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Editorial Comment: Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding is biggest bully in Door County

The biggest bully in Door County is Bay Shipbuilding Company.

And the biggest welfare recipient in Door County is not a single mother supporting six kids on a minimum wage job and an underfunded food stamp program. Door County’s biggest welfare recipient is Bay Shipbuilding Company.

The big bully that gets millions of taxpayer dollars, preferential treatment from local government, immunity from local ordinances and a free pass on anything they want from the city council is cheap and chintzy with employees.

Worse are the disgusting bully tactics used to intimidate and silence employees who complain about safety violations. And now the biggest bully in the county is beating up on members of the Boilermakers union.

Union leaders have been suspended. Employees who complain about health risks and safety violations have shared the management threats and their fears of recrimination.

Bay Shipbuilding is threatening to farm out positions filled by local full-time employees. This appears to be union-busting at its best.

And a lap-dog city council has rolled over every time the foreign-owned multi-national corporation comes begging for street closures, height restriction exemptions and participation in the corporate welfare programs disguised as employment-securing grants.

With the millions of dollars of state and federal aid pumped into this foreign-owned multi-national corporation, why do city council members who roll over as lap dogs not demand that jobs be maintained in Sturgeon Bay rather than farmed out to sub-contractors with no commitment to Door County other than picking up a big check?

The federal, state and local officials who have given millions of tax dollars and concessions to a corporate bully have failed to do their due diligence.

Lap dog elected officials on all levels have been negligent. And so have local government leaders who overlook the conflicts of interest with Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding employees holding insider positions in local government. One can only wonder if these ethical lapses are overlooked locally because Bay Shipbuilding management contributes so much to the campaign coffers of local officials.

People are concerned about their kids being bullied at school. Another form of bullying takes place with every union vote at Bay Shipbuilding Company in Sturgeon Bay. The stories of intimidation, threats and serious concerns about health and safety remind anyone of the significant value union representation brings to those abused by corporate big shots and multi-national corporations.

As for me, I stand with these working men and women who have earned Door County and Sturgeon Bay a world-recognized reputation for high-quality craftsmanship.

The union-busting bully tactics taking place at Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay are disgusting. This company has received more taxpayer dollars, more accurately called corporate welfare, than any other business in the county.


And today they are beating up people with threats of out-sourcing that should make every employee respect and appreciate the value of union representation. Just ask a member of the Boilermakers union or an electrician at Bay Shipbuilding how secure they believe their positions are today under management with a track record of OSHA and NLRB complaints and political campaign contributions.

Bay Shipbuilding management has refused to respond to media inquiries about contract negotiations. In the meantime, families worry and wonder about the security of their income, health insurance and retirement.

After all the state and federal tax dollars that have been pumped into this foreign-owned corporate welfare recipient, you’d think the Italian owners of Bay Shipbuilding Company would have a better social conscience than they demonstrate by bullying workers in Sturgeon Bay.

That’s my opinion. I’d like to hear yours.

Civil Discourse: High Speed Rail Would Have Been Better Bet Than Foxconn

Wisconsin turned down more than $800 million in federal stimulus money in 2010 that would have created high-speed rail corridors between Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison and Minneapolis. Turning down that money will cost Wisconsin far more than it will ever gain from Foxconn.

Former Governor Scott Walker made high-speed rail a loser and Foxconn a winner. He promised more than $3 billion in subsidies to Foxconn in return for a commitment to invest $10 billion and create up to 13,000 jobs in southeast Wisconsin.

Today Foxconn has a record of missed construction dates, missed employment levels and a missed product mix. In fact, the first production looks like it will be coffee machine robots rather than high-tech screens, as promised. So much for Foxconn and legislators who were led along a route of job-creation fantasy.

Southeast Wisconsin could have been boosted by the economic development that fills in high-speed rail corridors all over the world if the federal stimulus money had not been rejected. And misguided political leaders not only took a pass on federal stimulus money, they also failed to comply with a contract with Talgo, the Spanish train manufacturer. Talgo created jobs in a poor part of Milwaukee and could have been a major employer for years. The company had contracts to build two trains for Amtrak and additional trains for a proposed Madison to Milwaukee line when Wisconsin pulled the plug. Walker and Republican legislators lost a lawsuit for failure to honor the Talgo contract. It cost taxpayers $10 million.

And Wisconsin lost much more in economic development that could have occurred but will not. Richard Florida, author of The Rise of the Creative Class, writes frequently about the fill-in factor. He demonstrates the increase in employment, home values and additional economic development that “fills in” along high-speed rail corridors.

But that will not happen in Wisconsin where Walker and Republican legislators put their money on Foxconn instead.

Today you can take a high-speed train the 350 miles from Rome to Milan in about three hours. Free high-speed internet and speeds of up to 180 miles an hour mean Italian train travelers ride in comfort and efficiency.

What Wisconsin lost abounds along rail corridors throughout Italy. Hotels, resorts, and restaurants create jobs that follow rail passengers. In the small remote villages of Cinque Terre trains arrive every fifteen minutes. That’s job creation that will be far in excess of whatever Wisconsin will see from Foxconn.

Wisconsin would have been better off with high-speed rail than we ever will be with the Foxconn promises.

That’s my opinion. I’d like to hear yours.



The Wisconsin City/County Management Association (WCMA) defines two of the many duties of a Mayor with an Administrator form of government thusly:

-The mayor shall serve as the chief representative of the city in relations with the media.

-The mayor shall serve as the chief executive officer of the city, performing executive
responsibilities by monitoring the activities of the administrator and the various departments
of city government to see that city ordinances and state laws are enforced.


Prompted by a public comment during the Sturgeon Bay common council meeting on September 3, I looked at the City administered Facebook page. Posts and comments ran the gamut from excellent city department summaries such as those from the city engineer and other department heads, to anonymous “City of Sturgeon Bay,” responses in the comment section, to abusive and potentially libelous comments from individual citizens.



The City administrated Facebook page is an official city media publication and is also subject to open records request discovery, and the city is potentially liable to suffer legal and financial damages by allowing abusive and potentially slanderous and ill-informed public comments such as some of those comments allowed by the Sturgeon Bay FB page administrator in the August 23, 2019 West Side School
“informational,” update.


An extended comment containing the phrase “…The Friends of Sturgeon Bay and Sturgeon Bay Historical Society…” represents an unconscionable lack of mayoral and city administrator oversight and such an abusive comment hopefully would never be tolerated during common council public input, but it squarely puts the city at risk of being named as a willing party to future legal action.


And because that comment had been allowed to appear and to remain, nearing a second week so far, one assumes that the Mayor and the City Administrator totally miss the damage being done or simply agree or approve of the misinformation and self-interested, abusive attitude expressed by the commentator.


Commenting on Facebook requires submission to third-party terms and conditions that are
unacceptable to many and this creates a condition of literal discrimination against citizens unwilling to acquiesce to a third-party terms of service in order to participate on a city administered digital public forum.

With clear neglect of city monitoring of their own social media page and inherent discrimination against equal public participation with this social media platform, this reasonably amounts to failure of due diligence, potentially voiding city liability insurance coverage along with needlessly encouraging legal liability suits, also fostering the appearance of official partisan policy favoring certain comments, which is contrary to any actual public interest.


Thankfully, the good Alderwoman from the 4th has asked for an examination of current city policy regarding digital social media use. With regards to the Mayor’s campaign platform of furthering “civility,” sadly that plank is still floating somewhere out on Lake Michigan and inexcusably, the City Administrator appears “blues clueless,” to very crucial issues at hand putting the city in avoidable jeopardy.

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