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Transporting your kayak -- Kayak Fishing Series III

I’ve talked about this before, but it’s an important consideration worth touching on again.  How do you plan to transport your kayak?


I’ve talked to many at events who are excited about getting a kayak,  however, they haven’t thought about getting it from home to the water.  The challenge is not as big with lighter sit-in touring and recreational kayaks, which are easy to load on a roof-top rack.  


Sit-on-top fishing kayaks, which are usually wider and heavier, are a different animal.  Add in the even heavier and wider self-propelled fishing kayaks and the challenge is magnified.  Two people can handle most of the fishing kayaks for roof-top transport.  Much easier, especially if you are alone, is a pick-up truck or some sort of kayak trailer.  For the past 10 years I’ve been using a kayak trailer, which makes my fishing outings so much easier and fun.  At most launches I can simply back right up to the water with an easy time loading and unloading.  Also, for storage, I  leave the kayak on the trailer.  Do your research and ask the outfitter you buy from for their suggestions for transport.


I’ve been out on the waters of Door County several times in my kayaks over the past couple of months and continue to appreciate using the various boat and kayak launches with my trailer.  Also, being able to use roads that dead-end at the water to launch, being sure to park off the road.  I used one of these on Little Sturgeon Bay the other day and it worked great!


Smallmouth bass fishing is picking-up but continues to be challenging compared to just a few years ago.  To help protect our fishery, please practice catch, photograph and release, along with getting the bass back in the water quickly.  Some smallies in Northern Door County are still guarding beds, please leave them be and don’t bed fish.  As always, if you have any kayak/kayak fishing questions or questions related to transporting your kayak, please email me at






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