Sevastopol getting a clearer picture on new school additions

The Sevastopol School Board and residents will get some clearer views of how the new additions to the school building will look.  The district's CORE Team met this week with Bray Architects to review tentative plans for the project.  That meeting focused on the shop and agricultural education areas.  Superintendent Kyle Luedtke says the layouts of both areas are now coming into view.



Bray Architects will have a presentation on the building project at the Sevastopol School Board's regular meeting on June 20th at 7:00 PM in the high school on Highway 57 in Institute.

Algoma sets meetings on 2nd Street Bridge and condo projects

Algoma residents will have to find alternative routes around the 2nd Street Bridge.  The Wisconsin Department of Transporation is set to begin construction work on a new bridge next month and completion is scheduled for October.  A public meeting will be held to show people the detours around the construction zone.  Mayor Wayne Schmidt says that will help people during their daily commutes and during the Shanty Days celebration.   



While the 2nd Street bridge reconstruction is underway, Algoma will also be extending utility lines to the new Bell Harbor condominiums development. The public meeting on these projects is scheduled for May 30th at 6:00 PM in Algoma City Hall on Fremont Street.

Measles symptoms to watch

The Door County Department of Health wants you to be aware of what to look for when it comes to the measles. There has been an outbreak in this country with 23 states reporting cases of it. Those include neighboring states like Illinois, Michigan and Iowa. So far no reported cases have been found in Wisconsin. According to Sue Powers, Health Officer for Door County, symptoms of measles can be similar to less severe diseases, starting often with a cough, runny nose, fever and irritation in the eyes. The classic red rash often doesn’t appear until a few days later, usually beginning along the hairline. Powers says measles cases often develop complications that make it more dangerous.



Because it is an airborne illness, the disease can spread quickly and individuals can be contagious before knowing that they have measles. Powers added the safest protection against the disease is the MMR vaccine, which is routinely given to children under 3 as two booster shots but can be administered to anyone.

Over $120,000 raised for Door CAN at Spring Fling

More than $120,000 was raised to support those dealing with families who struggle with cancer at an event Friday in Sturgeon Bay.'s own Nick Freimuth MC'ed the event and he said he was blown away by all the support from the community.



Door CAN will use all the proceeds to help those struggling with cancer in Door County to cover non-medical expenses.

Focusing on northern pike at Crossroads this week

You can learn about one of the most important fish in Lake Michigan at an event in Sturgeon Bay this week. Continuing the Celebrate Water Door County Initiative, Crossroads at Big Creek will be hosting a lecture focusing on the predatory northern pike. Dr. Patrick Forsythe, Associate Professor of Biology at UW-Green Bay, will be presenting the lecture on Wednesday. Forsythe says the pike are an important species in the lake as top predators but also draw people's interest with their more unique habits.



Dr. Forsythe plans to cover a number of aspects of northern pike research, looking at how human actions like dam removals along Duck Creek have affected the populations as well as how climate change may affect the species. Forsythe added he hopes to make it interesting to both children and adults. The lecture beings at 7 PM.

Algoma bringing letter-writing back

An Algoma group is trying to bring back an art that has gone out of style with the advancement in technology. A group of Algoma residents gets together once per month to create connections through the art of letter writing. They meet at Yardstick Books on the third Sunday of every month. Heidi Raak, owner of Yardstick Books in Algoma, says the idea behind the Society comes from a desire to keep the practice of letter writing alive as a way of creating and maintaining communities. Raak added everybody likes getting and reading a handwritten letter.



The next meeting will take place on Sunday at Yardstick Books at 2 PM. For each meeting there is a theme that participants are asked to write about. This month the theme is water as part of the Art of Water Algoma is participating in currently. The events are free and open to the public. All ages are invited to participate.

Foster parents wanted for older children in Kewaunee County

Kewaunee County is always looking for people willing to serve as foster parents, especially for children of selected age groups.  The Kewaunee County Department of Human Services is working with state officials to help attract those who've considered the foster care program.  Human Services Director Dana Johnson says candidates who can work well with older children are especially needed.



Johnson says Kewaunee County's program works with parents of children in foster care to help them become better parents once a child returns home.



Anyone interested in becoming a foster parent can contact the Kewaunee County Department of Human Services on Lincoln Street in Kewaunee.

Door and Kewaunee families get life-saving medical debt relief

Some families facing huge medical expenses in Door and Kewaunee Counties have been saved from large debts for medical treatment.  Life Church of Green Bay paid nearly $4400 to settle the medical bills of five Door County families and $25,000 to do the same for four Kewaunee County families.  That was done through the national non-profit group RIP Medical Debt.  Privacy laws prevent the church from releasing the names of the beneficiaries, though Life Church Lead Pastor Sonny Hennessy says one letter of gratitude shows the effort is a life saver.



Life Church paid off $4.4-million in medical bills for about four-thousand Wisconsin residents for pennies on the dollar.  There are no applications for the program.  Recipients were chosen without their knowledge based on their need and their history of paying small amounts regularly.

DCEDC supports bill to help rural areas develop broadband

Door and Kewaunee Counties would see improved efforts to develop broadband internet under a bill reintroduced in the U.S. Senate.   The Access to Capital Creates Economic Strength and Supports Rural American Act, also known as ACCESS, would help rural telecommunications companies submit streamlined reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Door County Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Jim Schuessler says that would help accelerate broadband development locally.



 Under current guidelines, rural telecommunications companies would be forced to pay higher SEC reporting fees and put them at a cost disadvantage compared with larger telecom firms.

Wery and Norton top Southern Door Class of 2019

Alexis Wery and Regan Norton are this years' 2019 Southern Door High School Valedictorian and Salutatorian.  Valedictorian, Alexis Wery, has participated in both sport and academic programs over her high school career. At Southern Door, Alexis is involved with Varsity Softball as their pitcher and is a four year Math Team member. Her Junior year, Lexi attended Badger Girls as a Sports Delegate. Outside of school, through the local Sturgeon Bay YMCA, Alexis has attended both Door County and Wisconsin state Youth In Government session.  Alexis plans on pursuing genetics through cancer research with a degree in pathology. 


Salutatorian, Regan Norton, has dedicated herself to both sports and academics over the years. Regan has participated in softball, volleyball, and basketball. She is a member of Big Brothers Big Sisters, SHIELD, and 4-H. Outside of School, Regan, as well, has participated in the YMCA's Youth In Government on both county and state level.  Regan plans to major in Political Science and Spanish. 


Both graduates have achieved many scholarships and awards at Southern Door's 2019 Award Ceremony.



Lexi Wery





Regan Norton



Door County continues health and human services boards merger talks

The newly merged Door County Department of Health and Human Services will continue to operate under the supervision of two separate boards this year.  That cames after the latest meeting of the public health board which looked at the possible merging of the two boards.  Department of Health and Human Services Director Joe Krebsbach says any merged board would have to meet specific state statutes and have specific candidates for board membership.



Krebsbach says the board merger proposal will likely be brought up again at a late summer meeting.  Any proposal would have to be approved by the Door County Board of Supervisors.  Krebsbach says the earliest the health and human services boards could be merged would be next year.

Engineer says Potawatomi tower can be repaired

A noted engineer from Jacksonville, Florida is giving hope to the Sturgeon Bay Historical Society that the Potawatomi State Park tower can be saved.  Dr. Dan Tingley, Senior Engineer and Wood Technologist with Wood Research and Development, spoke to the public at the Door County Community Foundation this past Tuesday and shared information on the current condition of the Potawatomi tower.  He says there are enough good components in the current tower to warrant restoring it.



Dr. Tingley says advances in technology in the past two decades have made it possible to understand timber structures and know how to find what he calls the “bad actors” before it causes failure in the tower.  The findings from Dr. Tingley will now be studied by engineers contracted with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to ultimately determine if the tower can be repaired or replaced.  You can listen to the entire interview with Dr. Tingley below.



Help of Door County celebrating 40 years in June

A local organization combating domestic abuse will be honoring their past when they celebrate serving Door County the past 40 years.  Help of Door County will be celebrating their 40th anniversary next month in Egg Harbor during the annual meeting.  Executive Director Steve Vickman says the evening will include music, awards and a reflection the last 40 years of the organization.



Help of Door County’s 40th Year Celebration will be at 5 pm at the Kress Pavilion on June 20.  You can RSVP for the event by calling Help of Door County by June 17.   

Wisconsin illustrator has book signing in Sister Bay

You’ll have a chance to meet and get a book signed by a Wisconsin illustrator in Sister Bay on Sunday. Renée Graef has a new book out called “Sport: Ship Dog of the Great Lakes”. It’s about a fictional dog named Sport who lived from 1914 through 1926 exploring lighthouses and boats on Lake Michigan. It documents real-life events that happened during that time period. Graef says it’s not just an illustration book but has a story as well.



This is the first children’s book published by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press. Graef is a lifelong Wisconsinite. She has illustrated other books about Wisconsin. Graef will be at Peninsula Bookman in Sister Bay on Sunday from 1 to 2 PM.

Saturday will have Luxemburg residents "rummaging" around

The streets around the village of Luxemburg will be buzzing with activity all day on Saturday.  The 30th annual Luxemburg Rummage Sale will be held with 80 residences participating in the two-day event.  The organized village-wide sale is sponsored by the Luxemburg Chamber of Commerce.  President Alex Stodola says the community always looks forward to interacting with their neighbors, especially this time of year.  He says a map of the 80 locations involved in the Luxemburg Rummage Sale is available through the Luxemburg Chamber of Commerce Facebook page or website. 



The village-wide rummage sale began Friday and you can find a link to a digital map below.





Sturgeon Bay lunch fund gets Pride Pumps donation

Some families of Sturgeon Bay students have a chance to get help paying off lunch balances from the school year. The Sturgeon Bay lunch fund has received a donation of $541.97 from the Jandu Petroleum Pride Pumps promotion. This money can go to families who owe money for school breakfasts and lunches. Many families qualify for free meals or meals for $0.40 but others may fall just short of qualifying for those rates. Jenny Spude, the Food Service Director for Sturgeon Bay Schools, says these families sometimes only make money over the summer and can’t pay as the school year goes along. She added thanks to the Pride Pumps donation if families can put up any money for the meal balance, that the school will be able to match it. Spude continued the school will never turn a student away who needs a meal even if they don’t have the money.



Spude was very thankful to Jandu Petroleum and the Pride Pumps donation. It can be difficult to apply for grants or other donations because there are qualifications or stipulations for the money. With the Pride Pumps, the money just goes to the departments which give them the freedom to put it into any project.

Sturgeon Bay 7th graders uninjured after school van accident

A Sturgeon Bay School District van carrying nine students and a teacher was hit by another vehicle Friday while being driven to Milwaukee for a class field trip.  The crash occurred on Interstate 43 near Sheboygan, according to Sturgeon Bay School Superintendent Dan Tjernagel.  He says, fortunately, nobody in the van was injured.  


The TJ Walker Middle School field trip was planning a visit to Discovery World in Milwaukee.  No other details are available at this time as the crash is still under investigation.  


Door Kinetic Arts Festival gaining notoriety

Three years in Baileys Harbor is helping Door County become even more recognized nationally as an arts community. Entering its fourth year, the Door Kinetic Arts Festival invites dancers, filmmakers, actors, and musicians to perform and give workshops during the weeklong event. Festival producer Alan Kopischke says the word is spreading far and wide about how great the event is to attend.


Harold Green, Lucky Plush Productions, and Sossy Mechanics are just some of the guests appearing at this year’s Door Kinetic Arts Festival, which will take place June 9th-14th at Bjorklunden in Baileys Harbor.


Cherry blossoms beginning to pop in Door County

One of Door County’s biggest attractions for sight-seers this time of year is the cherry blossoms throughout the local orchards.  Typically blooming in mid to late May, the cherry tree blossoms appear to be on schedule again this year, according to Steve Wood of Wood Orchards in Egg Harbor and Sturgeon Bay.  He shares this week’s current status.


Wood says his cherry trees survived the winter well and appear ready for a good harvest later this year.  According to the Door County Visitors Bureau, there are over 2,500 acres of orchards in Door County.  


Many farmers still waiting to plant crops

Another wet spring has area farmers delaying their planting plans for May. Similar to last spring when a major April snowstorm pushed back spring planting two to three weeks, many farms have not put corn or soybeans in the ground, according to Jim Wautier of Church Site Farms in Brussels.  He says some farmers have started planting but many are still playing the waiting game.



Wautier says the slow start of the planting season can be made up quickly with a good of stretch weather to help the crops grow.  Farmers say it takes most corn seeds over 100 days to mature, and soybeans take 60 to 70 days from planting to harvest. 


Spartan Influence Camp benefits students with disabilities

A special camp put on by the Luxemburg Casco football team is making a big impact in the community.  The Spartan Influence Camp will be held this Saturday at the Luxemburg-Casco Sports Complex.  The 90-minute camp will give students with disabilities from five to 21 years of age a chance to be active and learn more about the sport of football.  Spartan Head Coach Dillon Maney says the event is a service learning project for all involved and builds leadership skills for all his players, especially the six who served as camp coordinators. 


This is the second year the L-C football program has put on the Spartan Influence Camp which anticipates about 20 area youth participating.   


Armed Forces Day has deep meaning in area 

Only three days are set aside every year to honor military personnel and one is sometimes overlooked, according to a local veteran services officer.  Scott McFarlane of the Door County Veteran Services Office says Armed Forces Day, which is this Saturday, honors all active and former military members.  He says Armed Forces Day has a little more significance in this area. 


The Door County Veterans Service Council will be holding a breakfast Saturday at the Corpus Christi Hall in Sturgeon Bay to raise money for Door County veterans in need.  


Boat towed to safety near Fish Creek

Two men fishing offshore in Fish Creek were rescued on Thursday afternoon after their bass boat took on water.  The Gibraltar Fire and Rescue, the DNR and the U.S. Coast Guard responded to a distress call around 2 pm.  Assistant Fire Chief Jared Anderson says the boat had lost power and was drifting and taking on water when they arrived on the scene. 


The rescue took about one hour, according to Anderson.  He says the men called 911 to report the issue with their boat.  No further details are available at this time. 


(photo courtesy of Tad Dukehart)


DCMM, County partnership crucial for Cana's 150th anniversary

You can help the Door County Maritime Museum celebrate yet another milestone this year in Baileys Harbor. The Cana Island Lighthouse is celebrating its 150th anniversary, allowing visitors to travel across the causeway by tractor before exploring the grounds and climbing the tower’s 97 steps. The Door County Maritime Museum and the Door County Parks Department have team up since 2006 to preserve the site, which will include a complete restoration of the tower and keeper’s house and a new interpretative center and restroom facilities. Even though the Door County Maritime Museum has been associated with the Cana Island Lighthouse since the 1970s, Executive Director Kevin Osgood says the partnership has been important to preserving the historic buildings on the site.

While the Cana Island Lighthouse will officially mark its milestone on August 7th, the neighboring Baileys Harbor Range Lights celebrates its 150th anniversary on June 7th. The lighthouse is available for tours through the end of October. You can also hear more stories about Cana Island Lighthouse by watching our video with Executive Director Kevin Osgood and Deputy Director Sam Perlman online with this story.



Dark store loophole remains open

Communities like Sturgeon Bay will not be able to count on the Wisconsin Legislature in their battles with big-box retailers over property assessments. Senate Republicans blocked efforts to close a loophole allowing retailers to challenge their property taxes by comparing their stores to those that are vacant. After being removed from Governor Tony Evers’ budget, the bill presented in the Senate had the bipartisan support of 10 Republicans and 10 Democrats before a vote on the issue was prevented. State Senator Dave Hansen calls the move hypocritical.

The city of Sturgeon Bay and Wal-Mart are currently in the middle of settling on a new property assessment after it was challenged in 2018. While groups like the League of Wisconsin Municipalities say the “Dark Store Loophole” enables big retailers to avoid paying their fair share for services, others like the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce argue closing it would villainize businesses providing jobs in the community.

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Are tax breaks legislators are protecting for big box stores like Walmart and Walgreens because of campaign contributions from the companies?
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