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Peters leads Run the Door standings

As the weather heats up, so does the frequency of the races that are a part of the 2023 Run the Door Series. 


Five events in, Green Bay's Greg Peters leads the way with 76 points with several runners registering 50 or more points in the early going. According to the Run the Door website, you must sign up (free) to score points on the RUN THE DOOR  running race circuit.  To do so, send your name, hometown and e-mail address to You don’t need to sign up again if you were signed up last year. 


You can score points in five ways each time you participate in a race or designated fun run on the circuit.

1. You score 10 points for participating, in a race no matter what place you take.

2. You score 3, 2 or 1 points if you take first, second or third respectively in your age group.

3.  You score 3, 2, 0r 1 additional points if you are the first, second or third male or female OVERALL in a Run the Door race. 

4. You can score 15 points by participating in fun runs at Bay Shore Outfitters in Sturgeon Bay, Sister Bay and Algoma.

5. If you are one of the circuit race directors or on a circuit race committee, you score 10 points.


The upcoming points races include the Crossroads Trail Run 10K, 5K and 2K Fun Run, in Sturgeon Bay on June 17th, the Hairpin Run 5K in Fish Creek, the Belgian Days, 4 Mile,  2 Mile Run/Walk, in Brussels on July 8th, and the Washington Island Rec. Run 10K, 5K, 2K on July 22nd.



Michael Ahrens, Green Bay-Carlesville

Raissa Ashman, Seymour 44

Heidi Bader, Sturgeon Bay

Scott Bader, Sturgeon Bay

Beth Barnstorff, Green Bay

Bill Bartnik, Howards Grove 10

Ted Baszler, Milwaukee 10

Emily Bilodeau, Sturgeon Bay 32

Joe Bilodeau, Sturgeon Bay 22

Jackie Birmingham, Sturgeon Bay

Jerry Bjarnarson, Sturgeon Bay 10

Mary Bjarnarson, Sturgeon Bay

Shauna Blackledge, Sturgeon Bay 10

Colton Blackley, Sturgeon Bay

Faith Blackley, Sturgeon Bay

Annie Bley (Kapolnek), Egg Harbor 10

Hanna Bordeau, Sturgeon Bay

Renee Borkovetz, Sevastopol

Scott Borkowetz, Sevastopol

Tiffany Born, Green Bay

Cheryl Bournoville, Sturgeon Bay

Robert Brown, Kenosha

Karen Brunk, Mundelein, IL

Sam Brunk, Mundelein, IL

Carol Burlew, Sturgeon Bay

Liz Butler Gilbert, Sturgeon Bay

Cindy Carter, Appleton 10

Todd Charnetski, Green Bay 13

Laurel Ciohon, Ephraim

David Clowers, Sturgeon Bay 38

Michael Cosgrove, Sturgeon Bay 12

Dan Crooker, Baileys Harbor

Kate Crooker, Baileys Harbor

Jake Cummings, Sturgeon Bay

Lauren Daoust, Sturgeon Bay 22

Julie Davis, Sturgeon Bay 10

Eleanor Dean, Sturgeon Bay

Erika DeFere, Sevastopol

Bobby Deggendorf, Sturgeon Bay 24

Bob Desotelle, Sturgeon Bay

Lu Ann Desotelle, Sturgeon Bay

Danielle DiCarlo, Green Bay

Dawn DiCarlo, Sturgeon Bay 10

Stacia Dick-Schuster, Sturgeon Bay 20

Jeff Dickman, Grayslake, IL

Karen Dickman, Grayslake, IL

Mary Ellen Dreutzer, Sturgeon Bay

Krista Eliot, Baileys Harbor 10

Barbara Enigl, Brussels 50

Tahna Evers, Sturgeon Bay 20

Sverre Falck-Pedersen, Egg Harbor

Anne Farmer, Sturgeon Bay 22

David Farmer, Gardner/Brussels 22

Jerry Feldhausen, Green Bay

Dave Ferguson, Algoma

Tracey Fitzgerald, Ephraim

Mary Franklin, Sturgeon Bay

David Furjanic, Orland Park, IL

Maureen Furjanic, Orland Park, IL

Leslie Gast, Sturgeon Bay 11

Janice Galt, Sturgeon Bay 38

Lynn Gilchrist, Sturgeon Bay 54

James Gothard Jr., Tampa, FL

John Glowicki, Oak Park, IL/Baileys Harbor 12

Julie Grant, Greendale 50

Heather Gronseth, Wrightstown

Sean Grorich, Sturgeon Bay

Janet Grota, Sturgeon Bay

Jennifer Grota, Sturgeon Bay

Gary Gruenisen, Egg Harbor 62

Kay Guberud, Sturgeon Bay

Anna-Helena Hamann, Manitowoc

Amy Hamann, Stevens Point

Mark Hamann, Manitowoc

Joe Hargis, Sturgeon Bay 21

Melody Hargis, Sturgeon Bay 21

Caitlyn Hasenjager, Sturgeon Bay 10

Nate Hasenjager, Sturgeon Bay

Tanya Hasenjager, Sturgeon Bay 10

Ken Heinz, Egg Harbor 25

Linda Heyse, New Berlin

Tim Heyse, Sturgeon Bay 47

Kate Higginbotham, Sturgeon Bay

Lee Hildebrand, Mequon 23

Mark Hilsabeck, Sturgeon Bay

David Hoffman, Sturgeon Bay

Emily Hoffmann, Green Bay

Liz Hoffman, Sturgeon Bay

Jan Hucek, Sturgeon Bay

Pete Hurth, Sturgeon Bay

Matt Huston, Sturgeon Bay 25

Mary Jackson, Forestville

Amy Jacobs, Fish Creek

Michelle Jacobson, Algoma

Debbie Jacques, Appleton

Peter Jacques, Appleton

Courtney Janson, Egg Harbor

Amy Jeanquart, Forestville 20

Colt Jeanquart, Forestville 20

Wyatt Jeanquart, Forestville 20

Kay Jensen, Sturgeon Bay 45

Bill Johnson, Fish Creek

Joe Kash, Naperville, IL

Heather Khan, Sturgeon Bay

Deb Kiedrowski, Sturgeon Bay

Morgan Kiedrowski, Sturgeon Bay

Jeremy Kimber, Sturgeon Bay

Kevin Kindt, Colgate

Lisa Kloskin, Shoreview, MN

Julie Knox, Baileys Harbor

Merritt Knox, Baileys Harbor

Brett Kosmider, Baileys Harbor

Lois Kurschner, Sturgeon Bay 10

Amy Lautenbach, Sturgeon Bay

Jen LeCloux, Luxemburg 36

Kristin Leeming, Dyckesville

Kayla Lehman, Sturgeon Bay

Dale Logan, Sturgeon Bay 10

Ashley Maas, Sturgeon Bay

Dan Madigan, Green Bay 40

Hanna Mallien, Sturgeon Bay 10

Jodi Mallien, Sturgeon Bay

Scott Mallien, Green Bay 21

Mary Kate McCormack, Fish Creek

Smitty McGowan, Ephraim

Vicki Minten, Sturgeon Bay 48

Peter Mitchell, Sister Bay

Donna Mleziva, Casco 10

Bob Moellenberndt, Sturgeon Bay 25

Carol Moellenberndt, Sturgeon Bay 26

Jaclyn Moeri, Ephraim/Green Bay 13

Susan Morgan, Sturgeon Bay 20

Steve Muchoney, Aurora, IL

Annie Mudliger, Oak Creek

Carol Mulinix, Sturgeon Bay 22

Tom Mulinix, Sturgeon Bay 22

Deb Neuville, Sturgeon Bay

Andrew Nicoli, Grafton

Brady Nieman, Sturgeon Bay

David Nieman, Sturgeon Bay

Karon Ohm, Fish Creek 10

Angela Olsen-Luberger, Sturgeon Bay

Doug Otopalik, Sturgeon Bay

Suzanne Osorio, River Forest, IL

Nancy Pagel, Grafton

Cathi Parks, Oak Brook, IL 11

Olivia Pelkey, Egg Harbor

Ryan Pelkey, Egg Harbor

Greg Peters, Green Bay 76

Karen Peterson, Egg Harbor 10

Leanne Pinkert, Sturgeon Bay 10

Patti Pollina, Mt. Prospect, IL 10

Leslie Potter, Greendale 53

Josh Puetz, Sturgeon Bay

Lori Putzer (Leist), Sturgeon Bay

Lindsey Rainey, Chicago, IL

Susan Reynolds-Smith, Ephraim 41

Bob Richards, Sturgeon Bay/Villa Park, IL 45

Allison Ripp, Waukesha

Carle Rollins, Evanston, IL 15

Nancy Rollins, Evanston, IL 18

Kathryn Rogalski, Egg Harbor

Brittany Roob, Brookfield 10

Bob Ross, Brussels 10

Heidi Ross, Sturgeon Bay

Michael Ross, Sturgeon Bay

Katie Ruenger, Sturgeon Bay 11

Morgan Rusnak, Sturgeon Bay 30

Pat Saladin, Sturgeon Bay 25

J. Schaefer, Madison

Mary Schaefer, Madison

Lee Ann Schlimm, Greenville

Gretchen Schmelzer, Sturgeon Bay

Greg Schneider, Madison 19

Rodee Schneider, Madison 31

Tom Schneider, Kewaunee 44

Tamara Schoof, Colgate

John Schopf Jr., Green Bay 31

John Schopf Sr., Sturgeon Bay 61

Brandi Schroeder, Monticello

Dawn Shefchik, Brussels 11

Mike Sherwood, Oak Creek

Dave Smith, Baileys Harbor 10

Kirsten Smith, Sturgeon Bay

Stephanie Smith, Chicago, IL

Bonnie Spielman, Fish Creek 2F

Darcy Strasman, Sturgeon Bay

Mark Stencel, Appleton

Jed Stone, Highland Park, IL

Carol Tadych, Sturgeon Bay

Markus Tassoul, Sturgeon Bay 14

Jeffery Theys, Germantown 10

Nicole Theys, Germantown 10

Katie Thomas, Sturgeon Bay 23

Lauren Thomas, Appleton

Seth Thomas, Sturgeon Bay

Scott Thompson, Green Bay

Deva Thyme, Sturgeon Bay

Jen Trustem, Neenah

Barbara Tuttle, Green Bay

Marc Vandenhouten, Brussels 57

Devin Vandertie, Maplewood 10

Logan Vandertie, Sturgeon Bay

Lewis Vandover, Kirkwood, MO

Sherry VanSkyhawk, Sturgeon Bay

Denie Victorin, Aurora, IL

Barbara Wagner, Sturgeon Bay 20

Mike Weber, Egg Harbor

Cheryl Wederquist, Sturgeon Bay 22

Deb Whitelaw-Gorski, Sturgeon Bay 10

Tabitha Will, Sturgeon Bay

Christy Wisniewski, Baileys Harbor

Thomas Witek, Green Bay

Jon Wolfe, Sturgeon Bay 20

Rena Zaid, Highland Park, IL

Amber Zetwick, New Berlin 10

Tom Zwicky, Egg Harbor

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