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Should local fishing tournaments be required to be weigh-on-the-water only?

Yes, it should be mandated


No, let it be optional


Not sure


Listener Comments

Thomas Kotynski selected Yes, it should be mandated

Wisconsin fisheries need to be protected for future generations. If "weigh on the water" is not acceptable perhaps a later closed season should be imposed by WIDNR to insure the spawning period is protected.

Anonymous selected Yes, it should be mandated

Joshua selected Yes, it should be mandated

Fish in land-based tournaments are subject to more stress and physical harm during capture, handling, and transport compared to in-water tournaments where fish remain in their natural habitat.

Because in-water weighing minimizes stress and reduces handling, fish subjected to this method have much higher survival rates post-tournament compared to those in traditional tournaments.

The choice of tournament format can significantly impact fish mortality rates. In-water weighing is the more fish-friendly approach to organizing fishing tournaments, especially for those of us who actually care about the sustainability of fish populations.

Anonymous selected Yes, it should be mandated

Jeff Hughes selected Yes, it should be mandated

Please please protect this amazing natural resource for future generations! I have 5 sons. I desperately want them to be able to enjoy our wonderful smallies.

Randy Kaja selected Yes, it should be mandated

Weigh-on-the-water is much easier on the bass population. At least consider this option for tournaments held during spawning season when bass beds and fry are most susceptible to predation.

Anonymous selected Yes, it should be mandated

Duncan Kopp-Richardson selected No, let it be optional

The department of natural resources should be the entity regulating fishing tournaments.

Andrew B Lewis selected Yes, it should be mandated

As an angler who frequently fishes the Sturgeon Bay area, I urge all those involved to end the practice of land based weigh-ins. Removing fish from the water for extended periods of time is having a damaging effect on the fishery. The fishery belongs to all of us and we have an opportunity to be better stewards of the resource without totally banning tournaments.

Chad Jacomet selected Yes, it should be mandated

With today’s technology and resources, there is little reason, if any, to continue antiquated land weigh-ins - other than ego and marketing. Let’s do better to protect our already heavily pressured fishing resources.

Michael Sliwoski selected Yes, it should be mandated

Weigh on land is very disruptive to fish populations. Please stop ignoring scientific findings, and limit tournament weigh-in to exclusively on-the-water weigh-in followed by immediate release back to the location of origin for tournament fish.

TerryB selected Yes, it should be mandated

Smallie fishing around DC is not what it once was. I, like many others, don't make nearly as many yearly trips to the area due to the decline in the fishing. It's time for the weigh-on-land tournaments to do what's right for the resource and switch to weigh-on-water.

Anonymous selected Yes, it should be mandated

The bass fishing and tournaments are very important to the Sturgeon bay / Door county area. There is irreputable evidence that keeping the fish all day and taking them off the water has a huge impact on the fish population.

Robin Bairstow selected Yes, it should be mandated

Only makes sense

Anonymous selected Yes, it should be mandated

The fishery needs to be protected, especially when tournaments are held during spawning season. There is no need to move fish to a central weigh-in location, sometimes tens of miles from their usual spawning location, when many, if they survive after the weigh-in spectacle, will never make it back to where they were moved from and increases the chances for declining fishery populations with fewer fish to spawn. With the technologies anglers have to locate fish, using the technologies to conduct weigh-on-the-water tournaments should be a non-issue. Afterall, when the fish die off, so too will the ability for tournaments to be held in this wonderful place.

Anonymous selected Yes, it should be mandated

Good for the economy, good for the tournaments, good for the fishers, and of course good for sustainable of healthy fish! Easy vote.

Christopher Whitford selected Yes, it should be mandated

Weight on the water should be mandated. This is a no brainer.

Anonymous selected Not sure

Don't make it difficult for sponsors or we will lose tournaments.

Bob selected Yes, it should be mandated

With today's technology there is no reason to stress the fish and move them from they native area to satisfy a weigh-in.

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