What does Wrestling and the Wrestling Family mean to you?

What does Wrestling and the Wrestling Family mean to you?
“Wrestling is the only sport that instills ultimate respect for every single person within it. The ability to single-handedly overcome and physically outdo another athlete is like no other feeling in the world. It creates a concept of values and beliefs into a wrestling family and teaches camaraderie. The wins are the best wins and the loses are the worst losses you will have in your life, because it directly relates to you as an individual, overcoming factors that can benefit or harm your well-being. There is nothing like it.” Mitchell Overbeck
 “Wrestling becomes a way of life. From eating habits, exercise and workouts, to self-discipline and it doesn’t stop when the season is done. It’s not just about getting your arm raised on the mat, but overcoming hurdles, fears, and insecurities. Building confidence and camaraderie with other wrestlers and that only other wrestlers understand, like an unwritten code. Every wrestler knows the heartache of losing and leaving their pride on the mat, yet get up every day and work harder than the day before.” Tammy DeNamur
“Wrestling is a teacher of life. It reveals your strengths, weaknesses and brings you a sense of belonging” Tory Jandrin “Colin started later than most. For many- many years I had to sit and watch my son get thrown around by a lot of guys bigger than him. In the end it was worth it” Wendy Shubert
According to Merriam Webster the meaning of family is: the basic unit in society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children : a group of individuals living under one roof : a group of person of common ancestry : a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation : lastly family could mean a group of things related by common characteristics.
When it comes to wrestling I think there is a bigger meaning behind the word family. So I asked members from the wrestling community to comment:
“To me the wrestling “family” is much bigger than the families and people we have traveled with to tournaments from our school or team. The wrestling family knows no district boundaries or specific season(s) or teammates. The family extends from those that competed to parents, siblings, coaches, and spectators. Anyone that knows the hard work and sacrifices put in by all involved develops a bond and appreciation that often lasts a lifetime.” Coach Jerry Englebert
 I have been around sports my whole life- from being a 3 sport athlete, collegiate athlete, and now a Licensed Athletic Trainer providing sports performance enhancement through EDGE 3D programming at DCMC. I have had my fair share of different “families”. But the family that has built some of the strongest bonds and has withstood the years is the wrestling family. “A bond that is deeper than a sport. It comes from sacrifice of yourself for all who enjoy the challenges of a demanding sport. Wrestling links you forever if you are the athlete, parent or community member. It’s things unsaid… and hard to put into words…forever a wrestling family.” Dawn Englebert  As a wrestling sister, I think part of the reason for this bond is the grueling all weekend bleacher butt that sets in when the wrestlers are young. “This family is formed through blood, sweat, and tears.” Tyler Wagner  Multi- youth tournament weekends, first through eighth grade. You really get to know the people that are in the stands yelling and cheering with or against you. “It instills dedication in families as well as wrestlers. Camaraderie and friendships are made, even with the competitors and their families. It is a mutual respect.” Dave Walker
You find yourself treating the other wrestlers and their siblings as your own, other people’s kids, as your own kids and other parents as your parents. “Wrestling families stick together through the best and worst times; everyone genuinely wants them to do well and are always there to help. Your child never needs to worry about having a partner or coach; someone is always there without being asked. These bonds are so strong and extend far beyond the mat.” Shannon LeFevre  “Everyone in the wrestling family makes everyone feel very welcome and like you’ve always been a part of the family.” Jen LeCloux
Tia Jackson, MS, LAT, ATC
Licensed Athletic Trainer
EDGE 3D – sports performance enhancement programming
Door County Medical Center

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