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Letter to the Editor: Kitchens blames his victims

Offering yet another poisoned plateful of rhetorical misdirection and adding victim shaming to their list, Joel Kitchens’ full collusion in undermining the democratic principles of our state government claims in his December 13, E-Update that anyone criticizing GOP lame duck legislation isn’t rational or objective, and has reacted hysterically.  Joel blames the news media for honestly reporting that his straight party line GOP actions were factually treasonous to democracy.  Horrified over news reporting disparaging Republicans, Joel pathetically accused the media of insulting all Wisconsinites.


Using psychologically abusive language, further blaming his constituent victims, Joel describes reliable political critics as closed minded illiterates.  Joel refers his readers to Representative Dale Kooyenga, whom Joel claims as measurably smarter than the rest of us by virtue of Dale’s Joint Finance membership and holding CPA credentials, both irrelevant to proof of superior intelligence or justification of unconstitutional legislation. 


Claiming the lame duck bills are “pretty technical stuff,” and were a “challenge,” to the GOP majority to “educate the public on,” this GOP chose NOT to allow adequate explanations within the timeframe.  Conversely, they’re openly admitting that they are incapable of informing the public and they just don’t care to try.  And that supposedly defines voters as the functionally illiterate populace?   Blame and belittle the voters.


Admitting that this “special,” legislation was GOP partisanship and that he “worked hard,” to “modify…the overly partisan,” portions of it, Kitchens, intuiting GOP efforts would be considered “partisan and mean-spirited,” proudly defends his “extraordinary,” effort to make the legislation “as good as possible.” In other words for us mere workforce dullards, he’s unquestionably spared no lipstick for this pig.


Inevitable in the GOP talking points dutifully repeated by Kitchens, and again revealed in the third paragraph is the real reason Joel expanded on his weekly emailed GOP propaganda.  He’s unsure that the “benefits,” of the legislation so highly praised as necessary for our own good and forcefully inflicted upon us, will prove adequate to polish his already dubious political resume’.   


Narcissist doubts and worry about how he and his GOP colleagues are “portrayed,” again is clearly all that really matters to them.  How they’ve abused their illegally gerrymandered power, functionally crippled state government for the foreseeable future and pathologically endangered their constituents’ very lives is ultimately secondary in every respect to flattering their egos, maintaining dictatorial power and control. 


As uninformed as Joel deems his constituents to be, he admonishes us to trust him, even while he’s attaching unattainable verbal conditions to his “pledge,” to work with the people’s governor “as much as they can.” After willfully subverting any vestigial balance of state power by irreparably dividing government, Joel unwittingly admits they’ve made compromise impossible, then either threatens or promises “that nothing will be accomplished.” 


Lawyering up at constituent expense to defend themselves against the very people these elected officials supposedly serve, indisputably highlights the inexcusable traits of perpetrators of domestic violence, the abusive authoritarian criminals that these petty GOP apparatchiks really are.  

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