kolberg, director health officer for Door County Public Health Department says prevention is your best bet against the ticks when you head outside.



Kolberg says you should perform daily tick checks and to bathe immediately after being outdoors for any extended time.  Putting clothing in the hot tumble dry cycle of your dryer for ten minutes will kill ticks as well.     No cases of Lyme disease have been reported in Door County this year and that only four cases were reported in 2015 compared to nine cases in 2010, according to Kolberg.  You can find information on symptoms of tick-borne illnesses and what to do if a tick bites you with this story online.

Volunteer Center Of Door County In Big Need For Help With Summer Events Starting

By Paul Schmitt

Local communities and organizations are scrambling to find volunteers for upcoming events and festivals in the coming weeks.  With the unofficial start of the busy summer tourism, this weekend and planned events popping up on the calendar weekly, staffing special events throughout the county is a challenge for many organizers.  Carrie Tjernagel of the Volunteer Center of Door County says help is needed this weekend especially.



Tjernagel says volunteering time is a great way for young and old to give back to their community.  You can find information on volunteering for upcoming events and other opportunities with this story online.

Medical Debt Can Be A Major Financial Concern

By Mark Kanz

Nearly 20% of all Americans have unpaid medical debts, according to the Consumer Protection Bureau.  Gay Pustaver of Money Management Counselors says you don't need to have a life-threating illness to be in that category.



Pustaver says there are strategies to dig out of the medical debt hole.  She was a guest on Money Management Monday.  For the entire interviews and ways to manage your medical debt, go to the audio links below:








Door County Library "Building" A Better World With New Summer Programs For Kids

By Paul Schmitt

The Door County Library will be working this summer to keep children engaged in reading when school is over in the next few weeks.  The summer reading program this summer is called "Build a Better World".  Youth Services Librarian Beth Lokken the theme encompasses many learning opportunities for youngsters.



The free program begins on June 1 and runs until August 15 and is offered at all eight Door County Library locations. You can find a schedule of upcoming programs at the Door County Library with this story online.

Kewaunee Fire Causes Extensive Damage To Home

By Paul Schmitt

A house fire in the City of Kewaunee Sunday evening led to considerable damage to the home.  The Kewaunee Fire Department was called at about 8 p.m. and found heat and smoke inside the kitchen of the residence at 1300 Adams Road.  Fire Chief Greg Hlinak believes the fire started in the refrigerator and stove area and into the walls.



Hlinak says the home was saved and the direct cause of the fire is not known.  The occupant of the home, Chris Selnar called the Kewaunee Fire Department after returning home.  The home uninhabitable until it is cleaned and repaired, according to Hlinak.

Ridges Sanctuary Offering Daily Guided Hikes As Festival Of Nature Begins Thursday

By Paul Schmitt

The 15th annual Festival of Nature will be featuring over 60 programs at the Ridges Sanctuary in Baileys Harbor this coming weekend.    Executive Director Steve Leonard says daily guided hikes that began earlier this month are also excellent educational opportunities for visitors to get up, close and personal with nature at the Ridges Sanctuary.



The Festival of Nature is from this Thursday through Sunday and includes programs on birding, mushroom classes, hiking and paddling experiences.

(920) 839-2802

Door County Maritime Museum Celebrating National Maritime Day At 10 AM Today

By Paul Schmitt

The Door County Maritime Museum is celebrating National Maritime Day today with a special ceremony at 10 a.m.  The public is invited to attend the celebration that will recognize the local maritime industries and reiterate the museum's mission for maritime education locally.  The Door County Maritime Museum board will also offer an overview of the proposed tower visionary contribution to the public's maritime enlightenment that Executive Director Amy Paul addressed at the city's planning commission last week.




National Maritime Day is celebrated in our country to recognize the national economic and environmental benefits of the maritime industries.  The presentation at 10 a.m. will include a formal Color Guard along with a singing of the national anthem and a short presentation by dignitaries including representatives from the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Sen. Tammy Baldwin's office.




Door County Prepares For Big Tourism Season After Impressive Growth

By Paul Schmitt

Strong tourism numbers of Door County shared earlier this month by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism and an optimistic forecast for this year means locals can expect a big influx of visitors this coming Memorial Day weekend.  State Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett says residents of Door County should appreciate the unique beauty of the area.



Door County experienced a $15 million increase in tourism spending last year which reflected a four percent bump from 2015.  Visitor spending has grown $90 million over the eight consecutive years of increased tourism spending in Door County.

Trauma Informed Care Helps With Victims Dealing With Overwhelming Stress

By Paul Schmitt

Help of Door County is implementing Trauma Informed Care for people that face extreme stress that overwhelms their ability to cope.  Help of Door County Executive Director Steve Vickman says his agency sees the impact that trauma has on an individual.



Trauma Informed Care is designed to create a safe environment for victims while developing an understanding that they are a totality of all their life experiences and work with them to be more resilient and move on with their lives.  You can find contact information for Help of Door County with this story online.

Kewaunee County's Red River Park Upgrading Playground and Bleachers This Summer

By Paul Schmitt

Red River Park in Kewaunee County will have a new look this summer.  The Dyckesville Lions Club will be replacing bleachers by the baseball diamond at Red River Park with the approval last week by the county Promotion and Recreation Committee.  Kewaunee County Parks Director Dave Myers says Red River Park will be getting new equipment for the youngsters to enjoy as well.



Red River Park is located just north of Dyckesville along the bay of Green Bay and just off State Highway 42-57 near the Kewaunee and Door County border.

(Photo by Kewaunee County Parks)

State Assembly Bill Would Offset Area Resident's Well And Septic Tank Replacement Costs

By Paul Schmitt

Legislation to offer assistance to residents suffering from well water contamination due to failing septic tank systems continues to be discussed at the State Capitol.  A hearing for Assembly Bill 226 was held last week in Madison to allow municipalities to lend money to citizens to put in new wells or well treatment systems or new septic tanks and apply the expense to their tax bill. First Representative Joel Kitchens who co-authored the bill says it will make the process more affordable for those dealing with water contamination issues.



The bill, which was introduced on April 10,  awards payment for no more than 75 percent of the eligibility costs and may not exceed $16,000.  You can find the complete bill proposal with this story online.

Door County To Officially Break Ground On Senior Center, EMS Station Tuesday

By Tim Kowols

Although work has been in progress at the former highway shop on Sturgeon Bay's 14th Avenue since late winter, the official groundbreaking for Door County's new senior center and emergency services building will take place this Tuesday. De Pere-based IEI Contractors was chosen to work on the project back in January by the Door County Board with an estimated bid of $8.1 million, which was $900,000 under budget. With some interior work being done over the winter months and the EMS headquarters beginning construction this spring, Door County Administrator Ken Pabich told earlier this year that he is hopeful the project stays on schedule.



The groundbreaking is scheduled to take place at 11:30 a.m. and is part of the Door County Board of Supervisors meeting agenda.

Climate Change Supporters "Preach To The Choir" At Annual Forum

By Tim Kowols

Over 100 people spent their Saturday at Stone Harbor Resort in Sturgeon Bay listening to climate change experts address several issues at the Climate Change Coalition of Door County's annual forum. University of Wisconsin- Madison scientist Dr. Steve Vavrus, Gundersen Health System chief executive officer emeritus Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, and Aldo Leopold Foundation board member Dr. Sharon Dunwoody took turns speaking about the importance of keeping climate change science on the forefront in each of their respective fields. Chuck Lauter from the Climate Change Coalition of Door County says events like Saturday's forum are important to not just engage new people, but to keep preaching to the choir as well.



Over 100 businesses, including the radio stations of, have signed the Climate Change Coalition of Door County's pledge to show their support in tackling climate change as one of Door County's greatest economic opportunities of the 21st century.

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Lifestyle Needs To Be Considered Before Pet Adoption

By Tim Kowols

A lot of homework is needed to be done before someone makes the plunge into pet adoption. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 3.2 million dogs and cats are adopted each year. Lifestyle is a big component of the adoption decision, whether it is because you have kids or you are away from your home a lot. April Delfosse from the Door County Humane Society says those are the kind of things you should think about and talk about as you look for a perfect match.



The Door County Humane Society serves over 700 animals every year, providing them shelter when they are found or surrendered and helping them find their forever home. The organization is currently in the middle of their month-long Michelson Found Animals Saving Pets Challenge and currently sits in second place with $51,907. The challenge ends June 1.

Kewaunee County Municpalities Need To Find New Place For Trash

By Tim Kowols

Kewaunee County municipalities will have to figure out a place for their garbage to go once its landfill closes potentially next summer. After supervisors voted not to expand the landfill in 2015, Kewaunee County Administrator Scott Feldt told the county board the landfill could close by June 1, 2018, due to space constraints and low revenue.  Feldt believes that vote was an early indicator of the fate of the landfill but added the county will work with individual towns to find a solution.



Feldt says there has been no indication the county wants to open another landfill in the future.

Gunnlaugsson Helps Visitors With Washington Island Experience As Ferry Captain, Motel Owner

By Tim Kowols

Washington Island Ferry captain Joel Gunnlaugsson is seeing his town's tourism potential in a different light these days as he begins year two of owning his own motel.  Gunnlaugsson and his wife Krista bought the Townliner Motel from his uncles last year despite adjusting to life with other full-time commitments and four young children at home. It has been challenging and rewarding, but it adds a little extra excitement for Gunnlaugsson as he carries full ferries across Death's Door.



In addition to being a motel owner and ferry captain, Gunnlaugsson also represents the island on the Door County Board.

Picture courtesy of the Townliner Motel

City, Friends Look To Interest Based Problem Solving Approach For Negotiations

By Tim Kowols

The city of Sturgeon Bay and the Friends of the Sturgeon Bay Public Waterfront are trying a different approach when it comes to negotiations concerning the west side parcel slated for redevelopment. According to the Friends group, representatives from both sides and their lawyers will travel to Madison to meet with Madison College's Office of Interest Based Problem Solving to see if they could help in the process at the suggestion of the city. The strategy has the two parties share their interest behind whatever the issue is rather than focusing on the positions they would like to see happen. It is a process Madison College has been using for three years, and interim administrator Jeremy Kautza says if ideas about the direction can come together collectively, there is often more buy-in into the solution.



Kautza says interest-based problem solving can also lead to an enhanced commitment to carrying out and evaluating the decision and keeps people engaged. The Madison College Office of Interest Based Problem Solving will meet the city of Sturgeon Bay and the Friends of the Sturgeon Bay Public Waterfront on June 12 where it will decide how much help it can provide to the situation.  You can learn more about interest-based problem solving online with this story.



(Courtesy of Madison College)

Principles of IBPS

  • Separate the people from the problem

  • Focus on interests, not positions

  • Generate multiple options

  • Evaluate solutions based on objective criteria and interests

Questions Asked In an IBPS Session

  • What is the issue?

  • How did this problem arise?

  • What are our interests, hopes and concerns?

  • What are potential options and solutions?

  • What are the best options?

  • How will outcomes be affected by our decision?

  • How and when will we follow up on the solution?

Southern Door Set To Graduate Seventy-Seven From Senior Class Next Weekend

By Tim Kowols

Seventy-seven students are planning to walk across the stage next Sunday when Southern Door High School celebrates its commencement. The school district along with some local businesses honored the graduating seniors with scholarships and other awards during their student recognition night on Wednesday. Superintendent Patti Vickman says it was amazing to see the talents of students like valedictorian Hannah Mallien on display.



Southern Door's salutatorian is Rachel Malcore. The commencement will take place at 2 p.m. on May 28, two days after the entire school is released for the summer.

DNR Struggles To Keep Up As Expired CAFO Permits Pile Up

By Tim Kowols

Approximately one-third of large-scale farms in the state, including six in Kewaunee County, are currently operating with an expired permit. According to an Associated Press report, the number of permits to be considered has piled up, which are up for renewal every five years. Kewaunee County Land and Water Conservation committee member Lee Luft says it is just another sign that the Department of Natural Resources needs help in order to do their jobs effectively.



According to the Associated Press report, DNR spokesperson Jim Dick says the agency recently added four positions to help drop the backlog of inspections further.  Farmers are still allowed to operate with an expired permit, but cannot make any improvements or expansions until their permit is approved.

Donny's Glidden Lodge Leans On View And Experience For Success In "Best Of" Poll

By Tim Kowols

Blessed with a great view when he and his parents took over Donny's Glidden Lodge in 1998, owner Tim Zellner knows the importance of delivering a high-quality experience to his diners inside the restaurant. Along with winning the award for the best view, Donny's Glidden Lodge also captured titles for best fine dining and the most romantic spot in the recent Best of Door County poll. While not much has changed over the years, it does not mean Zellner takes his customers for granted.



Over 12,000 votes were cast in the month-long polling of listeners and readers asking them to name the best businesses in Door County in over 80 categories. Donny's Glidden Lodge joins Stone Harbor Resort and Scaturo's Baking Company and Café as the only businesses to win three or more awards.

Sevastopol Says Hello And Goodbye To Its Superintendents

By Tim Kowols

Staff, students, and community members stopped by Sevastopol School on Thursday to say hello to its new superintendent Kyle Luedtke while saying good-bye once again to administrator Steve Cromell. Luedtke comes to Sevastopol with 24 years of experience in education with stints as a principal, superintendent, and even athletic director along the way. Luedtke believes the opportunity to lead Sevastopol is not just a good move for his career, but for his family.



Sevastopol community members also got to say goodbye to Superintendent Steve Cromell, who came out of retirement to fill the role vacated by former administrator Linda Underwood. Cromell wishes Luedtke the best.


Luedtke will officially take over as the school district's superintendent by July 1.

Egg Harbor Officials Hope Library Construction Resumes Next Week

By Tim Kowols

Village officials in Egg Harbor hope work can resume on its library and community center next week after litigation ground the project to a halt. A group of residents took the village to court recently over the project after stating it broke direct legislation in 2008 forbidding the local government to spend over $1 million on a project without going to referendum. In an effort to keep the project moving after the original contract was voided, Egg Harbor officials transferred the project to a newly formed friends group while the village will act as a project manager and the Door County Community Foundation will finance it. Village administrator Ryan Heise says the concern now is making sure its builder, Boldt Construction, has the employees available to get the project back on track.



During the spring election, Egg Harbor residents approved a new piece of legislation that will force the village to go to a referendum if it wants to spend over $1.5 million on a project. The library and community center still hopes to be completed later this year.


Cherry Blossoms At Full Bloom As Orchard Owners Hope To Avoid A Late Killing Frost

By Paul Schmitt

As visitors travel throughout the Door Peninsula and experience the beauty of white and pink cherry blossoms, orchard owners are keeping an eye on the weather that could impact this year's crop.  Recent thunderstorms did not create damaging hail, but Steve Wood from Wood Orchards in Egg Harbor and Sturgeon Bay says a late season frost can cause more extensive damage.



Wood says this weekend should provide the peak for cherry blossoms.  Door County, which has about 25,000 acres of cherry orchards, experienced a late killing frost last year that saw a 21 percent drop in tart cherry production, according to cherry producers.

Baileys Harbor Scottie Rally "Parade of Scots" And "Blessing Of The Fleet" This Weekend

By Paul Schmitt

Baileys Harbor will be bustling with activity on and off land this weekend.  Saturday will see the 17th annual Door County Scottie Rally "Parade of Scots" marching downtown at 11:30 a.m. followed by the 2nd annual Blessing of the Fleet in the harbor at Noon.   The parade of Scots is part of the Scottie Rally that will include 135 Scottish Terriers from sixteen different states and a few Aussies from Australia.  Founder and President Michele Geiger-Bronsky shares the tradition of the parade and this year's new theme.



Baileys Harbor Community Coordinator Brynn Swanson says that after the Blessing of the Fleet visitors can tour a variety of boats.



You can find complete details on Baileys Harbor's activities going on this weekend with this story online.

(Photos submitted)



Scaturo's Grows To Become "Best Of" In Three Categories

By Tim Kowols

A decision to leave New Jersey and borrow money from his father-in-law to start a restaurant in Sturgeon Bay over 20 years ago has proved to be an award-winning decision for Rob Scaturo and his family. Scaturo's Baking Company and Café was one of just three businesses to win multiple awards in the recent's Best of Door County poll, capturing titles for best bakery and desserts, catering, and breakfast. Scaturo is proud of the work they have done as the business has evolved from being just a bakery and dinner place.



Scaturo's Baking Company and Café's evolution will continue this summer when it opens a mobile kitchen in its parking lot, which will offer more seating for customers and different menu items. Over 12,000 votes were in the Best of Door County contest, with 80 different awards being presented.

UW-Extension To Host Summer Field Day May 30 In Sturgeon Bay

By Tim Kowols

Pest management will be the focus of UW-Extension Summer Field Day on May 30 in Sturgeon Bay. Five UW-Extension agriculture experts will discuss some of the issues farmers are facing early on in the planting season including herbicide resistant weeds and an increase in pests like the black top worm. With farmers having to make sure every dollar and bushel count, Door County UW-Extension agriculture educator Annie Deutsch says this will be a great update for farmers as planting continues.



The Summer Field Day presentation, which will cover insects, weeds, diseases, and alfalfa, will take place at Olson Family Farms beginning at 1 p.m. The event is free but registration with the UW-Extension office is required.

Postivity Continues To Grow In Luxemburg-Casco School District

By Tim Kowols

Luxemburg-Casco School District residents are happy with the direction their administration is going after officials updated them on their progress earlier this month. Improvements being made with energy savings dollars, increases in open enrollment and partnerships with local businesses were three of the items highlighted by residents during the school district's latest community conversation presentation. Superintendent Glen Schlender says it is heartwarming to see the positive reactions they are getting from community members.



The community conversation marked a third in a series of presentations over the last three years highlighting where the school district and the residents of Luxemburg and Casco can work together.

City Planner Kernosky Set To Leave For Job In Minnesota

By Tim Kowols

Ryan Kernosky is leaving the city of Sturgeon Bay to become the Community Development Director for the Minnesota city of Isanti. Sturgeon Bay hired Kernosky to become its city planner after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 2015. Kernosky says he enjoyed his time in Sturgeon Bay, but the position in Isanti is an opportunity for him to advance his career and live in a different part of the Midwest.



According to Kernosky, Isanti has been going under major changes in new development with over sixty homes built last year and another sixty-plus homes slated for this year. Mayor Thad Birmingham praised Kernosky during the last Common Council meeting in advance of the city planner's last day on Friday.

Civil Discourse: An Occasional Attempt to Restore Civility to Our Civic Discourse

By Roger Utnehmer

The Door County Maritime Museum is a Sturgeon Bay gem.  The proposed Maritime Tower will make it even better.

The eleven-story tower will open space for more exhibits sharing the maritime history of Door County for generations to come.  Additional meeting space and an observation deck will be used by many and become an even better reason to visit Sturgeon Bay.

This is a waterfront development that is paid for by donations, not dependent on taxpayer expense, serves a public purpose and will become a significant tourist magnet in the heart of our community.

A major reason for Sturgeon Bay residents to be proud of this proposal is that it will be a valued resource for local residents as well as a welcome educational experience for visitors.

The tower, close to the iconic Michigan Street Bridge, will become a pair of visual images for which Sturgeon Bay will be known for generations into the future.

The current facility in Sturgeon Bay is one of the community's most valuable resources.  The museum excels at educating about the maritime history and preserving the memory of Sturgeon Bay's rich water-related heritage.

The Maritime Tower will fuel the future with an exciting and educational experience worth supporting with a visit, a donation and a word of encouragement to those responsible for its development.

The west side of Sturgeon Bay needs something positive, educational, economically stimulating and taxpayer-free and this project is just that.

That's my opinion.  I'd like to hear yours.

Council Member Challenges Sexism in City Hall

By Roger Utnehmer

Sturgeon Bay City Council Member Kelly Catarozoli is fed up with what she calls "sexism" in the appointments of Mayor Thad Birmingham.

Catarozoli challenged Birmingham's appointments to an ad hoc committee to study street financing at Tuesday's meeting of the council saying of seven people named to the study group only one was a woman.

In an interview with she said Birmingham's "good old boy" appointments are a pattern she's getting tired of seeing.

Catarozoli says women in Sturgeon Bay are victims of discrimination when Birmingham continues the male domination of committees and commissions.


She also cited her own experience as a second-term council member. Birmingham has not appointed her to chair a committee while newly-elected council member David Ward has been named a committee chair. She says putting her on the library committee reeks of sexism.
Catarozoli says a more inclusive representation of women in mayoral appointments will make for a better community.
Birmingham, she says, does not return her phone calls or respond to her emails in which she recommends interested and qualified women for positions on city committees and commissions.


Mayor Birmingham was asked what he thought about Catarozoli's accusation of sexism on his appointments and said,  "She doesn't know what she is talking about, that's it."

City Plan Commission Renews Conceptual Plan For Door County Maritime Museum's Tower

By Paul Schmitt

The Sturgeon Bay City Plan Commission unanimously approved to combine the Conceptual Plan Unit Development for the Door County Maritime Museum's future plans for expansion including an 110-foot observation tower.  The Door County Maritime Museum needed to reapply after three renewals were given to the proposal over the last six years.  During public comments that lasted over thirty minutes,  resident Hans Christian expressed concerned about the feasibility of a $4 million tower.



Door County Maritime Museum Executive Director Amy Paul says the tower will offer a view that can become a national attraction as well as an educational opportunity.



No action was taken by the City Plan Commission and Door County Maritime Museum final PUD for the tower will need to get approval by the Design & Aesthetics Committee before final approval by the Sturgeon Bay Common Council in the future, according to Chair Rick Wiesner.



Mail Carriers Collect Over 26,000 Pounds Of Food With "Stamp Out Hunger" Program In Door County

By Paul Schmitt

The 2017 Stamp Out Hunger food drive held this past weekend was a huge success again this year.  The 25th annual collection of food for area pantries by the United States Postal Service mail carriers saw over 26,000 pounds of non-perishable goods collected in Door County alone.  Darrell LeCloux, National Association of Letter Carriers Local Food Drive Coordinator, says the food panties notice the impact.



Over the past 22 years, Door County Mail Carriers have collected about 13 tons of food each year to help stock the shelves at Door County food pantries.

Annual Kids Day At Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament Saturday

By Paul Schmitt

Young children can learn the ropes about fishing this Saturday while having some fun and games.  The annual Kids Day is Saturday during the Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament this weekend.  Organizer JJ Malvitz says the opportunities for the youngsters keep expanding with the event.



Kids Day will be run from 10 AM until 1 pm on Saturday as part of the 27th Annual Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament.  The event will be held on the grounds of Wave Pointe Marina & Resort in Little Sturgeon.

Green Bay Prison Relocation To Kewaunee County Discussed At Public Hearing In Madison

By Paul Schmitt

A public hearing was held Tuesday afternoon at the state capitol to address the bill that would call for building a new Green Bay Correctional Institution facility in or around Brown County.  The Assembly Corrections Committee met and discussed the proposal that was authored by Rep. David Steffen of Howard.  1ST District Representative Joel Kithchens who attended the hearing explains why a relocation, especially to Kewaunee County would make sense.



Kewaunee County Board Chair Bob Weidner says he is hopeful that the prison could offset two recent economic losses suffered by the community.



Weidner says Kewaunee County will be sending out a questionnaire poll to residents for feedback on the potential relocation of the Green Bay Correctional Institution later this summer.

Sturgeon Bay Police Officer Retires With Honors

By Roger Utnehmer

Sturgeon Bay police officer Greg Zager was honored at Tuesday's meeting of the Sturgeon Bay City Council.  Zager joined the department in 2004.  His law enforcement career started in Wood County and continued with service in Maple Bluff and Sun Prairie before moving to Sturgeon Bay.

Chief Arleigh Porter presented Zager with a shadow box of badges representing his various levels of service while at a member of the Sturgeon Bay police department.  Porter also thanked Zager's wife, Shelly.

An Outstanding Service Award from Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel was also presented to Zager.

Zager (R) and wife Shelly (Center)  receiving shadow box from Chief Porter (L)


Downtown Continuing To Develop Towards Brighter Future In Sister Bay

By Tim Kowols

Sister Bay continues to bustle with new development, even as it heads into the busy tourism season. Assisted living center Good Samaritan-Scandia Village and retailer Spot have applied for new development agreements while two offers for one of the growing Sister Bay Marketplace parcels are being considered by the village board. Village administrator Zeke Jackson says there is a lot of excitement with other developments around Sister Bay as well, but especially at the Marketplace site.



Jackson says a lot of enthusiasm is also building for the opening of the Sister Bay Disc Golf course, which was privately funded by Door Disc Golf Club and features nine holes at its sports complex.

City Sexism and Ethics Fuel Discussion at Sturgeon Bay City Council

By Roger Utnehmer

Sexism and ethics were topics generating discussion at Tuesday's meeting of the Sturgeon Bay City Council.


First District Council Member Kelly Catarozoli challenged Mayor Thad Birmingham's appointments to an ad hoc committee to study street funding because of seven members appointed, only one is a woman.  Catarozoli told the council the mayor's appointments are offensive.



Birmingham responded by saying he asked women to serve and they declined.



Council member Laurel Hauser suggested the city adopt an ethics policy, a proposal that drew derision from at least two alderpersons.


Ron Vandertie said that he cannot believe there could be a conflict of interest serving on the city council.



Stuart Fett also opposed an ethics policy.



Barbara Allman supported the suggestion, citing a previous council member who was charged with an ethics violation.  Former City Council Member Cap Wulf resigned from the council and pleaded no contest to a charge stemming from work his company, Wulf Brothers, did on a local construction project.  Wulf, while a council member, was charged with using his position of public trust for personal gain.


Hauser's suggestion was referred to the committee for further consideration.


The council ended the public meeting by going into closed session to consider the development agreement with Robert Papke for a west-side waterfront hotel project.



Here is the full exchange between Mayor Birmingham and Councilmember Catarozoli about committee member assignments


Community Fab Lab Nights A Great Success For Algoma Wolf Tech

By Tim Kowols

Community Fab Lab Nights are giving Algoma residents and even those from neighboring counties an opportunity to learn a new skill and interact with the school's students. Multiple times a month, the Algoma Wolf Tech Lab opens its doors to those interested in making something with their hands as Algoma technical education students teach. In recent months, technical education teacher Matt Abel has had to turn away people from the program, which has featured workshops making everything from silverware flower art to collapsible wine tables. Abel says the feedback has been great from members of the public and students alike.



Algoma Wolf Tech will continue to host Community Fab Lab Nights throughout the summer, including an open house June 2 and 3.

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Peninsula Pride Farms Members Taking Part In Two Studies

By Tim Kowols

Eleven members of the Peninsula Pride Farms group will participate in a pair of studies focusing on soil and water quality in the region. The state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection will set up the Door-Kewaunee Watershed Demonstration Farm Network with four PPF members participating in looking over different conservation practices suitable for the area's karst geography. Seven members will take part in the University of Wisconsin's Discovery Farms study focusing on tile drainage and soil health. With a goal of continuous improvement, PPF President Don Niles says the two studies will provide their members and other farmers with great information.



Both projects expect to take approximately three years to collect all of the data. Up to 20 field days are currently being planned for the Door-Kewaunee Watershed Demonstration Farm Network to showcase the practices being used to reduce erosion and nonpoint source pollution.

Door County Schools Receive 500 Emergency Kits

By Tim Kowols

Door County School Districts are more prepared for active shooter and hostile events thanks to the donation of 500 emergency kits. Door County Emergency Services and Prevea Health, which works with Hospital Sisters Health System facilities like Door County Medical Center, teamed together to make sure every occupied classroom, administrative office, and school bus were equipped with the materials needed to stop blood loss. Deputy Director of Door County Emergency Services Aaron LeClair says this is part an effort that has been going on for over three years to keep schools and other public spaces prepared.



Sturgeon Bay School District Superintendent Dan Tjernagel says the kits will fill a void missing from their emergency response plans.



Door County Emergency Services has trained nearly 300 staff members in Door County to use tourniquets and pressure bandages in the case of an active shooter or hostile event.

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City Plan Commission To Consider Accessory Dwelling Zoning Amendments

By Tim Kowols

The city of Sturgeon Bay is taking a step towards addressing its housing shortage Wednesday when its plan commission discusses new amendments on its accessory dwelling zoning ordinance. Currently, the city does not permit the commonly known "granny flats" or "mother-in-law suites" without going through the planned unit development (PUD) zoning code. The new changes will allow property owners to apply for conditional use permits for accessory dwellings while still being subject to public hearings. City Planner Ryan Kernosky says the community has been mostly supportive of the proposed changes.



Kernosky says the goal is to address long-term rental needs and for the accessory dwelling to not match or exceed the size of the current building on the site. Other agenda items for the city plan commission meeting beginning at 6 p.m. Wednesday include presentations and public hearings for conditional use requests by Whitetails Unlimited and Doneff Land Company and a conceptual PUD for the Door County Maritime Museum's tower project.

Island Businesses Excited As Ferry Traffic Grows For Summer Season

By Tim Kowols

The increase in ferry traffic has residents on Washington Island excited for the upcoming tourist season.  Late last month, the Washington Island Ferry increased its round-trips from six to eleven in advance of the line's start of its Cherry Train tours and rides to Rock Island. Ferry President Hoyt Purinton says Washington Island businesses are preparing for what hopes to be another successful summer.


The Washington Island Ferry schedule will add another 11 roundtrips to its schedule beginning June 23 before goes back to its current levels after Labor Day. Rock Island ferries begin May 26 with four round trips daily before expanding to up to eight June 23.


Supreme Court's Lack Of Action Potentially Starts Ripple Effect Of Country's Voter ID Laws

By Tim Kowols

The United States Supreme Court declined an opportunity to weigh in on a ruling rescinding North Carolina's voter identification laws on Monday, putting Wisconsin's own rules potentially on notice. By rejecting the hearing, five parts of North Carolina's voter identification law will be removed because the United States Court of Appeals in Virginia ruled it unfairly targeted African-Americans according to the New York Times. Jay Heck from Common Cause Wisconsin says the state's current laws are less restrictive than North Carolina's, but believes Monday's decision could lead to another attempt to change the current process.


Opponents of the current voter ID law like liberal super PAC Priorities USA say it prevented over 200,000 people in the state from voting according to the Associated Press, while proponents believe the measures are needed to prevent voter fraud.

Separating Money From Emotions

By Tim Kowols

Financial decisions among family members are almost never just about the money side of the discussion. According to the American Psychological Association, 36 percent of Americans are uncomfortable when it comes to discussing money, with another 18 percent saying it is a taboo subject. Gay Pustaver from Money Management Counselors says the emotional side of money often brings up a lot of problems, but it is important to have the conversation.



Pustaver says it is also important to recognize your values when it comes to helping people or an organization out so you do not hurt yourself while supporting someone else. You can listen to the entire Money Management Monday interview with Gay Pustaver online with this story.


New Owners Look To Build On Culver's Success In Sturgeon Bay

By Tim Kowols

The new owners of Culver's in Sturgeon Bay are hoping to build on the success of its former operators after it was selected as's Best of Door County in the fast food category. Austin Hildebrand and Caprinia Abt have joined forces to run the restaurant after long histories in the industry. Hildebrand entered the Culver's Mentorship Program last year after working in restaurants since he was 15 while Abt and her husband own a franchise in Galena, Illinois. Abt sees similarities between the two locations.



Hildebrand hopes to continue the Sturgeon Bay location's commitment to community and even try to expand on it through its Share Night Program.



Over 6700 nominations and 12,500 votes were cast over a two-month time period to name businesses the "Best of Door County" in 80-plus categories.

Kewaunee School District Begins Phase Two Of Facilities Overhaul

By Tim Kowols

Monday morning marked the beginning of Phase 2 construction work at Kewaunee School District buildings. Complete renovations of the high school's theatre, science classrooms, and technical education areas highlight the second half of the district's $15.2 million overhaul of facilities. Building from the community support for its projects starting with the approval of Kewaunee School District's referendum in 2015, Superintendent Karen Treml is excited for what students and staff members will be able to experience this fall.



Other Phase 2 enhancements scheduled to be completed by the fall include a new roof, improvements to its heating and cooling systems, and additional physical education and green space on the site of the former Hillcrest School.

Northern Door Children Center Students Learning Spanish Alongside English

By Tim Kowols

As dual-language programs grow nationwide, the Northern Door Children's Center is wasting no time introducing their students to a different language. Kids as young as three years old are beginning to learn Spanish at the Sister Bay-based child care facility within its pre-scholar program. For the last seven years, Karen Corekin from the Northern Door Children's Center says teachers and native speakers like Lillianna Orozco have helped prepare students for when they head to Gibraltar Schools where Spanish coursework begins in Kindergarten.



According to, 13 schools statewide have dual language programs where Spanish-speaking children can ease into English while the other students can learn a different language beginning as young as pre-school.

Sturgeon Bay Common Council Meeting Tuesday To Address Development Contract For Hotel

By Paul Schmitt

The Sturgeon Bay City Council will meet on Tuesday to discuss among other agenda items the Development Contract for the Lingren Hotel Project that remains unsettled.  That discussion will be held in closed session as well as the conferring about legal counsel with respects to the litigation the city is in with the Friends of the Sturgeon Bay Public Waterfront.  Laurel Hauser and David Ward were approved at the last council meeting to negotiate on behalf of the city.  A brief meeting was held last week to set up logistics of future meeting times with the Friends Group, according to Hauser.   In open session, the common council will discuss the creation of a comprehensive ethics policy for the City of Sturgeon Bay that is a referral from the Community Protection & Services Committee.  The Sturgeon Bay Common Council meeting will begin at noon on Tuesday in Council Chambers at City Hall.

National Police Week Is Celebrated As Recruitment Efforts Continue

By Paul Schmitt

This week is National Police Week as law enforcement officers will be saluted and recognized for their service to the community.  Kewaunee County Sheriff Matt Joski says despite the many responsibilities that come along with the job, his staff has remained relatively consistent within the department.



Joski says recruitment remains a challenge with enrollments for police science programs at technical colleges and four-year universities still down.  National Peace Officers Memorial Day is today while National Police Week runs through Sunday, May 21.

Hans Feld Shares History Of Deer Camps In His Third Book

By Paul Schmitt

Door County author Hans Feld has just published his third book.  "That's The Way It Yoosta Was" is a paperback book featuring stories about a handful of deer camps in Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.  Feld, 83 years young, reminisces about his Jarchow Camp in Matchwood, Michigan over four generations and the past 78 years.  He says his love for hunting and camaraderie inspired him to write this book which differs slightly from his other two books.



Feld's early books were "My Compass Points North" and "A Return to the North".  The new book "That's The Way It Yoosta Was" includes dozens of classic photos with some dating back nearly 100 years ago.  You can find  Hans Feld's contact information below to purchase the book that is available for $14.95.

Hans Feld 920-746-4417


Hans Feld Book Thats The Way IT Yousta Was

Bikepacking Becoming More Popular To Experiencing Outdoors

By Tim Kowols

Bikepacking is becoming one of the newer ways people are exploring the outdoors. Similar to backpacking, campers only pack the basics before strapping their gear to their bikes before exploring the trails of the backcountry. Bicycles have become an important part of the camping experience at Newport State Park according to naturalist Beth Bartoli, who says campers often have to carry their gear over a mile to get to their sites. suggests interested riders make sure your bikes are comfortable and equipped to not only handle the miles but also the extra weight.

Kewaunee County's Winter Park Adding More Holes To Disc Golf Course

By Paul Schmitt

Kewaunee County is making good use of Winter Park during the summer months.  The park offers a 27-hole disc golf course that is looking to expanded it even more.  Kewaunee County Tourism Coordinator and Public Information Officer Jennifer Schneider says the disc golf course is rated as one of the top ten courses in the state.



Schneider says the disc golf course offers a scenic recreational opportunity for both visitors and residents for only a $5 daily fee.  Winter Park in Kewaunee County is also currently working on a Magic Carpet to replace the tow rope for the tubing hill this summer.

(photo contributed)

Gardeners Venturing Outside To Prepare For Season

By Tim Kowols

Nicer weather is bringing gardeners outside to prepare for a hopeful fruitful harvest. According to the Farmer's Almanac, gardeners should be beginning to plant the first vegetables of the season outside or transferring some plants in need of a head start inside. Jessica Markham from Anchor's Away Garden and Gifts says working the ground first is important.



Markham says overnight frosts should be a thing of the past but advises gardners to keep a close eye on the weather to make sure you do not have to cover or bring in plants to protect them.

Michigan Street Bridge Closing For Three Days Starting On Monday

By Paul Schmitt

The Michigan Street Bridge in Sturgeon Bay will be closed during the day to traffic for a few days starting tomorrow.  According to a Wisconsin Department of Transportation release, the bridge will be closed for washing, inspection, and touch-up painting from Monday through Wednesday.  The Michigan Street Bridge will be fully closed from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m.  each day.  Drivers are advised to use the Maple to Oregon Bridge during the bridge closure.

New Veterinary Hospital Opening In Sturgeon Bay This Week

By Paul Schmitt

The new Door County Veterinary Hospital in Sturgeon Bay will be opening this weeek.  Dr. Jordan Koblica and his wife Dr. Jennifer Kerley decided to open the facility to offer services in Door County as well as the Luxemburg Pet Clinic in Kewaunee County.  Dr. Jordan says the convenience for all of their customers was the major reason behind the new building.



The new 4,000 square-foot building is located on Old Highway Road just west of Highway 42-57 on Sturgeon Bay's north entrance.   Dr. Jordan says the Door County Veterinary Hospital will have state-of-the-art equipment including digital x-ray, digital dental and ultra-sound machines along with more examination rooms.  The facility should be open this Wednesday, according to Koblicka. A grand opening is being planned for later this year.

Family Living Tent at Farm Technology Days Offers Educational Opportunities for Event Attendees


Farm Technology Days at Ebert Enterprises is July 11th-13th.   The huge 180' x120' Family Living Tent is hoping to draw a large crowd.  The Family Living Tent covers non-stop stage entertainment, craft vendors and educational booths.

The educational booths will display more than 20 informational topics including:

We will have arts and crafts on display, historical artifacts,

and professionals will share their expertise in health and safety for farm families and all families.

I'm Renee Koenig, Family Living Educator at the Kewaunee County UW-Extension office and I'm looking forward to seeing you in July at the Wisconsin Farm Technology Days show.


Artisan Center

What's your hobby?  The Kewaunee Artisan Center offers classes on quilting, painting, crocheting, baking and more.  Come and see the beautiful wall quilt on display and other class projects.


Bird City Algoma

Tweet!  Algoma is a "Bird City Wisconsin" because it is a great destination throughout the year for both birds and birders.  For tips on how you can create or improve bird habitat, come visit the display.


Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection

Don't get scammed! The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection is the state's primary consumer protection agency.  Stop by the booth to ask questions and learn tips to protect yourself against common consumer complaints including telemarketing, identity theft, grandparent scams and more.


Food Wise

Do you make healthy food choices?  FoodWIse is a program of the University of Wisconsin-Extension and provides education for healthier eating and healthier lives.


Hands Only CPR

Save a life!  The Algoma High School students will be teaching the lifesaving technique of Hands Only CPR.  It takes only a few minutes to learn to save a life.


Health Literacy

The doctor called, "Operation!"  Improve your health literacy and learn to operate as a patient at this fun display brought by UW-Extension.


Historical Society

History in the making... at Farm Technology Days!  Share your love of history and stop to view the large display of farming artifacts, photos and collections from years past.


Home and Community Education

Book it to the HCE booth and get a handmade bookmark. The Kewaunee County Association for Home and Community Education (HCE) provides educational opportunities for all ages.  Come and learn more about the impact of HCE in 52 counties.


Library Friends

Need WiFi? Internet and computer access is free at the library. The Algoma Library Friends support library programs for children and adults.  Come and learn about what the library has to offer to you and your family!





Living Healthy

Stay young and stay strong!  The UW-Extension Family Living programs offer strength training and balance exercises for women and men of all ages.  Come and test your strength!



Outstanding Young Farmer

Wanted:  Farmers between the ages of 21 and 40.  The Outstanding Young Farmer Program began in 1954.  Come and see a showcase of winners of this award over the past 60 years.


Parenting Programs

Kids: are you ready to stay home alone?  Parents: are you ready?  The Home Alone safety program was developed by UW-Extension to help families make tough decisions.  View the online videos and enter to win a prize!


Poison Center

Yuk! Protect your family from poisons in household products, medications, carbon monoxide and farm exposures such as silo gas and manure pits.  Remember to pick up some Mr. Yuk stickers when you visit the Wisconsin Poison Center booth!


Prevea Health

Spin to win on the Wellness Wheel game!  Prevea Health has resources for your health and for your happiness.  Come and play!


Public Health Department

Check your ABCs for health.  The Kewaunee County Public Health Department is a source of vast health information and services.  From Animal threats to influenZa, they have it covered from A-Z.


Share and Be Aware – on Wisconsin Roads

Join us in making Wisconsin's roads safer.  Share & Be Aware is a partnership between the Wisconsin Bike Fed and the DOT.  Spin the wheel for some quick tips on safe walking, biking and driving.


Special Olympics

Calling all sports fans!  The Kewaunee County Special Olympics is proud to introduce you to their star athletes.  Meet the players and hear about their heartwarming organization.


Veteran Services

Serving those who served.  Meet Jane, the Kewaunee County Veteran Service Officer. She will share and explain veteran benefits.


Violence Intervention Project

It happens everywhere... even in small towns.  Breaking the silence, the Violence Intervention Project informs the public about the prevalence of domestic violence, sexual assault, and harassment in the workplace. Come to get enlightened of the facts and resources available.


Visit Kewaunee County

You are invited to experience "The Good Life on a Great Lake" in Kewaunee County.  Come and get tourism maps, visitor guides and brochures.  Find things to see and do in Kewaunee County.


Admission tickets are $8, under age 12 is free.

Contact Renee Koenig, for more information about the Family Living Tent at the Farm Technology Days.

Preparation An Important Factor In Kayak Safety On The Water

By Paul Schmitt

With the drowning of two kayakers off Cave Point recently and National Boating Safety Awareness Week coming up soon, Kayak Fishing Professional  Bill Schultz shares important safety tips for those venturing out on the waters in and around Door County.  Schultz shares the important items to take along before launching his kayak offshore including a personal floatation device (PFP).



Schultz says carrying your cellphone inside a plastic bag to protect from water and letting someone else know where and when you plan to kayak are two other things to remember before heading out on the water in your kayak.  Schultz will once again have a weekly series all summer long on Kayaking and Kayak fishing starting on Memorial Day weekend.

Toursim Dollars Mean More Opportunities For Small Business Workers In Door County

By Tim Kowols

Increased tourism in Door County is more than just dollars and cents for the area.  Along with 4.5 percent climb in tourism dollars spent and a 4.35 percent rise in overall economic impact, the industry also supported a total of 3,178 jobs in Door County, an increase of just over 2 percent. That accounts for $75.1 million that was generated as a result of tourism spending. Jon Jarosh from Door County Visitor Bureau says many of these jobs come from small businesses.



The Door County Visitor Bureau is celebrating National Travel and Tourism Week by releasing its Power of Tourism report to all county residents and honoring Faye Blank as its Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) of the year.

Washington Island Take Spring Voyage To Sustainable Living

By Tim Kowols

Washington Island School students completed their spring voyage Wednesday with an open house showcasing their projects. Every grade participated in the experiential learning project with each doing something different on the central theme of sustainable living. Washington Island Superintendent Mati Palm-Leis was impressed with projects like the middle school children making their compost for specific plants, but even happier about the response from students and community members alike.

Washington Island School worked with local businesses and organizations to work on the spring voyage. The school district does the experiential learning projects every spring and fall.

Door County Visitors Bureau Salutes "Ambassador Of The Year" And Scholarship Winners

By Paul Schmitt

The Door County Visitor Bureau named Faye Blank as the 2017 Certified Tourism Ambassador of the year earlier this week.  Blank, who works at High Point Inn in Ephraim, was honored at the DCVB's National Travel & Tourism Week breakfast on Wednesday.  The award is given annually to an individual that exemplifies excellence in hospitality and customer service.  Blank says she was humbled and surprised by the recognition she received.



Blank became the seventh recipient of the award since it was first started in 2011.  Wednesday's program also saw two area high school students receive the DCVB's Carole Counard Scholarship.  The $1,000 scholarships were awarded to Hanna Mallien from Southern Door High School and Lucas Stenzel from Sevastopol High School.

Door County YMCA Hosting 8th Annual "Father-Daughter Ball" This Saturday

By Paul Schmitt

Young girls and their fathers will be dressing up and celebrating a special night this weekend.  The 8th annual Door County YMCA Father-Daughter Ball is this Saturday night.   YMCA CEO and President Tom Beerntsen says the evening has become a big tradition over the years.



Beerntsen says all community members are welcome and should pre-register for the "Father-Daughter Ball" which will be held from 6:30 until 8:30 p.m. at the Sturgeon Bay YMCA location.  For details on this event go to this story online.

Cherry Blossoms Blooming As Orchard Farmers Deal With Late Spring Frost

By Paul Schmitt

Area cherry orchards owners are looking forward to a great crop this year as cherry blossoms emerge on the trees the next week or two.  Steve Wood of Wood Orchards in Egg Harbor says the cherry tree varieties are on a different schedule in the spring.



Wood says a recent frost might have caused some damage, but he is confident that there will be a good crop this summer in late July and early August.

Surrendering A Pet Should Be In The Best Interest Of The Animal

By Tim Kowols

Adopting a pet could be a hard decision in itself, let alone making sure you pick the right one for your particular situation. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals's National Rehoming Survey, 47 percent of rehomed dogs and 42 percent of rehomed cats often have to find new owners because of problematic behaviors, growing too large, and health problems that could not be handled. April Delfosse from the Door County Humane Society says it is a hard decision, but you have to do what is right for the animal.



The Door County Humane Society handles approximately 700 pets every year as they try to find them new homes. As of Thursday morning, the Door County Humane Society sat in second place in the month-long Michelson Saving Pets Challenge with over $46,000 raised.

Annual Ahnappe River Watershed Clean Up This Saturday Will Impact More Than Environment

By Paul Schmitt

The Ahnapee River Watershed Alliance is holding the annual river clean up this Saturday.  Anyone is welcome in participating in the effort to keep the Algoma area and the Ahnapee River, specifically clean.  Rob Anderson of the Ahnapee River Watershed Alliance says the project is fun and makes an impact on the environment and the volunteers who help.



The Ahnapee River Watershed Alliance's clean up begins at 8 a.m. this Saturday at Olson Park.  All yellow vests and garbage bags will be provided for the annual cleanup that can draw up to thirty-five volunteers and will end around 10 a.m., according to Anderson.

(photo contributed)

Adopt-A-Soldier Program Sending Care Packages To Troops For Three Big Summer Holidays

By Paul Schmitt

Adopt-A-Soldier of Door and Kewaunee County is gaining unprecedented support as care packages are being sent to 184 area troops serving around the world this summer.  Director Nancy Hutchinson says recent collection efforts have made a big difference.



Hutchinson says the Head Start program children at Sunset School location in Sturgeon Bay made up individually decorated lunch bags that will go in the Labor Day packages.  The "Summer of Support" promotion on WRLU 104.1 FM to raise funds for the cost of shipping care packages kicks off today at Quietwoods RV in Sturgeon Bay from noon until 2 p.m.

Dealing With End-Of-Life Decisions Eased With A Health Care Advance Directives

By Paul Schmitt

End-of-life decisions are difficult enough when a patient is able to make the decisions themselves.   When someone is unable to make those decisions due to an accident or illness, advance health care directives made by a family member can lessen the emotional trauma.  Attorney Bob Ross of Ross Estate Planning in Sturgeon Bay explains the importance of a living will.



Ross uses a tool called "the conversation starter" to get families discussing the "end-of-life" decisions.  Without talking about the topic, he says, turns a hard situation into an impossible one.  A living will goes into effect when you are no longer able to make your own decisions.  The advocate designation or agent assigned can make those decisions based on documents expressing your wishes concerning medical treatment at the end of life.

Algoma's Pathfinder Academy Offers Lessons For Traditional School Settings

By Tim Kowols

Algoma's Pathfinder Academy experienced another successful year as some of its practices may end up in a more traditional school setting. The Pathfinder Academy, which opened its doors last summer, takes students struggling in the traditional classroom setting and places them on a different road to success through more self-directed, interactive means. Superintendent Nick Cochart says he is proud of the program's achievements and sees some of the concepts being introduced at the other schools, even if the Pathfinder Academy itself does not expand.



Cochart believes the Pathfinder Academy will grow organically over the upcoming years as middle and high school students make their way through the program.

Hunt Quartet Visits Door County To Kick Off Midsummer's Music Festival

By Tim Kowols

The Midsummer's Music Festival will get an early start to the season this Friday when it hosts a pair of performances this Friday. The University of Wisconsin's Hunt Quartet will be performing selections by Haydn, Beethoven, Prokofiev as they fill in for Pro Arte, which had one of its musicians get injured recently. Prior to their Friday evening performance, Midsummer's Music Festival Executive Director Russ Warren says the Hunt Quartet will showcase their talents in an assembly at Sevastopol School.



Friday night's concert begins at 7 p.m. at the Sturgeon Bay United Methodist Church.

Door County Community Foundation Releases Final Statement On Growing Older Locally

By Tim Kowols

A community that wants to live, work, and play in an intergenerational way was one of the major themes presented in the final report from the Discuss Door County project. "They Is Us: Voices from a Community Conversation about Growing Older in Door County, Wisconsin" is the culmination of over a year of discussions from around the peninsula focusing on where it currently is and where it can go in the future. Door County Community Foundation President and CEO Bret Bicoy says he has been encouraged by local businesses and organizations wanting to put the report into action



More than 500 full-time and seasonal residents participated in forty-five neighborhood conversation over the course of a year, which culminated in a county-wide assembly last fall, and last Tuesday's community statement release. You can read the full report online with this story or by picking up your own copy at the Door County Community Foundation office in Sturgeon Bay.

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Kewaunee County Board Member Asks Farmers To Respect Land And Water Conservation Department Employees

By Tim Kowols

Kewaunee County Board member and Pagel's Ponderosa Dairy owner John Pagel is calling on his fellow farmers to respect the county employees who are only doing their job when they visit their operations. In a letter to the editor, Pagel cites the many changes made in recent years affecting farmers, including a winter manure spreading ordinance and land use fees. Pagel says the employees from the Land and Water Conservation Department are only doing their jobs and many of the issues stem from an education gap on the rule changes.



Pagel invites farmers to its upcoming Land and Water Conservation committee and Kewaunee County board meetings to get their voices heard, especially after the introduction of ordinances regulating manure haulers and waste irrigation earlier this week. You can read the full letter from Pagel online with this story.

First Responders Graduation Great News For Northern Door Volunteer Fire Departments

By Tim Kowols

Fire departments across the Northern Door County received a boost in recruits recently when 23 students graduated from Emergency Medical Response training. As volunteer fire departments across the country struggle with staffing, the program held in Northern Door County addressed the critical shortage of first responders in the area. The Sister Bay/Liberty Grove Fire Department alone received eight new recruits from the program, which Fire Chief Chris Hecht says he hopes only grows from there.



Hecht hopes the positive experiences from this year's graduating class turns into good word of mouth to help the county's fire departments grow even more over time.

Washington Island Waits For DNR Approval For Waste Spreading On Jorgenson Property

By Tim Kowols

The town of Washington is waiting for its approval from the Department of Natural Resources to use the property for sale on the island for waste spreading. Town residents approved the purchase of land owned by the Jorgenson family at its annual meeting last month despite vocal opposition to the deal, citing financial and environmental concerns. Town chairperson John Rader says the DNR needs to okay the land for waste spreading before the land purchase can become official.



Rader says the land had been previously used for spreading up until 15 years ago. Town officials and the DNR will have a conference call to discuss the field's reapproval for spreading on Monday.

Kewaunee County Looking At New Ordinances To Regulate Waste Irrigation And Hauling

By Paul Schmitt

Kewaunee County has drafted two ordinances on waste irrigation and waste hauler certification.  County Conservationist Davina Bonness and County Administrator Scott Feldt brought the proposals to the Board of Public Health earlier this week.  Bonness says there is no real standard or protocol in the state regarding manure or waste irrigation.  She explains what the ordinance would cover.



Bonness says it is similar to water irrigation systems in the fields but would have drop nozzles that would be no higher than 18 inches from the ground to prevent the waste spray from getting into the air.  The waste hauler certification would give the county a record of who is hauling the waste or manure and making sure they are certified.  The proposed ordinances will go through three committees before being brought to the Kewaunee County Board for final approval.

Drivers Reminded To Use Defensive Driving With More Motorcycles On The Roads

By Paul Schmitt

With more and more motorcycles cruising on the roads in Wisconsin this spring, motorists are being reminded to be alert for the two-wheel vehicles especially at intersections.  Door County Sheriff Steve Delarwelle says all drivers must share the road equally.



Last year, 82 motorcycle riders and passengers died in Wisconsin traffic crashes, according to WisDOT.  Motorcyclists are legally required to have an endorsement on their driver license by passing the motorcycle driving skills test or obtaining a waiver for the skills test by successfully completing the Basic Rider Course 2 for experienced riders.  May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

Kewaunee County Looking To Expand Tourism Even More After A Year Of Growth

By Paul Schmitt

Kewaunee County experienced an increase of $200,000 in visitor spending in 2016.  In a report by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, tourism spending in Kewaunee County rose to $17.6 million last year.   Tourism Coordinator and Public Information Officer Jennifer Schneider says Kewaunee County has just scratched the surface in attracting tourists to the area.



Schnieder says Kewaunee County is in the process of installing new "Welcome to Kewaunee County" signs on the entrances of the three major state highways and recently relaunched a new tourism website.  You can find a link to that website with this story online.

DNR To Provide Drinking Water To Those Affected By Wells Contaminated By Manure

By Paul Schmitt

The Wisconsin DNR is taking action to provide emergency drinking water to residents facing well water contamination from livestock manure.  According to a news release from Midwest Environmental Advocates in Madison, the DNR has agreed to use an existing part of Wisconsin's administrative code- Chapter NR 73- to start providing drinking water to residents who qualify.  Midwest Environmental Advocates Staff Attorney Sarah Geers says a petition of federal action was formally requested back in 2014 under the Safe Drinking Water Act.



The DNR proposal calls for supplying emergency drinking water to those experiencing "brown water events" or had a positive E.coli test when it is determined that the contamination cause was from manure.  The emergency drinking water will be for six months while DNR staff work with the private well owner to find a permanent solution, including the DNR's Well Compensation Program.

Higher Water Levels Improving Habitat For Fish And Recreation Opportunities

By Paul Schmitt

Lake Michigan water levels have been on an upward trend the past few years.  Experiencing a surge of eight inches in the last month, according to the U. S. Corp of Engineers, the shorelines along the Door Peninsula might be shrinking but that is not entirely bad news.  Fishing Guide and the voice of the Door Fishing Report JJ Malvitz says the increase in water levels on the lake and the bay is beneficial to the fish habitat.



Malvitz also says that the water levels tend to increase in the spring and then fluctuate more in the summer months.  He says the higher water levels are also helpful for recreation activities like kayaking on creeks in northern Door County and Mud Lake near Baileys Harbor.  Lake Michigan water levels are expected to increase another three inches in the next month, according to the U.S. Corp of Engineers.


Bilodeau's Home Begins Reality As Door County Habitat For Humanity Breaks Ground

By Tim Kowols

It was an emotional day for Kendra Bilodeau as Door County Habitat for Humanity broke ground on her new home Tuesday afternoon. Members of the Door County Habitat for Humanity Board  and construction crew stood alongside Bilodeau's family members as she and her two kids filled up a bucket where her house will be standing sometime this fall. Bilodeau said seeing the outline of her future home's foundation makes the experience feel real.



Executive Director David Van Dyke said because of the extended application process, the home could be move-in ready as late as the first week of November.


Eagle Tower Committee Considers Options With Goals And Funds In Mind

By Tim Kowols

The Eagle Tower Committee is still weighing its options as it hopes to host a public meeting on the project later this summer.  The committee's goals have been to develop a structure that resembles the old Eagle Tower, accessible to everyone regardless of ability, and have a long lifespan with minimal maintenance and upkeep. Project spokesperson Missy VanLandyut says it has several concepts drawn out based on those goals and the amount of money available for reconstructing the iconic tower.



The Eagle Tower Committee has raised $450,000 of its $750,000 goal for the project.

Wheel Tax Offers Another Solution For Road Funding

By Tim Kowols

As Sturgeon Bay weighs its options for possible road funding solutions, one that has been picking up steam statewide is the wheel tax. The wheel tax is a vehicle registration fee now charged by 21 municipalities and counties statewide, with many being enacted over the last couple years. City of Gillett Mayor William Pecha says its wheel tax was met with opposition, but since you cannot levy special assessments on home owners for sidewalks, curbs, and gutters while charging the additional fee, some residents are experiencing some savings.


Wheel tax money, which is collected by the Department of Transportation before being distributed to the individual communities, can only be used to fund road improvement projects. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a plan by Assembly Republicans would limit municipalities' ability to impose wheel taxes by forcing them to go to referendum.

Allergy Season In Full Gear

By Tim Kowols

Allergy season is in full bloom in northeast Wisconsin as spring weather returns. Many of the issues now are associated with tree pollen, which can be blown for hundreds of miles before causing symptoms like seasonal asthma, itchy or watery eyes, and nasal congestion. Allergist Dr. James Warpinski with the Bellin Allergy Clinic in Sturgeon Bay says it will not take long for symptoms to arrive after you are first exposed, especially as trees begin to pollinate closer to home.


Warpinski recommends those affected by allergies caused by pollen and mold to run their air conditioner to filter the air and change their clothes and even take a shower after being outside.

Farm Technology Days Still Looking To Build On Volunteer Base

By Tim Kowols

With just over two months to go before 45,000 people descend on Algoma this summer, Kewaunee County Farm Technology Days committees are making sure they have enough volunteers to make the event a success. Over 1,100 people have signed up for shifts ranging from parking and concessions to running the tours and displays during the three-day event. Farm Technology Days volunteer coordinator Erin Dahle says the goal to make the event run as smoothly as possible is 1500 people giving their time, so help is still needed.




You can contact Dahle or fill out a form to volunteer at this year's Farm Technology Days, which runs from July 11-13 at Ebert Enterprises.

Weekend's Stamp Out Food Drive Gives Lift To Local Food Pantries

By Tim Kowols

This weekend's Stamp Out for Hunger is a welcome event for food pantries in the area. The National Association of Letter Carriers has collected food from mailboxes and homes for the last 25 years, totaling over one billion pounds nationwide in that span. The items stay local, making Kewaunee County Food Pantry President Ken Marquardt very happy after receiving over 2,200 pounds of food last year.



Last year, Door County mail carriers collected over 25,000 pounds of non-perishable items. You can make your own contribution to the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive this Saturday by leaving items in or by your mailbox by 9 a.m.

Sturgeon Bay Designated Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community

By Tim Kowols

The city of Sturgeon Bay kicked off Bike to School and Bike to Work celebrations early by being named a bronze level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. Since its last recognition as a Bicycle Friendly Community, Egg Harbor Road has added bicycle lanes and sidewalk while future plans for a reconstructed Duluth Avenue will have similar paths for cyclists. City planner Ryan Kernosky says it is a tremendous honor for the city to receive the designation.



Kernosky says one likely area of improvement will be adding more education components to help keep bicycling safe for everyone. The League of American Bicyclists will release its final report for the city with areas of celebration and improvement listed in the coming weeks.

Premier Resort Area Tax Providing Funding Solutions For Some Wisconsin Municipalities

By Tim Kowols

Sturgeon Bay would be just one of seven municipalities in the entire state if it chose to institute a premier resort area tax on retail purchases to address its road maintenance needs. Rhinelander recently joined Stockholm, Eagle River, Bayfield, Wisconsin Dells, and Lake Delton in using the tax, which ranges between 0.5 and 1.25 percent on certain retail sales. For Stockholm, the tax goes to fund public improvement projects in the village of just 66 people but turns into one of the premier shopping destinations in the state during the summer. Village President John Myklehurst says the tax was pushed for by its local merchants' association and has been a great tool to raise extra funds for Stockholm.



Myklehurst says the village collected $10,000 in taxes during its second year of its implementation. According to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, a sponsoring municipality must have at least 40% of its equalized assessment values used by tourism-related retailers in order to enact a premier resort area tax ordinance.

Community Taking Notice Of Success At Area Schools

By Tim Kowols

While athletic achievements often make the news on a regular basis, local students are beginning to be recognized for their academic success as the school year winds down. Sturgeon Bay students Moriah Grahl and Jenna Seiler are among the students being recognized by Green Bay media outlets later this month for their academic achievements as well as their community involvement. Sturgeon Bay School District Superintendent Dan Tjernagel says it is great for everyone involved to be able to share in these achievements.


The end of the school year is coming up for local districts beginning with Southern Door School District on May 26.

Medical Identity Theft A Growing Concern

By Tim Kowols

Medical identity theft is becoming a growing concern as the type of fraud becomes a new way to steal information and money. According to, an estimated one in three health records were compromised in 2016, leading to nearly $30 billion in losses to the healthcare industry and thousands of dollars for consumers trying to fix the issue. Gay Pustaver from Money Management Counselors says one way to protect yourself is to keep a close eye on your Medicare and Social Security cards.



Pustaver says the concerns of having your medical identity stolen include not having coverage when you need it and having changes made to your history. You can listen to the entire Money Management Monday interview with Gay Pustaver below.

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DCEDC Looks To Attract Through Retention

By Tim Kowols

The Door County Economic Development Corporation knows the challenges it faces when it comes to developing a workforce, but believes retention might be the key to attraction. Through programs like NextGen and the Door County Business and Education Partnership, the DCEDC hopes to keep young people local or get them to come home after their post-secondary journey ends. DCEDC Executive Director Caleb Frostman says being able to improve the product while trying to sell prospective employers and employees on Door County is crucial.


Frostman credits NextGen Door County for keeping young professionals engaged and excited to live and work in the area.

New Anchor's Away Garden and Gifts Location Sprouts Up In Time For Gardening Season

By Tim Kowols

Anchors Away Garden and Gifts owner Jessica Markham hopes her new location along Highway 42/57 in Sturgeon Bay will help business blossom as the site continues to grow. After sharing a lot with a nearby gas station last year, Anchors Away Garden and Gifts has expanded with an extra greenhouse and more space for plants to grow and customers to park. Markham hopes the changes she has made will be beneficial to her customers.



The new location, which opened this past weekend, is expected to be open through the end of July.

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Spared In Congressional Bill Good News For Algoma Grant

By Tim Kowols

Environmentalists in the city of Algoma are thankful the United States Congress kept the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative's funding intact during an effort to prevent a government shutdown last week. President Donald Trump's preliminary spending plan proposal slashed over 90 percent of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative's budget, which goes towards clean-up efforts. Cathy Pabich from the Friends of the Crescent Beach says that means the grant the city secured to help improve the site also remains intact for now.


Pabich believes at least two more GLRI grants might be needed to finish some of the restoration work for Crescent Beach.

Chaudoir, Sternard To Be Inducted Into Southern Door High School Hall Of Fame Friday

By Tim Kowols

Southern Door School District will honor two of its own Friday afternoon when it inducts Gary Chaudoir and Tammy Sternard into its Alumni Hall of Fame. A member of the class of 1965, Chaudoir currently owns an artist shop and studio in Sister Bay while volunteering for a number of different community groups and festivals. Superintendent  Patti Vickman says Chaudoir has had an interesting life journey since he left Southern Door.


Sternard, a member from the class of 1988, currently serves as the school board president and a jail lieutenant with the Door County Sheriff's Department. Vickman says Sternard has had a distinguished career as a public servant.



The public is invited to attend the ceremony, which begins at 1:30 p.m. this Friday inside the Southern Door Auditorium.

Early Spring Brings More Ticks

By Tim Kowols

The early spring weather might mean a higher likelihood of you carrying ticks around on your outdoor activities. According to the National Pest Management Association, ticks are expected to be in high numbers this year, many of which that could carry the debilitating Lyme disease. Ticks should not scare you away from outdoor activities like camping or hiking, but Newport State Park Naturalist Beth Bartoli says there are precautions you should take before you start.



Bartoli says if you find a tick on your clothing, a lint roller is a great way to safely remove the bug before it latches to your skin.

Crime Prevention Foundation Latest Example Of Positive Impact Beginning With Conversation

By Tim Kowols

A conversation concerning the return of a K-9 unit to the area marked the beginning of a relationship between the Door County Sheriff's Department and the Door County Community Foundation. It sparked the development of the Door County Crime Prevention Foundation, which has already raised lots of money for the K-9 unit and could spur the development of other law-enforcement initiatives. Door County Community Foundation President and CEO Bret Bicoy says the project is an example of how a conversation can make an impact.



The community foundation hosted dozens of conversations over the last year and will culminate Tuesday evening at Hope United Church of Christ in Sturgeon Bay with the Final Report of Discuss Door County: Growing Older in Door County. The reception begins at 5 p.m. alongside artwork from local artists.

Huge Turnout For Rotary Shipyard Tours in Sturgeon Bay

By Paul Schmitt

Hundreds of people experienced an insider's view of the shipbuilding industry in Sturgeon Bay on Saturday.  The annual Rotary Club Sturgeon Bay Shipyard Tours gave the public the opportunity to see first-hand the operations of the largest shipyard on the great lakes.  Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding and Centerpointe Yacht Services opened their doors along the waterfront.  Lines outside of Bay Ship were so long in the early morning that tour groups were doubled up to 40 people to move people through more quickly.  Rotary Club of Sturgeon Bay co-chair Kevin Mutchler explains the reason for the event.



Free tours were offered by the US Coast Guard cutter Mobile Bay at Graham Park along with the Sturgeon Bay Police Boat.  The working waterfront on the west side was added this year featuring the Door County Maritime Museum,  Selvick Tugs and the John Purves.


Tour Group At Bay Shipbuilding

Dry Dock at Bay Shipbuilding


Fab Shop at Bay Shipbuilding

Fire Departments Tend To Fires In Algoma, Sturgeon Bay

By Tim Kowols

Fire Departments in Kewaunee and Door Counties have been busy over the last 24 hours. Algoma, Southern Door and Kewaunee Fire Departments reported to a home on Stassen Street in Algona after receiving heavy smoke and flames coming from the basement. Fire Chief Tom Ackerman Jr. told that the fire did make its way up to the attic, but thanks to its mutual aid partners it was able to control the fire within about 30 minutes.


A separate blaze at the SkipperBuds Quarterdeck Marina in Sturgeon Bay damaged the exterior of one building. The Sturgeon Bay Fire Department was paged just after 5 a.m. to find a support beam ignited as the fire climbed up the side of the building. Lt. Mike Smith says they were able to put out the fire before it got inside.



In both cases, no injuries were reported and are subject to further investigation.



Dairy Farmers Might Cut Back On Milk Production To Offset Surplus And Low Prices

By Paul Schmitt

With milk prices not maintaining the upward trend that began late last year, area dairy farmers may be looking to cut back on milk production to help the situation.  Jim Wautier of Church Site Farms and a member of the Ag Advisory Board says dairy farmers should not increase milk production during a time of surplus.



Class III Milk was at 15.58 per hundredweight on Friday.  That reflects about a two dollar drop since late January.

Door County Humane Society Facing "Pet Challenge" To Help Find Adoption For Animals

By Paul Schmitt

The Door County Humane Society is in a big challenge in more ways than one.  Besides trying to temporarily care for over 700 animals every year, the Humane Society is in the midst of the national Michelson Found Animals Saving Pets Challenge.  April Delfosse, communications and development coordinator for the Door County Humane Society, says they are competing with other pet groups all across the country for a special grant from the Pets Challenge.



As of Friday, The Door County Humane Society has raised over $18,000 of their $100,000 goal.  The challenge goes until May 31.  Two anonymous donors will match $20,000 when that threshold is met, according to Delfosse.  The Michelson Found Animal Savings Pets Challenge raised nearly $1.3 million for shelter/rescue animals across the country last year with over 600 pet groups participating.  You can find information on the challenge and the seven dogs and 65 cats that are available for adoption at the Humane Society with the link below.

Bonnie Brooke Gardens In Sturgeon Bay Opens With New Owners This Spring

By Paul Schmitt

After searching the state for a greenhouse and nursery to run as a business, Central Wisconsin native Paul Kell found the one he thought was the best in Sturgeon Bay.  Kell is one of the new owners of Bonnie Brooke Gardens previously run by Ben and Bonnie Miller.  A relative newcomer to retail, Kell brings with him experience from the University of Wisconsin Chemistry, Zoology and Agronomy labs.  Kell says Bonnie Brooke Gardens had the facilities, employees, and quality of plants he was looking for and now he is ready to get to work.



The Millers will stay on to help the Kell with the transition which officially starts this weekend with their spring open house.

Community Bank's New Loan Program Revitalizing Small Businesses

By Paul Schmitt

A revitalization loan program started last year by the Bank of Luxemburg is paying dividends for small businesses in Kewaunee County.  The village of Luxemburg utilized the low-interest loans for capital improvements along Main Street.  Bank of Luxemburg President Tim Treml says independent community banks have more flexibility in meeting small businesses' financial needs.



According to researchers at the Harvard Kennedy in 2015, over half of all small business loans derive from community banks.  The Bank of Luxemburg just recently opened their new full-service branch office building in Kewaunee and celebrated a grand opening this past week.

Kewaunee County Holding Special Presentation On Well Contamination Study In June

By Paul Schmitt

A special presentation on a study of the contamination of local water wells in Kewaunee County will be held on June 7.  The two-hour presentation will be held in Luxemburg at the Fairgrounds Exhibition Building and share the findings of a scientific study.  Kewaunee County Conservationist Davina Bonness says there is not one answer to the groundwater problems being faced in the area.



"Presentation on the Well Testing Research Findings: Sources of Fecal Contamination in the Dolomite Aquifer in Northeastern Wisconsin" will feature Mark Borchardt, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, Maureen Muldoon from the Geology Department at U.W.-Oshkosh, and Randy Hunt from the U.S. Geological Survey Wisconsin Water Science Center.  The program will begin at 6 p.m. on June 7 and is open to the public.

Kakuske Enjoying First Month As New Door County Library Director

By Paul Schmitt

The Door County Library has a new director.  Tina Kakuske started her new position on April 3 after moving up from her hometown of Beloit where she worked at the public library.  Kakuske, who has 23 years of experience working in libraries, says she is excited about her new responsibilities.



Kakuske also worked at the Eager Free Public Library in Evansville as an interim director before returning to her hometown to work as an adult services director at the Beloit Public Library.  Kakuske will oversee the Door County Library and its eight branches throughout the county.  She replaces Becca Berger who retired earlier this year as the Door County Library director.

Tourism Numbers In Door County Up For The Eighth Consecutive Year

By Paul Schmitt

Tourism spending in Door County was up $15 million last year.  According to a report released Friday by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, Door County visitors spent an increase of 4.5% over dollars spent in 2015. Director of Communications and PR for the Door County Visitors Bureau Jon Jarosh says they are always optimistic and excited about the upcoming busy tourism season.



Door County ranked seventh among the state's 72 counties in visitor spending.  The Door County Visitors Bureau will be celebrating National Travel and Tourism Week next Wednesday with a Door County Travel and Tourism Breakfast event at Stone Harbor Resort in Sturgeon Bay.  You can find more about the event with online registration with this story online.

County Highway U Project Expected To Be Close To Done By Memorial Day Weekend

By Paul Schmitt

Travelers taking the scenic lake route south of Sturgeon Bay will only have to deal with a detour for a few more weeks.  The resurfacing project on County Trunk U and Clay Banks Road south of Sturgeon Bay is nearly completed.  The work started at the end of March with the installation of culverts at crossroads and should be all but completed by the end of the month, according to Highway Commissioner John Kolodziej.



The marked detour on County Trunk U includes Division Road to South Shiloh Road to Lake Lane.  The current gravel roadway is open during the weekends and motorists should drive slowly and cautiously in the construction area at all times, according to Kolodziej.

Birth & Baby Expo Being Held At Door Count YMCA This Saturday

By Paul Schmitt

The first ever Door & Kewaunee County Birth and Baby Expo will be held at the Door County YMCA in Sturgeon Bay this Saturday from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m.  The free event will feature vendors providing information including pregnancy and baby products, childbirth education, breastfeeding support, and yoga.  Co-organizer Heidi Kratcha says the two-hour expo will benefit moms-to-be.



The event will be kid-friendly with face painting and other activities for children, according to Kratcha.  You can find out more details about the Door County & Kewaunee County Birth and Baby Expo with this story online.

Gibraltar DECA Team Finishes In Top 20 At International Competition

By Paul Schmitt

Gibraltar High School had four seniors compete in the International DECA Career Development Conference in California at the end of April. Over 2,000 teams were in the worldwide competition that saw Gibraltar placing in the top 20 for an entrepreneurship innovation plan with 180 teams competing in Anaheim. The team of Topher Andersen and Nathan Surges earned the medal. The DECA chapter from Gibraltar also gained international recognition for a community service campaign. Marketing and Business Education Teacher Mary Witteborg who serves as an advisor says the success of Gibraltar's DECA program is a group effort.



Gibraltar was perfect at the State DECA Career Development Conference held in Lake Geneva two months ago with seven students achieving 100% earning awards.

(Photo contributed Topher Anderson and Nathan Surges)



Top 20 in Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan

The International DECA Career Development Conference was held in Anaheim, California April 25-29, 2017. Four Gibraltar seniors advanced to the International level of competition last March by competing at the State Conference in Lake Geneva.

The team of Christopher (Topher) Andersen and Nathan Surges earned an ICDC medal and placed in the top 20 in the world with their Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan. After their initial presentation of their online wholesale business venture proposal, they advanced to the finalist competition. Over 2,000 teams participated in this event world-wide, with approximately 180 competing at the International level last week. Placing in the top 20 is an amazing achievement. Andersen is the son of Bill and Heather Andersen, Ephraim. Surges is the son of Jim and Kathy Surges, Fish Creek.

The Gibraltar DECA Chapter also earned International recognition for their Community Service Campaigns. Amber Kelly and Alexis Schnick were the project managers for the GO BO Foundation Homecoming Fundraiser, Halloween Trick or Can Drive and the Jacksonport Thanksgiving Day Parade & Benefit. Kelly is the daughter of Kevin Kelly, Baileys Harbor and Amy Kelly, Sturgeon Bay. Schnick is the daughter of David and Janet Schnick, Egg Harbor.

The trip was sponsored by On Deck Clothing Company, e-tailer, Inc., Hide Side Corner Store, K&H Builders, Ludwigsen & Tischler, Meissner Landscape, Door County Nature Works, Wilki Orthodontics, J. Jeffry Taylor, Main Street Market, Northern Door Communications, Forefront Dermatology, Ecology Sports, Jeffrey & Lauren Greenbury, Bollenbeck Fyfe, S.C., Mert Larsen, Gibraltar Area Schools and the GBAY/DECA School Based Enterprise. Mary Witteborg, Marketing & Business Education, serves as their DECA Adviser.

Miller Art Museum's Salon Of High School Art Announces Award Winners

By Paul Schmitt

The Miller Art Museum released the award winners of the 43rd Annual Salon of Door County High School Art.  A public reception was held last week in front of a packed house of students, parents, relatives and community members.  The public awards presentation saw art teachers from the five high schools present certificates to all the students that participated while Curator of Exhibits and Collections Deborah Rosenthal presented cash awards.  Rosenthal says the area students displayed impressive works of art that the public can still visit and appreciate.



This year's salon featured more than 150 works of art from 111 students from the Door County schools.  The exhibit will remain up until May 30 at the Miller Art Museum located in the Door County Library in Sturgeon Bay.  You can find the names of the students who won awards with this story online with the complete news release.




(Sturgeon Bay, WI) – May 4, 2017 — The Miller Art Museum, Sturgeon Bay, WI, revealed the award winners of the "43rd Annual Salon of Door County High School Art" during a public reception April 24. It was a packed house as students, parents, relatives and community members were present to celebrate the artistic accomplishments of the Peninsula's young artists, enjoy refreshments and see the public awards presentation.


The art teachers – Emily Salm (Gibraltar), Klayton Kindt (Sevastopol), George Ouimette (Southern Door), Nicole Herbst (Sturgeon Bay) and Melanie Enger (Washington Island) -- presented Certificates of Participation to all participating student artists. Curator of Exhibits and Collections Deborah Rosenthal presented cash awards; $100 Awards of Excellence went to Elizabeth Charney (Gibraltar, grade 11), Lamyra Adams (Sevastopol, grade 11); Austin Claflin (Southern Door, grade 12); Joseph Doucette (Sturgeon Bay, grade 11); and Finn Hagen (Washington Is, grade 11). Honorable Mention Awards of $50 each were presented to Kathleen Jackson (Gibraltar, grade 11); Jada Lauscher(Sevastopol, grade 11); Emma Jeanquart (Southern Door, grade 11); Liam Ostrand (Sturgeon Bay, grade 11); and Korrina Ervin (Washington Is, grade 11). Students received the monetary awards, given for overall performance in art class, which were made possible by exhibit sponsors John and Kathy Campbell, Dennis and Bonnie Connolly, Miriam Erickson, the Jacksonport Women's Club, Dave and Lois Murphy, Carl and Ruth Scholz, Michael and Barbara Sweeney, and Hermke and Elke Timm.


"There is incredible value for both students and our community in hosting an event like the Salon, said Elizabeth Meissner-Gigstead, MAM executive director. Mr. Miller, museum founder and brainchild of the event, would be honored to know that this show continues to be one of the most popular and well-attended exhibits each year. Last Monday's event culminated nearly a year's worth of hard work from art departments across the Peninsula and we couldn't be more thrilled to have recognized these students at such an awesome event. There was such great energy in the galleries." 


In addition, Gigstead had the pleasure of acknowledging the Door County Art League (DCAL) and the organization's involvement with the Salon over the course of the past 10 years. In light of DCAL's dissolution earlier this year, she gifted checks in the amount $100 to each art teacher to be used towards the purchase of art supplies for the classroom. The Miller Art Museum was the recipient of a portion of the DCAL's assets, which will provide continued funding for the Salon for the foreseeable future. DCAL was a coalition of artists and art lovers committed to promoting the creative arts in Door County, and to supporting each other through mentoring, exhibitions, workshops, and fellowship.

This year's salon features more than 150 works of art from 111 students from the 5 high schools in Door County.  The exhibit will be on view at the Miller through Tuesday, May 30.  Admission is free and the facility is fully accessible.


The Miller Art Museum, located in the Door County Library, 107 South 4th Avenue, Sturgeon Bay, is open Mondays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Tuesday through Saturday from10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The museum is closed Sundays. Please call 920.746.0707 for more information, or visit on Facebook:

About the Miller Art Museum

The Miller Art Museum is a multifaceted nonprofit organization showcasing an array of visual art through ever-changing thematic, invitational and juried exhibits and houses a stunning permanent collection of Wisconsin art. The museum's rich legacy of serving the community was launched in 1975 and continues through its mission to foster and inspire the creative life of the community and to be a catalyst for enrichment through cultural, art appreciation, and educational programming for people of all ages.




1.     Award winners from the "43rd Annual Salon of Door County High School Art." Pictured from left to right: Lamyra Adams (Sevastopol, Award of Excellence), Joey Doucette (Sturgeon Bay, Award of Excellence), Emma Jeanquart (Southern Door, Honorable Mention), Kathleen Jackson (Gibraltar, Honorable Mention), Elizabeth Charney (Gibraltar, Award of Excellence), and Liam Ostrand (Sturgeon Bay, Honorable Mention). Not pictured are Jada Lauscher, Austin Claflin, Finn Hagen and Korrina Ervin. Miller Art Museum photograph by R. Michael Nitsch.

Ridges Sanctuary Offering Program On Amphibians And Reptiles Up Close and Personal

By Paul Schmitt

The Ridges Sanctuary in Baileys Harbor is hosting a special educational presentation and a "show and tell" of reptiles and amphibians this Saturday.  The Madison Area Herpetological Society will present a program that will include Wisconsin's two venomous snakes.   Ridges Sanctuary Executive Director Steve Leonard says the public will be in for an informative hour.



Wisconsin's Reptiles and Amphibians presentation will be held at the Cook-Albert Fuller Center beginning at 11 a.m. tomorrow.  Later in the day at 7:30 p.m., the Ridges Sanctuary will have a short presentation called "Who Croaks There" which will talk about frog species found in Door County and a hike to listen for frogs in the sanctuary.  You can find more information about these and other programs at The Ridges go to this link:  




Wisconsin's Reptiles and Amphibians

Saturday, May 6th 11:00am-12:00pm

Join us for an exciting and educational presentation by the Madison Area Herpetological Society, covering many of the commonly seen/encountered reptile and amphibian species, as well as Wisconsin's two venomous snakes, and those of greatest interest. Afterwards there will be an opportunity for a Q&A and a show and tell with some amazing critters!

Fee: $10 Members • $13 Public • $5 Under 18

Location: Cook-Albert Fuller Center


Who Croaks There?

Saturday, May 6th 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Join us as we listen for the quacks, trills, peeps, and snores of the frog species that live here in Door County. After a short presentation to learn about the frogs and their sounds, we'll take a hike to listen for the frogs. Suitable for ages 5 & up. Limit: 20 people

Fee: $10 Members • $13 Public • $5 Under 18

Location: Cook-Albert Fuller Center


Discovery Bird Hikes

Saturdays May 6, 13 & 20 at 6:30 am

Join fellow birding enthusiasts for a morning excursion into the woods, fields and shoreline around Baileys Harbor. All members of our group collaborate to identify the birds we see. Both beginners and experienced birders welcome! Bring binoculars if desired.

Fee: Free for Members • $5 Public

Location: Meet at the Ridges Cabins, 8288 Cty Q


Guided Appel's Bluff Hikes

Sunday, May 7th at 2:00 pm

Join a naturalist to explore this varied landscape featuring ledges, a hardwood forest, and open fields. Moderate to easy hiking. Wear appropriate footwear.

Fee: $5 Members • $8 Public • Under 18 free

Location: Cook-Fuller Center, then to trail head


For more information about these and other programs at The Ridges, visit or call 920-839-2802.

Kewaunee Hosting "2nd Annual International Carp Championship" Saturday And Sunday

By Paul Schmitt

The second annual Kewaunee International Carp Championship is being held this weekend.  The two-day event already has over 30 anglers from all around the Midwest signed up.  Organizer Lee Young who has been involved with international fishing tournaments for over 20 years, says he came to the United States in 2000 and began to get involved with small communities to start catch-and-release carp tournaments.



The competition format is that anglers will weigh their three biggest carp over the two days.  Young expects that about 90 pounds will be needed to win.  The top ten places will receive trophies and a cash prize.  Anglers are assigned a specific position along the Kewaunee Harbor each day and must catch all their fish from that spot.  Spectators are welcome and you can find contact information to participate in the Kewaunee International Carp Championship with this story online.  Entry Fee is $250 per angler.

Lee Young:  920-246-3434

Gibraltar Elementary Receives Title 1 Recognition

By Tim Kowols

Gibraltar Elementary School was recognized by state superintendent Tony Evers and other Department of Public Instruction officials earlier this week for being named a Title 1 High Achieving and High Progress School. It was honored for the work staff members have made in educating students from low-income families. Gibraltar Elementary School Principal Brian Annen says it is a testament to the good work being done within the building.



It was the second time Gibraltar Elementary School was named a Title 1 School of Recognition en route to being one of just nine schools in the state to earn the high-achieving and high-progress awards.


Picture Courtesy of Gibraltar School District


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Door County Habitat For Humanity Breaks Ground On 40th Home Build Tuesday

By Tim Kowols

The beginning of Door County Habitat for Humanity's 40th home build begins next week, but the organization is working hard to make sure they have the manpower to do it. With a goal of an early fall move-in date for the family of Kendra Clarizio-Bilodeau, it is all hands on deck for people who can build, run the ReStore, and everything in between. ReStore Manager Megan Dietz says you do not even need to know your way around a toolbox to help give a hand up for a deserving family.



Door County Habitat for Humanity will break ground on its 40th home build May 9 at its construction site on 6th Avenue in Sturgeon Bay beginning at 2 p.m.

Payments Part Of Amended Development Agreement Between City, Developer

By Tim Kowols

Sturgeon Bay hotel developer Robert Papke is being paid up to $300,000 a year plus an additional $150,000 for facade "improvements" under a development agreement approved by the city council, according to a speaker at Tuesday's council meeting.

During public comments, Carri Catarozoli Andersson cited the payments to Papke, asking "When will it end?"

The series of payments were approved by the city late last year when the development agreement was amended. Changes were needed for the original agreement after it became apparent the construction of the proposed hotel would not be finished in time. Mayor Thad Birmingham and City Clerk Stephanie Reinhardt signed off on the amended contract on November 4 while Papke approved the changes a few weeks later on December 13. In addition to the hotel construction deadline being pushed back to June 15, 2019, alderperson Kelly Catarozoli says the majority of the Common Council also approved the additional payments of $300,000 a year to make up for increased construction costs.


The Sturgeon Bay Common Council agreed to let alderpersons David Ward and Laurel Hauser to head up the negotiations for a settlement with the Friends of the Sturgeon Bay Public Waterfront during Tuesday's meeting. You can see parts of the development agreement online with this story.

Door Disc Golf Secures Fourth Course Site, Two Potentially Open By Memorial Day

By Tim Kowols

After just over four months, a new recreation opportunity has been born in four northern Door County communities. Door Disc Golf began their efforts earlier this year to bring the activity to the area through private donations and approaching local government officials about the possibility of creating the courses. Egg Harbor, Sister Bay, Jacksonport, and Baileys Harbor have all signed on to allow the courses to be built. Door Disc Golf founder Shane Solomon has been encouraged by the progress that has been made in just a short time.



Door Disc Golf hopes to have the two courses in Sister Bay and Jacksonport open by Memorial Day.

Kewaunee County High School Students Get Crash Course In Local Government

By Tim Kowols

Students from Algoma, Luxemburg-Casco, and Kewaunee High Schools were "sworn into office" Wednesday as a part of Kewaunee County Youth Government Day. After being sworn in, the students took part in tours of the different county buildings before taking part in a mock trial and general session. Kewaunee County Clerk Jamie Annoye says although the students were quiet, she hopes they were able to take away a lot from the experience.



The Youth Government Day program was sponsored by American Legion Posts and Auxiliaries in Algoma, Casco, Carlton, Kewaunee, and Luxemburg.

BUG Fire Breaks Ground On Its Two Projects

By Tim Kowols

The groundbreaking ceremonies Wednesday may have taken just moments, but the road to a new station in Brussels and improved facilities in Gardner was five years in the making for members of the Brussels-Union-Gardner Fire Department. Officials from the BUG Fire Department, the county and the individual towns broke ground on the two projects that were part of a $2.8 million referendum approved by voters last year. BUG Fire Chief Curt Vandertie said he was happy to finally see work being done at the two sites.



Improvements to the Gardner station, expected to be finished this September, will include two additional bays for fire equipment. The new station in Brussels will have space for fire equipment, crew quarters, and room for the Door County Emergency Services Department's ambulance. That project could be completed as soon as November.

Annual Shipyard Tours This Saturday

By Paul Schmitt

The Sturgeon Bay Shipyard Tours is this Saturday as the public will have the opportunity to take an insider's view of shipbuilding industry from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.   Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Sturgeon Bay, the event is celebrating its 25th year and will offer other activities with an additional bus running to shuttle guests between the different waterfronts in Sturgeon Bay.  Co-Chair Kevin Mutchler says the event has expanded to other maritime locations.



This year, visitors will be able to tour the US Coast Guard cutter Mobile Bay at Graham Park along with the Emergency Rescue boat and the Sturgeon Bay Police boat.  You can find ticket information on the Shipyard Tours coming in May with this story online.   Proceeds benefit the Door County Rotary Youth Interact.


Tickets will be available at both shipyard entry gates and the Museum on the day of the event and will be available for purchase prior to the event at both the Door County Maritime Museum and the Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center.  Ticket prices are $15 per adult and $6 for students ages 11-17. Guests ages ten and under are free

Bruemmer Park Epanding Zoo Exhibits And Green Space For Events

By Paul Schmitt

The Bruemmer Park Zoo in Kewaunee is undergoing a facelift this spring.  The Kewaunee County Promotion and Recreation Department is in the process of making room for additional exhibits and green space.  Promotion and Recreation Department Director Dave Myers says besides the zoo, Bruemmer Park offers many opportunities for visitors.



Recently, the old bear pen was demolished and the worn steps connecting the upper and lower zoo parts were removed for safety reasons.  The zoo will be adding two more Nigerian Dwarf goats to their exhibit later this month.

Door County YMCA Wins "Best of Door County" For Fitness And Day Care Facilities

By Paul Schmitt

The Door County YMCA was selected the "Best of Door County" for two categories last week.  CEO and President Tom Beerntsen says his staff is responsible for the recognition the YMCA claimed by winning the "Fitness" category.



Beerntsen also says he is really proud of the programs offered by the Barker Child Care Development Center.



The Door County YMCA has program centers in Sturgeon Bay and Fish Creek with the Barker Child Care Development Center located on Egg Harbor Road in Sturgeon Bay.  The "Best of Door County" saw over 12,500 votes cast and 6,751 nominations received during the eight-week balloting on

Opioid Bills Approved By State Legislators

By Paul Schmitt

With the Wisconsin Senate passing legislation earlier this week to address the growing heroin and opiate addiction problem in the state, the bill will now go to Governor Scott Walker's desk to sign into law.  The legislation will open the door to expand treatment, hire special agents and the forming of a charter school for addicted teens.  Assembly member John Nygren from Marinette has helped pass 17 bipartisan laws addressing the addiction, including his 2014 HOPE Agenda.  Rep. Nygren says progress has been made but there is much more that needs to be done.



Nine Special Session Assembly Bills concerning drug treatment, mental health and education were passed this week with the two final pieces of a legislative package to fight opioid abuse passed late Tuesday.  Those bills would allow involuntary commitment for addicts and would ensure someone who suffers an overdose being immune from probation or parole revocation if the individual agrees to a treatment program.

Bank of Luxemburg Celebrating Grand Opening of New Kewaunee Branch This Week

By Paul Schmitt

The Bank of Luxemburg is celebrating their grand opening of the new Kewaunee branch this week.  The location on Highway 29 on Kewaunee's west side opened  April 24 and held an official ribbon-cutting ceremony Monday.  President Tim Treml says the services have expanded from what was available at the temporary location which was located just down the road.



The new Bank of Luxemburg Kewaunee branch at 925 Marquette Drive is open 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Fridays and Saturday mornings from 9 a.m. until noon.


(Photo from Bank of Luxemburg/ Dave Phillips of Bayland Buildings presenting plaque to Treml at ribbon-cutting ceremony)

Sturgeon Bay City Council Listens To Public

By Roger Utnehmer

A three-hour meeting of the Sturgeon Bay city council ended Tuesday with two resolutions opposed by a majority of speakers being tabled or significantly changed.


The first was a proposed resolution that would have authorized Mayor Thad Birmingham to represent the city in negotiations with a local group opposed to the construction of a west side hotel.  Opponents maintain the site is on land held in trust for the public.    After a lengthy discussion, a motion offered by Council Member Kelly Catarozoli to replace the mayor with council members Laurel Hauser and David Ward was unanimously adopted.


The council also voted to table a resolution that would have authorized a request to state legislators to adopt legislation establishing the Ordinary High Water Mark on the west side waterfront.


A total of fourteen speakers addressed the council before consideration and most were opposed to the two resolutions.


At issue is the resolution of a legal dispute initially won by Friends of the Sturgeon Bay Public Waterfront.  The group sued the city of Sturgeon Bay and won a preliminary decision halting the sale of land on the city's west side waterfront to developer Robert Papke for the construction of a hotel.


Tuesday's council vote means an effort to pursue a city win through state legislation is on hold.  And Birmingham will not represent the city in future negotiations.  Speakers cited a conflict of interest for the mayor because he owns a condo at Bridgeport Resort, has served as a Bridgeport association president, and has opposed a compromise hotel location agreed to all parties because it would have taken parking from Bridgeport.


The chair of the Friends group, Dan Collins, said his organization proposed six offers and all were rejected by Birmingham.





A party to the Friends lawsuit against the city, Carri Catarozoli Andersson, questioned why the city is giving developer Robert Papke $300,000 a year while the lawsuit is resolved plus $150,000 to improve the facade of his proposed hotel.  "When will it end?" she asked.


Several speakers also asked that meetings be moved to evenings so more working people could attend.

Regional Learning Center In Liberty Grove Hopes To Open In Fall

By Tim Kowols

Anticipation is growing in the town of Liberty Grove for its new regional learning center. Housed in a former bank building in Sister Bay, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and town official hope the new center can open this fall after delays pushed it from this spring. Town chairperson John Lowry says with courses available for people like local firefighters and restaurant employees, the new center should be popular for local residents to check out.


The regional learning center in Sister Bay would mark the third campus in Door and Kewaunee Counties, joining Sturgeon Bay and Luxemburg.

Maritime Museum, County Team Up On Cana Island Lighthouse Restoration

By Tim Kowols

The Cana Island Lighthouse entered another season under construction Monday when it officially opened again to the public. In collaboration with the Door County Parks Department, the Door County Maritime Museum has been busy restoring the lighthouse's exterior while also addressing parking and restroom facilities. Door County Maritime Museum Executive Director Amy Paul says it is better to address these needs now rather than wait.



Future phases of the restoration project for the light house include creating an interpretative center and restoring the keeper's quarters. Visitors can tour the close to 150-year-old structure and the island itself through October 29.

Local Farmers Wonder What's Next For Milk Prices After Trade Dispute With Canada

By Tim Kowols

Most of the dairy farmers caught in the middle of a trade spat between the United States and Canada have found new processors, but there is still concern for the long term. The price of milk has inched its way up after taking a nosedive in early April due to Grassland Dairy's decision to not buy the commodity from over 70 farms in southern Wisconsin.  No Kewaunee County farms were affected by the decision, but UW-Extension Agriculture Educator Aerica Bjurstom says some farmers are still worried what the influx in supply could mean to them.


Class III milk was sitting at $15.38 per hundredweight as of Tuesday morning, down almost 50 cents from a month ago.

DCEDC Takes Aim At Keeping Youth Local With Initiatives

By Tim Kowols

The Door County Economic Development Corporation hopes connecting area students with employers early and often will help keep them locally after they graduate with some new initiatives. With its Door County Business and Education Partnership, the DCEDC has developed Inspire Door County, which allows students to find out about the career that is right for them and where in Door County they could pursue those dreams. The DCEDC is also planning its own manufacturing day in October to highlight area companies for students and their families. Executive Director Caleb Frostman says they have had tremendous support from schools and area businesses.



Frostman also says the High School Home Construction program will continue this coming fall to show career options in that field after taking a hiatus due to the housing market.



Listen to more about what the DCEDC is doing to help youth in the area learn about the employment opportunities in Door County.

Visa Concerns, Lack Of Housing Adding To Door County Businesses' Hiring Woes

By Tim Kowols

Some Door County businesses are worried possible changes to the federal work visa program could make a dire employment situation in the area even worse. A recent executive order signed by President Donald Trump would affect temporary workers by limiting the number of H-1B and H-2B visas available. Door County Visitor Bureau Membership Director Phil Berndt says he expects to start hearing from more local businesses about how they are being affected soon.



The H-1 and H-2 visa programs are not to be confused with the J-1 Summer Work Travel Visa, which is more of a cultural exchange experience for foreign college students and are so far not affected by the recent executive orders. Berndt says right now the greatest problem with employment in the county is the lack of seasonal housing for employees.

Clean Water Action Council Executive Director To Present Citizen Action Steps In Wednesday Presentation

By Tim Kowols

Engaging the audience into looking out for its water supply will be one of the focuses of a presentation being held this Wednesday evening in Sturgeon Bay. Clean Water Action Council of Northeast Wisconsin Executive Director Dean Hoegger will present "Protecting our Water, Citizen Action Options" as he gives updates on issues his organization is tackling in Door and Kewaunee County. Hoegger says there are things citizens can do to protect and sustain access to clean water.



"Protecting Our Water, Citizen Action Options" is part of the ongoing Earth Week Door County celebrations. The presentation will take place at Crossroads at Big Creek starting at 7 p.m.

March To Support Lake Michigan Set For Saturday

By Tim Kowols

Indivisible Door County hopes to get their voices heard concerning the future of Lake Michigan when its hosts a march through Sturgeon Bay Saturday morning. "A Great March for a Great Lake" will begin with speakers Wayne Kudick, Steve Eatough, and Ryan Heise addressing attendees about the environmental and recreation importance of Lake Michigan to Door County in the wake of federal budget cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Despite U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin and U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher voicing their opposition to the cuts, Judy Brodd from Indivisible Door County says more can be done.



The march will begin at 10 a.m. at Martin Park before crossing both downtown bridges. Indivisible is a national progressive movement with over 5900 groups nationwide including three in Door County.

Buyer Beware On Some Credit Card Promotions

By Tim Kowols

Consumers could find themselves in trouble if they do not look at the fine print of some credit cards. While some opportunities like "zero percent financing" make sense for some people, you should be looking at specific terms such as how long the deal lasts and when the billing cycles take place. Gay Pustaver from Money Management Counselors says it is often buyer beware.



Pustaver recommends paying off the large purchases well in advance and calling creditors if you have questions. You can listen to the entire Money Management Monday interview online with this story.

Potential Farm Expansion Triggers Reaction In Kewaunee County

By Tim Kowols

The possible expansion of a Kewaunee County dairy farm could be the center of another Department of Natural Resources hearing. El-Na Farms in Algoma has applied for the reissuance of its Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit, which also included plans to expand the herd and build additional manure storage. Kewaunee County Board Supervisor Lee Luft has already contacted the DNR questioning if the area could handle the additional animals given the area's geology and the expansion of two other nearby farms. El-Na Farms co-owner Lonnie Ferendael says the biggest misconception on the permit is when the expansion will take place and how many cows compared to animal units will be involved.



If approved, the permit would be effective from June 1, 2017 to May 31, 2022. You can read more about the permit and Luft's request for a public hearing online with this story.


El-Na Farms WPDES Permit 


Email from Supervisor Lee Luft to Brad Holtz with the DNR

From: Lee Luft
Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2017 2:07 PM
To: bradley.holtz
Subject: From Lee Luft - Request for Hearing - El Na Farms


Hello Brad,


Please accept this message as my formal request for a hearing on the WPDES Permit for El Na Farms.  My address is N4702 Lakeshore Drive, Kewaunee, WI 54216


Brad, my interest is to understand how an area encompassing Northwest Kewaunee and potentially Southwest Door Counties – an area that has some of the most vulnerable geology in Wisconsin - can accommodate still further herd count increases.  In this El Na case, the animal unit count is intended to increase from 2,675 to 5,970 or an increase of 3,295 animal units or a 123% increase.  Just across the border in Door County, S&S Dairy has also just been approved to increase its cattle herd size as well (from ~6,000 animal units to 10,000) and of course there is the fairly recent Kinnard Farm expansion with final terms still working their way through the courts – though the expansion is complete.  Just the S&S and El Na expansions will add the equivalent human waste of 145,900 humans to this area and I'm not including the Kinnard expansion.  We would not even consider letting the untreated wastes from cities totaling 145,000 people to be land applied in these areas but this is exactly what the DNR has and will most certainly approve from just these two EXPANSIONS.  In addition, I want to understand what studies the DNR has undertaken to determine how this massive increase in waste application will impact groundwater and surface water conditions in Kewaunee County for our residents and to be certain these studies have been completed before these new expansions take place.




Lee Luft – Kewaunee County Board Supervisor


Names Of Kayakers From Friday's Accident Released

By Tim Kowols

The names of the two kayakers that died near the town of Sevastopol on Friday have been released. 29-year-old Mathew Alan Tauferner of Sturgeon Bay and 21-year-old Dylan Tyler Dohr were kayaking near Cave Point County Park Friday morning when their boats capsized. The two men were not wearing life jackets when they were found unresponsive by the Jacksonport Fire boat. According to the Door County Sheriff's Department, Dohr was a member of the United States Marine Corps home on leave.

Microchipping Your Pet Can Aid In Its Safe Return

By Tim Kowols

With 22 percent of dogs and only 2 percent of cats being successfully reunited with their owners after being lost and turned into animal shelters according to a study by the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, microchipping is turning into a reliable option to help buck the trend. The small radio-frequency identification implants are injected into the pet and contain critical information to help it reunite with its owner when scanned. With one in three pets getting lost at some point in their life according to the American Humane Association, April Delfosse from the Door County Humane Society says microchips can be a very useful tool for owners and shelters.



Delfosse reminds owners with microchipped pets to update their information as soon as their information changes. Available for a small fee, microchipping is one of the many services available at the Door County Humane Society, which is entering a major fundraising competition beginning tomorrow as a part of the Michelson Saving Pets Challenge.

Northern Door Children's Center, Gibraltar School District Collaborate To Ease Student Transition

By Tim Kowols

Transitioning from grade to grade can be tough for many students, which is why Gibraltar Area School District collaborates with the Northern Door Children's Center to ease the concerns of their smallest incoming students. Teachers from Gibraltar travel to Sister Bay to work with children that qualify for special early childhood care instead of bussing the children to the district's Fish Creek buildings. Gibraltar School Board member Mike Peot says the center also runs a special program to introduce the students to their future school.



Northern Door Children's Center provides 4 year-old kindergarten in addition to its infant/toddler looping program and prescholar mixed-aged preschool program.

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