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Larson, Thiry, Holschuh win NEC Track titles

Both teams took fourth but three Luxemburg-Casco athletes took home top honors at Friday's NEC Championships.


John Larson won the 300m hurdles to pace the boys team while Taylor Thiry (shot put) and Grace Holschuh (long jump) won title to lead the girls.



100 Meters Varsity - Finals

5.12Isaac Vandenbush11.54aLuxemburg-Casco

100 Meters Varsity - Prelims

5.12Isaac Vandenbush11.64aLuxemburg-Casco

25.9Andrew Klass12.40a PRLuxemburg-Casco

28.12Burke Holzworth12.84a PRLuxemburg-Casco

200 Meters Varsity - Finals

6.11Logan Vandermause23.54aLuxemburg-Casco

16.11Jack Rollin24.46a PRLuxemburg-Casco

400 Meters Varsity - Finals

10.9Hudson Thiry56.82a PRLuxemburg-Casco

11.10Trevor Beaupre58.31aLuxemburg-Casco

800 Meters Varsity - Finals

5.11Spencer Thiry2:07.83aLuxemburg-Casco

9.11Ty Tenor2:20.44aLuxemburg-Casco

11.10Lance Chervosky2:25.27aLuxemburg-Casco

1600 Meters Varsity - Finals

6.11Spencer Thiry4:56.31aLuxemburg-Casco

--11Gabriel HavelSCRLuxemburg-Casco

3200 Meters Varsity - Finals

7.11Gabriel Havel10:47.79aLuxemburg-Casco

12.9Kyan Lynts11:22.80a PRLuxemburg-Casco

110m Hurdles - 39" Varsity - Finals

2.12John Larson15.28a PRLuxemburg-Casco

110m Hurdles - 39" Varsity - Prelims

2.12John Larson15.88aLuxemburg-Casco

300m Hurdles - 36" Varsity - Finals

1.12John Larson40.33a PRLuxemburg-Casco

12.11Connor Leppiaho50.30aLuxemburg-Casco

4x100 Relay Varsity - Finals


9Andrew Klass

12Burke Holzworth

12Clay Peppin

10Ezra Waege

51.21aLuxemburg-Casco - A

4x200 Relay Varsity - Finals


12Isaac Vandenbush

12John Larson

11Jack Rollin

11Logan Vandermause

1:33.49aLuxemburg-Casco - A

4x400 Relay Varsity - Finals


9Hudson Thiry

11Spencer Thiry

10Trevor Beaupre

11Logan Vandermause

DQLuxemburg-Casco - A

4x800 Relay Varsity - Finals


11Gabriel Havel

10Lance Chervosky

11Ty Tenor

9Hudson Thiry

9:19.00aLuxemburg-Casco - A

Shot Put - 12lb Varsity - Finals

11.12Matthew Ledvina37-11.50Luxemburg-Casco

Discus - 1.6kg Varsity - Finals

8.12Matthew Ledvina134-04 PRLuxemburg-Casco

16.10Logan Guillette96-01Luxemburg-Casco

High Jump Varsity - Finals

6.11Jack Rollin5-04.00Luxemburg-Casco

Pole Vault Varsity - Finals

5.11George Herlache11-06.00Luxemburg-Casco

9.11TJ Kuhn9-06.00 PRLuxemburg-Casco

Long Jump Varsity - Finals

2.12Isaac Vandenbush20-08.00Luxemburg-Casco

4.10Trevor Beaupre20-01.00Luxemburg-Casco

Triple Jump Varsity - Finals

4.12Isaac Vandenbush41-03.50 PRLuxemburg-Casco

8.10Trevor Beaupre39-00.75 PRLuxemburg-Casco

11.11Jack Rollin35-01.00 SRLuxemburg-Casco



7.10Gabrielle Wech13.24aLuxemburg-Casco

100 Meters Varsity - Prelims

6.10Gabrielle Wech13.24a SRLuxemburg-Casco12.10Mackenzie Turner13.89aLuxemburg-Casco13.10Danica Mrotek13.94a PRLuxemburg-Casco

200 Meters Varsity - Finals

7.9McKenna Rank28.35a PRLuxemburg-Casco11.10Gabrielle Wech28.62aLuxemburg-Casco

400 Meters Varsity - Finals

5.12Micaela Boucher1:06.75aLuxemburg-Casco8.10Eva Hau1:08.59aLuxemburg-Casco10.11Eva Junion1:14.72aLuxemburg-Casco

800 Meters Varsity - Finals

10.9Grace Havel2:49.40aLuxemburg-Casco13.10Elizabeth Rank3:00.02aLuxemburg-Casco

1600 Meters Varsity - Finals

8.12Megan Vandermause6:09.09aLuxemburg-Casco12.12Alyssa Delebreau6:43.33aLuxemburg-Casco

3200 Meters Varsity - Finals

3.11Madilyn Bevins12:55.36aLuxemburg-Casco5.12Megan Vandermause13:44.01aLuxemburg-Casco

100m Hurdles - 33" Varsity - Finals

4.11Alexis Vogt17.72aLuxemburg-Casco5.10Grace Seering17.86a PRLuxemburg-Casco

100m Hurdles - 33" Varsity - Prelims

5.11Alexis Vogt17.70aLuxemburg-Casco7.10Grace Seering18.16aLuxemburg-Casco

300m Hurdles - 30" Varsity - Finals

2.10Grace Seering52.06aLuxemburg-Casco3.9Elaina Holschuh53.19aLuxemburg-Casco

4x100 Relay Varsity - Finals


10Danica Mrotek

12Madelyn Smith

10Mackenzie Turner

11Alexis Vogt

55.16aLuxemburg-Casco - A

4x200 Relay Varsity - Finals


10Gabrielle Wech

11Emily Ropson

12Grace Holschuh

9McKenna Rank

1:52.40aLuxemburg-Casco - A

4x400 Relay Varsity - Finals


10Grace Seering

12Micaela Boucher

9Elaina Holschuh

9McKenna Rank

4:22.33aLuxemburg-Casco - A

4x800 Relay Varsity - Finals


11Madilyn Bevins

12Alyssa Delebreau

9Grace Havel

12Megan Vandermause

10:54.56aLuxemburg-Casco - A

Shot Put - 4kg Varsity - Finals

1.12Taylor Thiry39-07.75Luxemburg-Casco10.11Linsey Pardowsky29-05.00 PRLuxemburg-Casco

Discus - 1kg Varsity - Finals

12.11Lily Giese77-09Luxemburg-Casco--12Taylor ThiryDQLuxemburg-Casco

High Jump Varsity - Finals

4.12Grace Holschuh4-10.00Luxemburg-Casco5.11Autumn Flynn4-10.00 PRLuxemburg-Casco

Pole Vault Varsity - Finals

9.11Emily Ropson7-06.00Luxemburg-Casco

Long Jump Varsity - Finals

1.12Grace Holschuh15-09.50Luxemburg-Casco

Triple Jump Varsity - Finals

2.12Grace Holschuh32-09.00Luxemburg-Casco8.11Autumn Flynn31-01.50 PRLuxemburg-Casco

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